Saturday Oct 31, 2009

Learn about OpenSSO or Troubleshoot it! - With Firefox

Jim Faut and Rick Palkovic have been posting a nice series on how to troubleshoot OpenSSO with Firefox Add-Ons. They just pushed out two more entries in the series, which now includes:

• Part 1: Introduction
• Part 2: Single Sign-On and Policy Protection
• Part 3: Cross-Domain Single Sign-On
• Part 4: Service Provider Initiated Fedlet Single Sign-On
• Part 5: Identity Provider Initiated Fedlet SSO Fedlet deployment

These articles are worth a check even if you just want to learn about how OpenSSO works: just follow their diagrams to see the exchange of information between the parties that enable these features.

And, on this topic, you may want to track the participation of the OpenSSO team at next week's Internet Identity WorkShop; see Daniel's note.

And Happy Halloween!


Friday Oct 02, 2009

Introducing Hubert - the new OpenSSO Community Lead


The OpenSSO Community has new leadership. SuperPat left Sun; for a new job at huawei (wikipedia), in the Cloud computing team that Geoff is building. The able replacement is a long-term member of the group, Hubert Le Van Gong. Hubert has his own blog and has been tracking recent developments there:

Deploying the OpenID2.0 Extension for OpenSSO
OAuth support: a summary of our work
Follow-up: Deploying the OpenID2.0 Extension for OpenSSO
OpenID for OpenSSO: Realm/RP Validation Supported

Still on the OpenSSO area, also check out Daniel's post on Federating to Salesforce CRM in Under 5 Minutes, which is in the same series as the earlier work on Federating to Google Apps with OpenSSO.

Friday Sep 04, 2009

OpenSSO Express Build 8 Released

Express 8

As I just reported in a little more detail over at Superpatterns, we released OpenSSO Express Build 8 yesterday, including features such as our new One Time Password feature, the Fedlet for .Net and a new task flow for enabling single sign-on to

It's worth noting that OpenSSO Express Builds are supported builds, released on an approximately 3 month cycle between Enterprise builds. Customers simply buy support for OpenSSO and then choose which build to deploy; the main difference between the two is that we release hot patches and service packs for the Enterprise build, while fixes in the Express build are rolled into the next Express build (no hot patches or service packs). In this way, customers who are keen to deploy the very latest OpenSSO features with support can do so without having to wait up to 12 months for the next Enterprise release. More on this release in the OpenSSO Express 8 release notes; more on the Express build concept in the OpenSSO Express FAQ.

Monday Jun 22, 2009

FISL Preview - GlassFish, Hudson, Jersey, OpenSSO, OpenDS and more...


The 10th FISL starts this week. Like previous years, it looks like a lot of fun: the Program is full of good content, and there is also Porto Alegre... FISL starts on the 24th and it is preceded by Javali, an event focused on Java, on the 23rd (Agenda).

I did a quick pass through the FISL program to highlight some sessions, including those related to GlassFish Projects and friends:

• Arun on GF, MySQL and NetBeans (S205) (Arun's note)
• Mauricio on OSGi in GFv3 (S736)
• Ludo will talk about OpenDS (S473) (Ludo's note)
• Fabiane on Hudson (S733)
• Pat on OpenSSO (S360) (Pat's note)
• Fabio Veloso on Jersey (S282)

Other talks related to GlassFish include

• On OpenJDK, Bruno (S734) and Charlie (S226)
• On OpenSolaris Rafael (S600) and Brian (S749)
• On NetBeans et al, Geertjan (S735), and
• On OSS, Simon (S757),

I wish I was there! If you attend FISL or Javali, please report back.

Saturday May 30, 2009

GlassFish and OpenSSO Party Reminder @ The Thirsty Bear


A reminder that tomorrow, Sunday May 31st, is our GlassFish and OpenSSO Unconference and also the Party at The Thirsty Bear.

The Thirsty Bear is a popular hangout during JavaOne; they have great food and drinks and it is very close to The Moscone (see Google, Live). An RSVP is appreciated to assess food needs.

PS. I have not been able to post news recently because of J1/C1 preparations - plus this year's extra distraction - but this year my commitments are early in the week and I will try to catch up afterwards.

Thursday May 07, 2009

OpenSSO Fedlet Wins 'Best Innovation Award'


The OpenSSO Fedlet has received an Awards at the European Identity Conference for (providing) a lean solution for the Identity Federation. Some more details in SuperPat's writeup, including an interview with Pat.

Congratulations to the OpenSSO team and thanks to Jacki and Dan for the tips.

Friday May 01, 2009

OpenSSO Plays with GoogleApps... and the iPhone


There are a couple of nice short webcasts on OpenSSO. The first one builds on the latest OpenSSO Express; it is a short webcast that shows how to federate SSO to GoogleApps in 4 minutes using Express 7 and the SDK.

The second is a neat iPhone App (POssO) that provides access (read/write) to an LDAP directory.

Sunday Apr 19, 2009

OpenSSO Hits 1000 Members


OpenSSO reached 1000 members last week. As I mentioned in my blog entry at Superpatterns, this means that 1000 people have registered at to be able to participate in the mailing lists and forums, and to be able to file and track issues.

OpenSSO is on a real upward trend right now, with a whole bunch of events over the next few weeks, at the RSA Conference, MySQL Conference, European Identity Conference and more. See my blog entry for details, and come along if you can!

