Tuesday Jan 22, 2013


The 12th edition of FOSDEM will take place during the 1st week-end of February in Brussels, Capital of Europe. FOSDEM stands for "Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting", it is recognized as the best Free Software and Open Source event in Europe, it's also probably the largest one!

Among the many topics, Java will be widely covered during the week-end in the Free Java devroom.

If you are around, make sure to join, attendance is free! And if you want to discuss on GlassFish and Java EE, I'll be around as every year.

To learn more about FOSDEM, just listen Episode 67 of the Java Spotlight.

Thursday Jan 19, 2012

GlassFish as one of top 2011 open source projects

Note: if you're reading this using a feedreader, please make sure you've updated to the updated TheAquarium feed.

Late last week, this article over at eWeek enumerated the Top 16 Open-Source Projects in 2011 with GlassFish making the list.


The list was put together by OpenLogic using a methodology based on eight metrics that include public data, as well as aggregated data from their tools and customer base.

GlassFish was listed as infrastructure in enterprise applications, in the "Web and application servers" category. Other winners include HBase, Hadoop, and MongoDB.

Monday Nov 14, 2011

Oracle Contributor Agreements - New Home!

The Oracle Contributor Agreement (the successor to the SCA), now has a new home - www.oracle.com/technetwork/goto/oca and a new email address (listed on this aforementioned page).

This is the one-stop shop for getting to the actual OCA, the document you are required to sign in order to participate with shared copyright in Oracle-led open source projects, the list of existing signatories, as well as an updated version of the FAQ


This earlier post on this topic has some context on the contributor agreement and where is came from. Note that if you are contributing to GlassFish and/or a sub-project (Jersey, OpenMQ, Grizzly, etc....), a single agreement can cover all of your contributions.

Tuesday Feb 01, 2011

Top 10 reasons for open source success - How does GlassFish stack up?

In a somewhat subtle self-promoting exercise thechangelog.com has an interesting post called "Top ten reasons why I won’t use your open source project" and while it somewhat applies to smaller, younger projects, I thought I'd benchmark GlassFish on those reasons.


1. You don’t have a friggin’ Readme
Well technically it's true, we don't have a README! On the other hand we have full documentation, including a "getting started" document. What do you think, do we need a README? File an RFE if you feel strongly about this.

2. You don’t include tests, specs, features, examples
Tests are here and here, specs are there, features over here and examples are bundled with the product.

3. You have no project home page
glassfish.java.net (new home) or glassfish.org as an even shorter address.

4. You need design help
We all do, don't we? At least I'm hoping the main page looks half descent and useful.

5. You don’t have a domain name

6. You don’t have a Twitter Account
We do! But we're so old (fashioned) that we also have a blog.

7. Your licensing is unclear
legal/LICENSE.txt in the product, LICENSE link from the main homepage.

8. You don’t reach out to me
Some of the ways we try to : Webinars, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, our own podcast and participation to forums (ours, and others).

9. You don’t speak about your project at conferences and meetups
Our events calendar speaks for itself I hope.

10. You didn’t submit it to The Changelog
Ok, that we didn't do and I think we can get away with that.

Of course, the quality of the product seems to be an obvious reason missing from the lists above. So how do you think we stack up?

Monday Oct 11, 2010

Translations of Today's OpenJDK Announcement

Today's announcement is "A Big Deal" (tm) and several folks are helping translate it to get the word out more widely. Here are the ones our group is doing directly:

English (Eduardo)
Mandarin (Joe Wang, Amy Kang, Stephen Hu)
French (Alexis)
Italian (Fabrizio Gianneschi)
Portuguese (Fabiane)
Spanish (Eduardo)
Japanese (Tatsukuni Inoue)

If you are aware of other translations, please post them as comments and I'll incorporate

The english version will be updated with links real-time; the others will be updated once a day or so.

