Sunday Jan 25, 2009

JCP + Open Source == Better Products

This comment in Cay's Recent Post called my attention:

... the JCP has become increasingly irrelevant... ... most of us have simply moved on to open source Java technologies

I disagree with the implication that the JCP and Open Source are mutually exclusive. Although the JCP can improve - and Open Source can help there as shown by how the JSR 311 EG develops JAX-RS - I believe users benefit the most from the combination of a strong standards body and open source.


Many of the GlassFish Server new customers are an example of this interaction: they are replacing expensive closed source AppServers with GlassFish. The strong Java EE standard means that the transition is relatively easy; the transparency of GlassFish (facilitated by Open Source) further simplifies that port, and Open Source in GF also guarantees to the customer that the cost cannot be unreasonable - otherwise a fork would appear.

The standard enables easy entry into and easy exit from different implementations and enables competition; Open Source injects good qualities into that competition. And competition is good for customers.

Monday Jan 19, 2009

... Merb into Rails 3, Crossbow, Q-Layer, Open Web Server, Solaris Patches

Here are some recent news that will have an impact on many of our GlassFish users:

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From Ruby-land, news that Merb will merge into Rails 3. This seems a case where combining the two efforts should improve the result. We are also noticing a significant increase in the mindshare around JRuby in all these projects as the quality of JRuby continues to increase. Added - also see the Story at SDTimes.

Crossbow is the Solaris' Network Virtualization architecture and has just been released into OpenSolaris. Crossbow provides "virtualized lanes" that will scale at high performance over many cores; see Sunnay's Introduction and Ben's two posts: Announcement and Experiments. Crossbow is useful for Network Resource Allocation and will have deep implications for our Virtualization offerings - see Michaels' note from 2008 on the topic.

From the cloud computing area, Sun acquires Q-Layer; see the Press Release. Vijay has two relevant posts: an Introduction with several good links and a Terminology Overview; Om (@GigaOm) also writes about the Acquisition. Q-Layer should be a great addition to the xVM family.

We planned it a while ago, announced it in July, and it finally happened! The core of the Sun Web Server (used in places like and Sun's own BSC and Sun Forums) is now Open Source - see the announcements from CVR and Jyri. The ancestry of the code goes back to the Netscape Server but it has changed quite a bit; see Jyri's details. Sun Web Server 7.0 U4 is included in OpenSolaris but it is also available separately as part of the Sun Web Stack 1.4 and contains many features that complement the GlassFish Server.

Finally, from Solaris-land, a note that Sun is now doing Stricter Enforcement of the existing Patch Policy. No changes or impact on the situation for Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server patches - see our Sun's GF Enterprise Support.

Thursday Dec 18, 2008

JBoss's Advice to Sun... and Boxing Matches


Since I'm still in the mood for a break (I'm planning to start my holiday break early next week - and I'm not planning to spend it like last Xmas break)... a pointer to Sacha's post: SUN: (Sound?) Open Source Business Model? and John's followup: When you hit them and they smile, you know you did something right .

I think Sacha is uncharacteristically off in this one. He uses the pricing for small (up to 1K employees) companies, but, equally importantly, Sun has a lot of software we can sell to these companies leveraging GlassFish (and other entry points). And that without counting on Services and Systems, which also rely and leverage Software.

Sunday Nov 23, 2008

AddOns for OpenSource - The MySQL Query Analyzer

Commercial Open Source is a game changer, but it is also a game of balances between different interests: the free user and the paying customer, the individual developer and the partner and the corporate developer, short-term adoption and long-term revenue. There are a number of different business models for OpenSource that attempt to navigate these interests and Sun follows a combination of support, services, hardware/systems drag, and Add-Ons.


Sun just announced a new Add-On as part of the MySQL Enterprise Subscription. The MySQL Query Analyzer is designed to save time and effort in finding and fixing problem queries; "time and effort vs money" being the trade-off between the free and for-pay offerings. For details, check the Overview article, Zach's Introduction and the interview with the project lead, Mark Matthews.

Coverage of the new offering includes InformationWeek and ComputerWorld. There is already a very nice testimonial from the Clickability CTO; another report (nb. from a sun employee) is here. And you can make your own evaluation through the MySQL Trials offering.

