Friday Sep 24, 2010

Access to Recordings, Slides and Transcripts for JavaOne

The presentations from JavaOne, Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Develop are now available online in full in a variety of audio and video formats, with slides and transcripts.

Highlights for some keynotes are available for free from the Oracle Media Network, the full sessions are available to Oracle employees (\*) and can be purchased for $245, and I believe they are bundled with a full conference pass, but not with some of the cheaper versions.

The portal is available here. When you visit the site within the Oracle firewall, you will see a link for Oracle employees.

Saturday Sep 18, 2010

JavaOne Minus One - The Guides to the Conferences

JavaOne starts on Monday, but several key events are tomorrow, Sunday, including the keynote for OOW and the GlassFish Community Event and Party :-).

This will be a very busy week; below is a list of guides to (some) of the main events.

The JavaOne Conference Blog is the official source:


RoundUps, Session Lists, are more

Sunday Feb 14, 2010

JavaOne 2010 Call For Papers is Now Open


This year's JavaOne will be Sep 19-23 in San Francisco. The new time is to align with Oracle OpenWorld, which will be held, as previous years, at the Moscone Center and surrounding locations.

Call for Papers is now open and the deadline is Mar 14. Details of the event are still unfolding but, since OpenWorld will take most of the Moscone site, JavaOne will feel different than in previous years. Hopefully you can help us make the "new" JavaOne a special event in its own way while taking some advantage of the extra resources that Oracle brings in.

Expanded from @glassfish. Also see JCP announcement.

Wednesday Oct 14, 2009

OpenWorld 2009 Keynotes - Scott and Larry


The first 4 recordings of the keynotes from Oracle OpenWorld are now available. The recordings are very well done: they are available for download in multiple formats (flash video/audio, mp4, mp3, ppt, txt) and the web viewer synchronizes video, audio, slides and transcript; nice!

One of the recordings is of Scott's Keynote. He did a bit of a retrospective on Sun, including some early days clips and a couple of top 10's. Scott's biggest applause was for his "proudest innovation":

"Kicked Butt, Had Fun, Didn't Cheat, Loved Our Customers, Changed Computing Forever"

The rest of Scott's keynote included a short visit by James and a longer one by John where he talked about the latest, benchmark-leading, flash-based, Sun systems. Larry closed the session, using the new systems to tease IBM on multiple fronts.

Scott's keynote was on Sunday; Larry's just finished a few minutes ago (Wednesday).

Larry's recording should be available "soon"; when it does, you may want to do a skim through the slides/transcript and slow down to video for those sections on which you are most interested. He covered four topics: an update on Oracle Enterprise Linux adoption, Exadata/Hardware, new Support Offering that combines MyOracle and their Enterprise Manager (quite similar in spirit to Sun's efforts), and an overview of the new Fusion Apps. He mentioned the cloud multiple times! Ah, and our Governator came for a quick visit!

The section on Fusion Apps was very interesting - I think Larry does a very good job to show the value prop (to the customers!) of the newly rewritten Apps. I had not really understood what the rewritten Apps really meant to Oracle and their customers. For example, he emphasized several times that Business Intelligence is built-in into the Apps, and that the UI is driven from there.

That's it for me on OOW. I spent about a day and a half at OpenWorld and Oracle Develop and I enjoyed the experience - although Very Different to JavaOne! You can get a feel for the content and experience from the web posts - posts at Blogs.Sun.Com, Blogs.Oracle.Com, Twitter posts and Flickr images.

Added - Also see this Flickr set of Fusion Apps screenshots.
Added - Additional keynotes now available: Thomas Kurian.
Added - Direct link to Scott's Higlights Video.
Added - Link to Ted Farrell's @ OTN (uses livestream, which broadcasts "channels", not a plain recording; I think that link will start the channel into your client from the beginning of the clip, but not 100% sure).