Thursday Aug 26, 2010

More Hudson Adoption - CloudBees Provides HAAS

The adoption of Hudson continues in many (or should I say all?) fronts.  At some point it seemed to be mostly just Sun, but now it is Oracle and a whole cast of other companies and groups.

Today's addition to these movement is CloudBees a startup whose team includes a bunch of old friends, including Sacha, VivekP and BobB. As Bob and Sacha explain, CloudBees comes with two services DEV@cloud (SAAS for developers) and RUN@cloud (PAAS for production).  The first piece - today's announcement - is about DEV@cloud, which is all around HaaS - Hudson As A Service. Very nice!

Welcome aboard, CloudBees - you can follow them at @CloudBees. Added And here is KK's welcome.

Hudson momentum is strong and wide.  And does not show any significant negative impact from the Oracle acquisition of Sun, nor from Kohsuke's departure to his own start-up.  If anything, the wider number of participants has energized the community (see Hudson-Labs) and seems to have solidified the role of Hudson as the leading CI product.  Doing a quick recap...

Andrew just wrote a note reporting on the (anonymous) data collected from Hudson via the Update Center (you can opt-out, see his post).  The result shows a growing number of connected installations (~23K, see image at left), plus whatever is behind firewalls.

Coincidentally, John has started a new (2010) poll on Build and CI tools, and Hudson currently shows >65% (although this is a self-selected poll, which has methodological issues, it is hard to argue with 65%).

There are many other signs of increased adoption.  Some of the non-Oracle companies are MikeCI, CollabNet (here and here), Sonatype (here), and JFrog (here).  Hudson is also strong at Oracle - its internal use has continued to grow both at "Sun legacy" and at "Oracle classic", and Winston Prakash very recently joined the Hudson@Oracle team and has already started contributing as part of the Development Tool Offering at Oracle.

And Kohsuke continues to be fully engaged, now with his InfraDNA hat, where he was recently joined by Kedar.

As Sacha signs off... Onward!

PS - Add comments with links to other companies I missed and I'll rev the post.  Now, or whenever you move out of stealth mode...

Wednesday Jul 28, 2010

GlassFish at FISL

Alexis and Arun went to FISL11 at Porto Alegre (Wikipedia, GeoMap) and have provided reports including photos; see Alexis' Back from FISL, and Arun's AFISL 2010 Trip Report.

Alexis's slides are available via SlideShare: GlassFish OSGi - from modular runtime to hybrid applications and The future of the GlassFish community.  Arun's presentation was all demos, which he has also made available as a YouTube playlist.

Open Source is very strong in Brazil (see for example this post). As you can see from our GeoMap, GlassFish has a fair amount of adoption, but we need to improve our outreach. If you have suggestions or want to contribute, post them as comments on this entry, or contact us at theaquarium at sun dot com.

Tuesday May 25, 2010

GlassFish is Open - Serli Does App Versioning on 3.1


As already pointed out in this blog post, GlassFish remains as open as ever at all levels and we're happy to report that Serli (a software company based in France) has recently contributed an "application versioning" feature to the ongoing GlassFish 3.1 development work.

This design document has a detailed description of what this is all about and the the feature is implemented in the very first milestone, GlassFish 3.1 Milestone 1 which should be out any time now. The Serli guys are working on a demo demonstrating the value of such a feature. A screencast and an interview should also follow shortly. Update: the screencast is now available here and the podcast interview is here.

For this feature just like for everything else planed for 3.1, you are encouraged to review and comment on the 33 one-pagers (on your favorite one at least) listed on this wiki page. Comments are accepted for another week or so, but of course the earlier the better. Feedback should go ideally be provided on the wiki (see instructions) but replying to the forum or mailing list is quite acceptable.

Thursday Mar 25, 2010

GlassFish Update - Roadmap, Naming, Open Source


Adam, Alexis, John and I gave our first GlassFish Community Update after the Oracle acquisition. The Slide Deck was short but covered the most important topics, including Naming, Roadmap, Distributions, Licenses and Open Source.

