Friday May 08, 2009

OpenStorage News - New Simulator, Market Adoption, Interview with Larry


Several pieces of good news on Sun's OpenStorage products. Earlier this week the product line was refreshed, both the 7110 and the 7210 offerings. At the same time the SS7000 Simulator has been updated and is now available as an OVF format and can run on the latest VirtualBox (2.2.2).

Overall, the product line is doing very well and is the "fastest ramping new product in Sun's storage portfolio ever". Check the Product WebSite for more resources and links.

OpenStorage is an example of the benefits of a Systems Approach to products that leverages both hardware and software, and, on that general topic, check out this Interview with Larry Ellison (available from

Friday Jan 09, 2009

Friday Fun with FishWorks

Too long since our last Friday Fun... Check this video showing an unconventional experiment performed on an OpenStorage appliance using the Analytics machinery from Fishworks. Geek fun!

Thanks to Jesse for the tip. Check the youTube post for a larger image and this piece from Illuminata's Gordon Haff for some complementary comments of Fishworks and DTrace.

Sunday Nov 16, 2008

... EoD in JavaEE 6, More JSF 2.0 Samples, IzPack, OpenStorage and Tufte, Sun Restructuring

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Java EE 6 builds on the Ease of Development theme of its predecessor and Roberto's latest post sketches the new additions, which includes the improvements in Servlet 3.0 (tune in to Rajiv's presentation on Dec 4th), JAX-RS, JSF 2.0, EJB 3.0, WebBeans, Bean Validation and more. Roberto's webinar is on Dec 18th.

Jim has a series of posts showing the benefits of JSF 2.0; the latest entry shows how to write a Spinner Component, and then how to Adding Styles to it and, then, making the implementation Fully Reusable. Check it out!

Juien created a new IzPack installer for GlassFish v3; check out the GFv3 Installer, a description of the New Features developed for it, and the corresponding IzPack 4.1.1 announcement.

I'm a fan of Tufte, so it is very pleasant to see a reference to his work in Paul Murphy's Review at ZDNet of our recent OpenStorage release. Paul refers to the systems ability for real time monitoring and action (like in this screenshot); hopefully we will see more exploration of these principles in the industry. Thanks to Brian for the tip.

The biggest news for Sun this week was Friday's Restructuring announcement (PR, Tim O'Brien, The Register). It is still early so just some observations based on publicly available information: GlassFish is mentioned prominently (and positively) in all the news pieces; it will be good to be closer to the MySQL folks; we will all miss Rich Green; by all metrics GlassFish adoption continues to grow (see, for example, Admin Ping Map).

Monday Nov 10, 2008

OpenStorage Launch - ZFS + SSD + DTrace + Volume Economics = The New NAS Appliance

Today was the launch of our new Sun Storage 7000 Family, the first result of our OpenStorage initiative. The release comes with a large number of formal and informal documents (over 50 blogs tagged SunStorage7000 so far!); key entry points are the Fishworks Blog Site, and the personal blogs of Mike, Bryan and Adam. Also check the introductions by Joerg, Josh and Bob, the Product Site, the Storage Simulator and the Master Blog Aggregator.


Mike's summarizes the architectural approach behind the new systems this way:

There are three things that will be at the core of everything we do: a true software architecture for Flash, the Hybrid Storage Pool; users empowered with real-time Analytics so you can finally understand what your box is doing and how to make it better; and an open, industry-standard architecture: open on-disk formats, open protocols, and a compute and i/o architecture with volume economics behind it that doubles in speed and capacity every 12-18 months.

The initial Press Coverage press coverage is very positive. I believe that despite, or perhaps because of?, the worldwide financial situation, these systems will have a deep impact in the market; try it out, and tell us what you think!

Saturday Sep 06, 2008

... Quickstart OpenSSO, RailsConf, VirtualBox Support, Sun Storage, and Boomerangs

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Rajeev, a report on an OpenSSO WebStart Prototype done through embedding GlassFish v3. Just click and go! A big change from a couple of years ago when installing and starting Sun's Access Manager was such a big task! And, from SuperPat a report on OpenSSO Integration with JIRA, done by Alexey.

From Arun, trip reports on the RailsConf Europe 2008 at Berlin, Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

The VirtualBox team has been very busy and they have Released VirtualBox 2.0 (Press Release). Check the Changelog and Download it. A change in this release is that, as with the strategy followed by the rest of our Open Source portfolio, VB 2.0 now has enterprise support.

On the Storage side, a Press Release reporting that Sun's market share growth the last quarter grew almost 30% Y-to-Y (top in the industry). And this is w/o the OpenStorage systems getting readied, see ComputerWorld and NYTimes.

And a very warm welcome back to Lew Tucker. Lew was in the original JavaSoft group and we overlapped briefly there. Sun has quite an open door policy to people who left (and bring back fresh experiences from outside). We even have coined a term for them: Boomerangs :-).

Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

OpenStorage Recipe: ZFS + Bunch of Disks (+ Flash Memory) = 1$/GB

The second round (my count) of OpenStorage announcements are out. This includes the next rev of Thumper, as well as a new storage family - Sun Storage J4000.


The successor to Thumper is SunFire x4500, faster and bigger than before but still the same storage/server hybrid.

The new storage family combines a Bunch of Disks (BoD) - SATA/SAS - and OpenSolaris/ZFS (and later Flash Memory), to deliver up to 72Gb/sec throughput and up to 192 SATA disks on 16RU at around 1$ per GB.

Additional reading:

• Sun.Com Feature Article and the J4000 Family Overview
• Home pages for the J4000 Family and the Big, Medium and Small brothers
• Blogs: Overviews by George and Taylor Innovating@Sun, Satish on MySQL and SugarCRM
• Richard's entry is worth its own bullet; check it out!
• News: Computer World, InfoWorld, Blocks and Files, The Register
Press Release, SDN Announcement
OpenStorage and OpenSolaris Storage Community