Wednesday Sep 21, 2011

Contributor agreements, a reminder and an update

One of the many things that hasn't changed with GlassFish since the acquisition is how we welcome contributions from the community (in fact we've seen an increased number of those recently).


The Oracle Contributor Agreement, or OCA (born as the SCA) is a required document before we can accept such contributions and a fairly common practice in open source projects. One important thing that has changed for the OCA is the email address to use for signed contributor agreements. Check this Contribute Code section for details.

One thing that will change is the location of the public list of the OCA signatories. For the time being you can find a consolidated and updated list for GlassFish, OpenJDK, NetBeans, MySQL and more on

The OCA FAQ document (which is still frequently being updated) lists a good number of answers to questions such as "What does the OCA do?", "Why do you have a Contributor Agreement?", "What if I'm contributing on behalf of my company?", "What can Oracle do with my contribution?" and many more.

Monday Sep 12, 2011

OTN Developer Day @ Times Square, Sept 14th 2011

The OTN Developer Days tour (now with an updated agenda/content) is making a stop in New York this Wednesday 14th, September 2011.

This enterprise Java edition covers Java EE 6, JPA, EclipseLink, GlassFish, WebLogic, Coherence, Maven, Hudson and more.


This is a full-day event with a VirtualBox install-fest, a keynote and two tracks ("Server and Tools" and "In-Memory Data Grid") packed with sessions and hands-on-labs. Make sure you register on the event's page, this is a free conference. There are many many more "Enterprise Java" conferences planned around the world this one. Be sure to check out the tentative schedule.

Saturday Jul 02, 2011

The Java Magazine

The "Java Magazine" is a new free publication from Oracle. It'll be a bi-monthly with regular call for paper to include community contributions. The table of content for the Premiere (due out later this summer) is now available.

To receive the first and subsequent copies, here is the subscription link.

Java Magazine

Here are the typical sections to expect in future issues of the magazine : Java Community News and Events, “Java in Action” (Java application stories), Java Architecture, New to Java, Enterprise Java Programming, Polyglot Programming, Rich Client/Web Development, and Mobile and Embedded Development

Monday Jun 27, 2011

July 7th - Java 7th launch

Java 7 is around the corner and Oracle is hosting a multi-city launch event on July 7th called "Java 7, Moving Java Forward".

This event will be held simultaneously in Oracle HQ (Redwood Shores, CA), in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in London UK to celebrate to almost-ready version 7 of Java, the first one in five years!

Java 7 Register

In addition to the live event and the ability for you to attend in person if you're in one of those cities, many Java User Groups are planning Java 7 meetings on the same day or soon after, so check your favorite JUG's upcoming meetings. Chances are there's a Java 7 event nearby.

Tori has all the details for this launch event over on the OTN blog. Register directly here.

Tuesday May 24, 2011

Buy Oracle GlassFish Server, what do you get?

What is the difference between GlassFish Open Source Edition (OSE) and Oracle GlassFish Server (OGS)?


The short answer (GlassFish Server Control) was previously given here.

But wait, there's more! The longer answer is detailed in this licensing document listing Oracle GlassFish Message Queue, Oracle GlassFish Server HTTP load balancer plug-in, GlassFish Server Control, Oracle TopLink but also Oracle JRockit JDK and Hotspot JDK.

Oracle GlassFish Server is licensed per processor and the document listed above includes similar licensing information for Oracle Coherence, Weblogic, TopLink and more.

Remember that you can also upgrade an Open Source Edition installation to the Oracle GlassFish Server product by using the Update Center feature of the product.

Wednesday May 11, 2011

Oracle GlassFish Server Control DataSheet

What is the difference between GlassFish Open Source Edition (OSE) and Oracle GlassFish Server (OGS)? If we got a dollar for every time one of us was asked this question we might have a simple monetization strategy.


The short answer is listed on the the main page: GlassFish Server Control.

This set of value-add software for enhanced and a more streamlined use of GlassFish in production is integrated in the Oracle-branded bits (available on OTN for evaluation) and now has an updated datasheet.

This covers Performance Tuner, Active Cache for GlassFish, Monitoring Scripting Client, Oracle Access Manager (Single Sign-on) Interoperability, Load Balancer Configurator and Plugin and Domain Administration Server Backup and Recovery. Remember that you can also upgrade from the Open Source bits to the Oracle GlassFish Server product using the update center.

Friday May 06, 2011

Welcome to the New Aquarium!

We're back! Now that we've migrated to we have a new shiny look and don't intend to change the content from what you have been used to. Check out the few entries posted while we were not publicly visible.

Other companion blogs such as the GlassFish Stories, The GlassFish Podcast or GlassFish for Business have also been migrated.