Sunday Oct 11, 2009

One More Update on OpenWorld and GlassFish

Oracle OpenWorld started today. Family commitments didn't let me go there today (do check OpenWorld Live) but I'm planning to be there Mon-Wed. I just tried to capture a few of the events I want to attend and it is as bad as JavaOne - actually, OOW seems worse, but I'm just sampling it, while I try to be exhaustive with J1.

I created a Mini-Calendar to help me track what I want to attend (ha!); you are welcome to check it but beware I've not had time to double check it yet and I need to add events also.

Anyhow, here is a last batch of links on the event:


Key entry points from Oracle include OpenWorld WebSite, OpenWorld Live (keynotes et al, starting in 1 hour), and OpenWorld Blogs (looks very good).

Added - The conference can also be sliced per-track, see: Middleware, Applications, DataBase, Industries and Management and Infrastructure.

Links from Sun's site include Sun.Com/java/oow, Sun.Com/software/solaris/oow, SDN Overview and OOW @ BSC.

Added - Sun and Oracle are making several announcements during the conference; check this very good Overview Story.

There are multiple Pavillions; Oracle OpenWorld is Mon & Tue 10:30-6:30, Wed 9-5:15; Oracle Develop is Sun 10-3:45, Mon 9:30-12:45 & 2:15-5:30, Tue 11-5:30.

Multiple Sun folks have been posting "I'll be there" entries. Check these from JAG, TimBray, Vijay Tatkar, SteveW, JFA.

The bloggers meeting is Tuesday evening; see OTN, Pythian and Jillian's

OTN has a Guide to the Event. Also worth checking their list of OTN ACE presenters. I also found it interesting to see the level of transparency in their discussion of how to Mutate the TechCast DNA.

The GF Server presentations are listed in our Wiki: Sessions and Demos. Also see MEP demo (will update if I find more).

Friday Oct 09, 2009

Friday Fun - Oracle OpenWorld, The Videos

I've never been at Oracle OpenWorld so I'm very curious about how it feels. In preparation, yesterday I poked around a bit and found several videos that may (or not, we will see) convey a bit the mood... check them out and let me know what you think. If you only have time for one, I recommend the last one.


• Keynote Preview Series: Applications, Virtualization, DataBases, Middleware.
Overdressed at OOW Series: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] and [6].
OOW 08 Party - they take over Howard Street, like the good J1 days!
• More virtalization and cloud previews: Alex A and Rich Schwerin.
• And last, but not least, Every Build You Break.

The main blog for OpenWorld is Oracle OpenWorld and there will be live streamcasting of multiple events at OpenWorld Live.

Saturday Sep 19, 2009

GlassFish and Hudson at Oracle OpenWorld


Oracle OpenWorld is October 11th to 15th, at San Francisco's Moscone Center (Bird's eye). We currently have scheduled two informal presentations during their Unconference:

• Creating Quick and Powerful Web applications with Oracle, GlassFish and NetBeans/Eclipse
  Mon, Oct 12, 11am PT - Overlook I
• Hudson community meet up
  Tue, Oct 13, 9am PT - Overlook I

Times, dates, content and sessions are not yet finalized and subject to change; we will try to keep you up-to-date here and in the GlassFish Conferences Wiki Page. Official information is at the OpenWorld pages: Agenda, Catalog and Main Wiki.

See our GlassFish Events Calendar for this and other events.

Friday Aug 28, 2009

Sun and Oracle @ OracleWorld - October 11-15


Oracle's web site is running a teaser on Sun + Oracle is Faster that says: Check back on October 14 as we demonstrate Oracle's commitment to Sun hardware and Sun SPARC.

October 11-15 is Oracle OpenWorld, which is held at Moscone Center, like like JavaOne. Unlike J1, the bulk of the presentations at OW are about the Oracle Applications (Wiki, General Sessions).

OpenWorld does include a Developer Event that is happening at the Hilton Hotel, but all this is more than six weeks from now and we are Still Waiting, so we don't know if we will be able to Register as Employees, whether we should plan to give presentations, or who-knows-what...

Added - Also see this message from Larry (I've been told it will run as an Ad in a few places, including the WSJ).