Tuesday Nov 18, 2008

Apologic and Ipso-Facto - Two New GlassFish Adoption Stories from France


According to Forrester Research, France Leads in OpenSource Adoption so it is appropriate that our two most recent Adoption Stories are from companies based there.

Apologic (company, story, questionnaire) is ISV in the field of home care services and is part of Groupe Chèque Déjeuner. Apologic is using GlassFish to rearchitect their existing Windows-based applications to JavaEE 5.

Ipso-Facto (company, story, questionnaire) delivers real estate software as a service for the French market. They moved from Windows to the Java platform; first using Tomcat and now moving to GlassFish.

Thursday Oct 23, 2008

... Seam and Terracotta with GlassFish, JBoss new Portal, EJB Timers, NB 6.5 Builds, Android as FOSS

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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More frameworks come with GlassFish support out-of-the-box. Seam 2.1.0 GA is out and GF support is now explicitly mentioned ([1], [2]), and Terracotta 2.7 is out, also with GlassFish support ([2]).

JBoss announces a new relationship with Magnolia (website). The tip landed in my inbox as a "new JBoss portal strategy" and there seems to be some angle there as is switching from the JBoss portal to Magnolia Enterprise, but I think of Magnolia as mostly a CMS product rather than a portal, so will keep an eye on more details. See Announcement.

NetBeans continues to get closer to NB 6.5. The community builds with the multiple localizations are now available for review and feedback - check out Masaki-san's writeup.

GlassFish v3 Prelude includes support for the EJB 3.1 draft through the new update center, and Marina has modified instructions on how to Use the EJB Timer (small modification from previous instructions).

And, as Android becomes more real, Google has Open Sourced it.

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

... Secure Attachments, SunTech Days, MEP Connectors, Code for Freedom, JVM Language Summit

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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A new Enterprise Tip, this time from Ashutosh, showing how to Securing Attachments in Web Services messages using Metro, the WS framework used in GlassFish (and several other AppServers).

Arun writes from Brazil and reports on Sun TechDays, day 1. He presented on GlassFish server and his session was packed - check out his Slides; he also covered the awards to two of our GAP winners: Reginaldo (blog, submission), and Claudio (blog, submission).

Santiago has been documenting different features of the, GlassFish-Based Mobile Enterprise Platform and has another entry providing more information on Writing MEP Connectors. See MEP Announcement and the MEP-tagged entries.

India has a very strong Code For Freedom tradition, and Sun just announced is Support of the 2008 Edition. The Sun communities included are described here; the prizes are here

News from the OpenJDK community on what seems a very successful JVM Languages Summit. I've already asked John Rose if he would be willing to give us an overview at Online Webinar and we are looking for a slot in the schedule.

Sunday Sep 21, 2008

Cost-of-Entry, Cost-of-Exit, Standards and OpenSource

Last week SpringSource announced a new Enterprise Maintenance Policy. This has triggered quite a bit of Web activity (if you read French, check out Alexis Note) specially this long TSS thread.

A number of the reactions are negative; I suspect the biggest problem is not the specifics of the new business model - there are many valid Open Source business models - but that this is a change in the assumptions under which many people interacted with the Spring framework. One of the advantages we had at GlassFish is that we designed and advertised the community and enterprise model at the same time.


The TSS thread also reminded me of Scott McNealy's point about Cost-of-Exit; one of the benefits of standards with multiple implementations is that they encourage vendors to provide good service because the CoE is low. And I'll insert a plug for the EJB 3.1 Webinar.

BTW, Rail Gauges are a good example of the "Cost of Exit": Spain standardized on Iberian Gauge in the mid-19th century; there are plans to switch to standard gauge, but I'll believe it when it happens...

... Ajax and NB, Mural and MDM, RESTful Comet, GF with Hibernate and MySQL, OpenSource Contributors, Grizzlies, Fast JavaScript and more iPhone Rejections

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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The NetBeans folks have a new Introductory Tutorial to Ajax, now updated to the forthcoming NetBeans 6.5.

Srenga points that the DataMashup Service Engine from Mural is Part of GlassFish ESB and also points to Manish's Tutorial on building a Server-Side Data Mashup.

From Carol a Screencast on RESTful Comet, based on her previous posts.

From Peter Mularien a look at Who is Contributing to SpringSource? using FishEye on SpringFrameworks Core. BTW, if you do the same with GlassFish (core) you will find mostly Sun folks; the bulk of the non-Sun contribution is in the smaller, reusable components, like grizzly, which makes sense as that's where people want their specific features in.