Old and new Aquarium

As for individual blogs, you should not only be able to continue reading content from the GlassFish engineers but we've spent time making sure that the valuable content from now retired bloggers is still accessible.

Let us know if anything doesn't work for you, chances are we haven't caught everything in the migration process. Thanks!

And now for some serious blogging to catch up with what happened during the migration period.

Monday Mar 28, 2011

Java EE 6 gets an updated tutorial and Java EE 7 a press release

Ian tells us the Java EE 6 has an updated tutorial with more advanced topics and a new "Duke's Tutoring" case study. Get your Java EE 6 SDK copy here (GlassFish 3.1 and latest tutorial included) or directly the tutorial.

We've previously covered the unanimous vote on the submission of Java EE 7 and related JSRs, well now here's the Press Release with quotes from IBM, RedHat, SAP and Oracle.


Friday Mar 25, 2011

Sound bites from Silicon Valley - EclipseCon

Another week, another Java conference. EclipseCon was held earlier this week in Santa Clara and one of the highlights was the joint IBM/Oracle keynote with Oracle's Mark Reinhold and IBM's John Duimovich discussing the future of Java (7, 8 and 9) and common work in the OpenJDK project.

EclipseCon 2011

Other than the rather good press coverage, here are some not-so-random tidbits :

• Reinhold: "Twitter did not exist when last major JDK release shipped (2006)" (oracletechnet)
"Java 7 release date still July 28 2011" (ianskerrett)
• Duimovich of IBM: "IBM joined OpenJDK to drive innovation, collaboration, compatibility" (oracletechnet)
"The pace of innovation in the Java platform is going to get a lot better" (Mike Milinkovich)

Other JavaEE-related content included Sahoo's and Arun's "Developing OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications with GlassFish" tutorial (with full description and screencast), an update on Dali for Java EE 6, a session on the intersection between JPA, JAXB and JAX-RS and more.

Thursday Mar 17, 2011

Soundbites from Vegas - TSS Symposium

This week has TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011 conference running in Las Vegas and the tweets coming out of there are really informative and pretty spontaneous it seems. Here's a selection of them (mostly from @java and @oracletechnet) :


• From James Gosling's keynote: JDK7 "finally moving forward"; "rather pleased" about its contents (@oracletechnet), and Gosling: Java EE 6 makes it remarkably easy to build Web apps; makes hard tasks not just possible but simple (@oracletechnet)

• The Oracle keynote (Adam Messinger + Steve Harris) was probably best covered by Tori's Java in Flux: Utopia or Deuteranopia? blog entry. Some quotes include - Harris: "Going forward EE will become foundation of cloud - underlying specs to be revamped" (@oracletechnet), Messinger: "we (Oracle) haven't done best job communicating, but we've heard you, and you'll be pleased with changes" (@oracletechnet). "#java #openjdk Message remains on track, Java to evolve fairly slowly and steadily, will let other languages forge paths" (@oracletechnet). And closing with @AdamBien's: #oracle's evil plan for #java.

• From Jerome's GlassFish session: "I wonder if GlassFish Session Replication is built on top of Coherence. Would seem logical but ?" (@STeePi) and "For all the jabs, I gotta say GlassFish looks way slick. Still haven't played with it though" (@STeePi).

• At the JCP panel : Reza Rahman on JCP: biggest issue is lack of developer participation; too much "nonchalant" attitude - devs need to step up (@oracletechnet), Curran: "JUGs can join JCP as groups for free, and all members of that group can participate" (@oracletechnet). Check out also InfoWorld's article.

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

Parleys now with a "Java" Space

Java was always well represented on Parleys but it now has an official "Java Space", courtesy of OTN.

The current content includes two "TechCasts" (GlassFish/Java EE & NetBeans), a selection of six JavaOne 2010 sessions and five talks from the 2010 edition of the JVM Language Summit.


Parleys has been a very popular replay service for a while now with content provided (for a fee) by Devoxx (Java Champion Stephan Janssen is the person behind this conference as well as Parleys), other developer conferences and multiple JUGs that can use the editing software for free to post their events.

Friday Feb 18, 2011

First Java EE 6 Oracle Certifications now available

Oracle University (the training unit in the company) has now made available several new Java EE 6-related certifications. These are part of the Oracle Certification Program and cover EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0, Servlet & JSP, as well as Web Services.

Here are the links :

Oracle certifications

Java EE 6 - Enterprise JavaBeans Developer
Java EE 6 - Java Persistence API Developer
Java EE 6 - Web Services Developer
Java EE 6 - JavaServer Pages and Servlet Developer Certified Expert Exam

Each of the above links provides you with recommended training and preparation, pricing, date and exam topics. The complete certification path is here.