Saturday Apr 18, 2009

GlassFish and More at MySQL Users Conference


Mon-Thu I'll be attending the MySQL User's Conference here in Santa Clara. The tone of the conference is noticeably different to that of its (even larger) sibling JavaOne in San Francisco, and the topics are very grounded in the practical needs of the Users of the technology. There are many very interesting talks, below is a small selection extracted from my Personal Schedule.

Starting with those related to topics we normally cover here: Several BOFs: OpenSSO, OpenDS and LDAP, JavaFX Clients, OpenSolaris and Web Stack. Several Technical Sessions: MySQL and ZFS, Twitter and NetBeans and GlassFish and MySQL (that's Arun).

The rest of this list is not comprehensive but, here it is...

Keynotes: State of the Dolphin, Google, KickFire, Cloud, Andi, SmugMug, Infobrite and JasperSoft, Obama.
Fun Events Quizz Show.
Tutorials: Scale out, MapReduce, Partitioning, Memcached
DTrace: Intro, MySQL and Dtrace, Another DTrace
Cloud: MySQL and EC2, Hadoop and MySQL, Cloud Backup for MySQL, MySQL Clusters in the Cloud, MapReduce
Drizzle: Rethinking MySQL, Memory, libdrizzle, Drizzle BOF, Clusters
Memcached: Beginners, Distributed and InnoDB, And Flash!, Libraries, Advanced Use
Engines: InnoDB, Falcon, Maria, PBXT.
General: Performance and Scalability, the Future, Code Contributions (Masood's), Craig's List, Sandbox, Death.

... and I reserve the right to add and/or remove entries from my schedule at any time :-)

Thursday Apr 16, 2009

Painless Bleeding Edge Software? OpenSSO Express Build 7 Now Available


The Smoking Monkey has announced the release of OpenSSO Express Build 7, which includes key new features including:

• Federation with Google Apps Premier
• Additional Containers (like GlassFish v3 Prelude!)
• Support for OpenDS Standard Edition

OpenSSO Express is a very interesting product as it is an integral part of our official Roadmap and is fully supported. Sun will answer questions and will fix bugs on it but, unlike with OpenSSO Enterprise, customers are required to upgrade to a later Express or to the Enterprise binary to get the fixes.

The upgrade requirement means that the sustaining tail is much shorter, and manageable, which is why we can push the Express releases as often as we do. An Express release is not for all types of customers but it is ideal for those that want the latest features now and are willing to upgrade later; and those that do not want them just wait for the Enterprise releases. To simplify the sales story, the support plan for OpenSSO Enterprise includes OpenSSO Express.

Other related entries are tagged OpenSSO.

Friday Apr 10, 2009

Registration for C1 Unconferences Now Open - GlassFish and OpenSSO Day


The registration for our CommunityOne Unconferences is now open. We are hosting two intertwined events, one for all the GlassFish projects, the other for OpenSSO, OpenDS et al. Both in Hall A at the Moscone (Wikipedia, GeoHack) the Sunday before JavaOne, May 31st.

Both events are free, and you can switch back and forth as your interests apply. Check the GlassFish Unconference page and the OpenSSO Day MeetUp and Topics page.

The unconferences will be followed with a Party at the Thirsty Bear. We have plenty of space at the Moscone but the TB space is limited, so I encourage you to sign up early.

Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

TheAquarium Online - Now with SlideCasting (Feeback Wanted!)


I've added SlideCasting to the recordings of the TheAquarium Online shows. The first 3 presentations are from last week's OpenSSO Overview, Adoption and Roadmap presentation; see, for example, the OpenSSO Roadmap by Sidharth Mishra.

SlideShare.Net provides a nice tool to create these SlideCasts but every format adds to the time I spend on this, so I am considering dropping a format or two. Please consider visiting this Doodle Poll to vote for your favorite formats.

Saturday Mar 21, 2009

Understanding How OpenSSO Works


I just uploaded the recordings to last Thursday's Webinar, which explained how OpenSSO implements Single Sign-On, Federation and Secure Web Services with minimal chances to the existing code (the show also covered the deployment at Verizon Wireless and the roadmap).

Another way to see what's happening is inspecting the actual exchanges and Jim and Rick's article shows how to Troubleshoot OpenSSO using Firefox Add-Ons: Part I, Part II and Part III.

Related Webinars and Blog Entries:
OpenSSO Roadmap
OpenSSO Webinar
• Entries tagged OpenSSO

PS. So far I've only uploaded the recordings in Flash Video; I'll follow-up with the other formats early next week, including a new SlideCast version. After that I will ask for your feedback on the benefits of the different formats.

Monday Mar 16, 2009

This Week's GlassFIsh Webinar: OpenSSO - Overview, Stories and Roadmap


This week's webinar is on OpenSSO, the open source project that provides enterprise-quality infrastructure to implement single-sign on. Sid and Ajay will present a technical overview of OpenSSO and then will explain how it is being used in a real-world deployment. The presentation will end with a roadmap for the features in future releases of OpenSSO.

Presentation on Thursday, March 19th, 11am US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page.

Monday Mar 02, 2009

OpenSSO Release Schedule Published

OpenSSO Roadmap

As Bert, Daniel and Mark have all blogged over the past couple of days, OpenSSO's release schedule is now online. The schedule lays out the features planned for the next four OpenSSO Express release, culminating in OpenSSO Enterprise 8.1, scheduled for March 2010.

This is a new level of transparency for the OpenSSO project, and shows the breadth of new features planned for the next few months, from ease-of-use improvements for federation to a completely new entitlements engine for fine-grained authorization, all phased in over a series of supported 'Express' releases, so you can try them out, deploy them and even get fully support from Sun as each feature is integrated into OpenSSO. Exciting stuff!