From apaspai a description of how to configure GlassFish with Hibernate and MySQL (in Spanish, sorry, I couldn't resist).

From Montana Grizzlies are Rebounding from Extinction (there were already very healthy On the Web, in Canada, and, more recently, also in Prague!). And, from the WebKit folks, reports of substantial improvements on JavaScript interpretation using SquirrelFish Extreme.

And Apple does it Again, this time with Mail, and it Gets Slashdotted.

Thursday Sep 04, 2008

Forrester and the Mural OpenSource MDM Community


We just launched Mural, our Open Source MDM (Master Data Management) project but Forrester's latest Wave Report already says: "Sun Microsystems debuted in the top slot among Strong Performers with solid data deduplication, architecture, and open-source options".

An MDM system allows a single, consolidated, presentation from multiple data sources. Mural brings the experience from JavaCAPS, and adds OpenSource and the benefits of bundling GlassFish Server and MySQL to the mix. I need to write some spotlights on Mural, stay tuned.

Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

Happy 25th to GNU! From Freedom Fry, and us!


One of our favorite TV series (with great replay value) is Jeeves and Wooster with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie; the beauty of DVDs and Internets, one can keep with TV around the world, even in a no-broadcast TV family!

Anyhow, turns out Stephen Fry is an OSS fan and has helped put together a video wishing Happy 25 Birthday to GNU (and Stallman). Check it out Here. You can also download the recording; note you will need a Ogg player.

Thanks to Barton for the Tip, and if you want another recommendation for a great non-US TV series, check out Slings and Arrows.

Sunday Aug 17, 2008

... SVNSearch on GlassFish, NetBeans as a PHP IDE, Facelets now ASL 2.0

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Eirik provides an Overview and Introduction of SVNSearch.ORG, a browsing/searching tool. He has loaded a number of projects into his repository and shows how to Browse through GlassFish. Other options are Ohloh.Net, Atlassian FishEye and MarkMail. One of the unexpected benefits of GlassFish going Open Source is the ability to use tools that operate on Public code to speed up our developement. The list of tools is unending, starting with Internet search!

Lloyd has written an article at DZone on NetBeans 6.5 as a PHP IDE and Petr shows one of the advantages of this by writting A WordPress Plugin. I think PHP support will expand substantially the adoption of NetBeans; there are a lot of NetBeans users out there.

Matthias mentioned (a month ago, but I just noticed) that Facelets is now under ASL 2.0. Ryan said it was in part to simplify its Adoption into JSF 2.0.

Thursday Aug 14, 2008

... US Ruling on OpenSource Licenses, Wotif and OpenMQ, Rails Conf, SocialSite and OpenSocial, LWUIT

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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TheRegister reports on a ruling by the US Federal Court of Appeals asserting the Validity of Open Source Licenses. As usual, IANAL, but this surely looks like good news for OpenSource companies (like Sun).

Wotif.COM is now a formal reference for Sun's distributions of GlassFIsh Server and OpenMQ.

Arun will be Presenting at Rails Europe, Sept 2-4 in Berlin.

Ana describes how to migrate SocialSite widgets from OpenSocial 0.7 to 0.8. And Patrick has Nice Words about SocialSite.

LWUIT was released, with posts at OnTheRecord, Shai and Terrence.

Sunday Aug 03, 2008

Sun OpenDS in OpenSSO Express


More pieces of how Sun leverages OpenSource into Enterprise Offerings: Sun OpenDS 1.0 is now in OpenSSO Express - check out Nick, Rajeev, or...

pelegri% jar -tf opensso.war | grep -i opends .... WEB-INF/lib/OpenDS.jar

Tuesday Jul 29, 2008

Sun OpenDS Standard Edition - Building out the Open Source Middleware Business


Happy 2nd B-day, OpenDS!

Sun has announced the next phase of the release of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 1.0. Sun OpenDS SE is Sun's fully supported distribution of OpenDS, the Open Source, pure-Java lighweight, embeddable LDAPv3 Server. Check out: Articles, Demos, Documentation, FAQ and Downloads.

For more information, Kevin's Announcement, Ludo's Birthday Card, the Home Page, and other OpenDS posts.