Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

LinuxInsider: Sun, Open Source Standard Bearer!

LinuxInsider Logo

The MySQL acquisition is quickly changing the perception of Sun's commitment to Open Source.

Earlier today I pointed to new efforts in the Health and the Education industries, here are two more stories:

• The University of Tokyo and Sun start Research on HPC and Web-based Languages
• Sun and Chinese Government announce OpenSPARC Collaboration.

Assessing all this, LinuxInsider says: Deals Cast Sun in Role of Open Source Standard Bearer.

I'm not surprised the deal is changing people's perceptions; but I am a bit surprised at how fast and how deeply it changes them. This is going to a be a very interesting year for us.

Saturday Sep 16, 2006

Fixing Some Omissions in the List of Open Source Contributions from Sun

OpenSPARC icon

Sun recently revamped the pages where it describes its contributions to OpenSource Projects. The list is partial but still fairly representative; for example, of the communities related to GlassFish, Open ESB and OpenSSO are mentioned but OpenDS and Portal (needs a better name) are not. A full, up-to-date, list of these Middleware communities is at the GlassFish Wiki.

I'm showing the OpenSPARC logo because I was a bit surprised the first time I heard about it, but it already shows results. Thanks to Marina for the Tip.