Saturday Feb 14, 2009

Metro and Jersey - At Microsoft and O'Reilly


Metro, the Web Services stack, is one of the main components in GlassFish. One of its key benefits is excellent WebServices interoperability with the Microsoft stack, leveraging our relationship with MS. A consequence is showings in informal publications from Microsoft, like mszCool's Plans for 2009 and Identity Interoperability as well as in formal Federated Identity and Healthcare in the MS's The Architecture Journal.

On a related note, O'Reilly has published Java Web Services: Up and Running - A quick, practical, and thorough introduction where Martin Kalin covers SOAP and RESTful Web Services in Java using Metro and Jersey.

For WebServices discussions, check out our Forum, and the mailing lists USERS@Metro and USERS@Jersey. Although we consider Jersey a piece of Metro - we love SOAP and REST equally :-) and the two parts are intended to mesh together - we are maintaining two mailing lists as the audiences tend to be disjoint.

Thursday Dec 21, 2006

ONJava - GlassFish is a Java Technology Winner

ONJava Logo

Steve Anglin has chosen the GlassFish App Server as one of the 2006 Java Technology Winners (blog). Other technologies mentioned with substantial GlassFish involvement include JSF, Ruby and jRuby, AJAX, TestNG, NetBeans and Java SE 6.

Also check Chris Adamson's review and predictions for 2006 and 2007.