It was a good meeting, although I forgot to hit the "record" button! For now, you can find the slide deck here.

I will find the time next week to record the presentation and will make that available too. We will also record in other languages; I'll do Spanish, Alexis will do French, and I'm sure I can find volunteers for others.

Tuesday Jan 05, 2010

GlassFish ESB v2.2 release now available for download


The first post on The Aquarium for 2010! What better way to start the new year than with a new release?

Six months after the release of v2.1, GlassFish ESB v2.2 is now released and is available for download. Three more components made it to released status, and are included in the installation. These components are the email binding component, the REST binding component, and the POJO service engine.

GlassFish ESB v2.2 can be downloaded from the OpenESB downloads page.

Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Please No Commits on v3 Trunk... and Other Stories of GFv3 FCS


It's been a hard year, but the GlassFish community has kept pushing v3 onward and all the indicators are that the result is very much worth the effort.

The target date for GlassFish v3 is mid-December so the last few weeks have been very busy - check out these MarkMail charts:

DEV - last month was really close to an all-time record.
ISSUES - an easy all-time record.
QUALITY - highest since Sept'08.

Plenty of progress to highlight from there; below are some.

Final Branch:

If you are curious, peek at the hudson dashboard; it has plenty of very interesting jobs, including the nice progress on findbugs.

The FishCAT folks really deserve their own spotlights (soon), but see:

And, from the doc team, final reviews of:

Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

Hudson Growth - Community and Product

The adoption of Hudson continues to grow and we are also beginning to see movement in Sun's commercial offering.

Kohsuke's Hudson Feed has many examples of adoption. The community is very active and recent posts include A Campfire Plugin and a CMake Plugin, a spanish Tutorial on SVN and Hudson and Using Hudson with Rational Team Concert (from the official IBM site!). Two posts with nice, quotable compliments are:

• From Grant Smith's Creating a Continuous Integration Server for Java Projects Using Hudson at Wazi: our conclusion - based on a combination of first-hand experience and other people's opinions - is that Hudson is the current front-runner among open source CI engines.

• From Joe Heck: Hudson - A lot of things done right: check out Hudson. It's a quick check - one download, one command-line, and you are rolling.

Three examples on the commercial side, all from today:

• We closed another customer for Sun's Hudson Support; nice! Just let us know if you have any questions.

• We also got email from one of Sun's Principal Field Engineers. He is overseas visiting a (very) large customer where he found wide use of Hudson and strong interest in improved support. We not even knew this company was using Hudson - strike another win for Open Source!

• And, our friends at Sun's Inner Circle - Sun's newsletter for CIOs - included an article on Hudson in the Nov/Dec issue.

Sunday Oct 25, 2009

NHIN Connect Using GlassFish and OpenESB

The importance of information exchange in Health Care will continue to grow and the Federal Goverment has several projects to improve it, while also trying to reduce costs. And, as Bill wrote earlier in the year, Sun's Open Source has been actively engaged in this.

Added - Just noticed Tim O'Reilly's note on WhiteHouse.GOV's stack. They use MySQL, Drupal and Apache.


The goal of the National Health Information Network (NHIN) is to provide secure, nationwide, interoperable health information infrastructure that will connect providers, consumers, and others involved in supporting health and healthcare. And the CONNECT Gateway is intended to let the federal agencies connect to the NHIN.

Within the HHS, the ONC is the main entity that coordinates these efforts and it just has choosen Health Information Exchange Open Source (HIEOS) as a key portion of NHIN Connect.

And, HIEOS - developed by Vangent - is using several of our OpenSource components - see Architectural Diagram - including OpenESB and GlassFish, and MySQL.

Apple at MacOS Forge: "The ZFS project has been discontinued"


Apple kills ZFS at MacOS Forge. The effort had shown signs of stress for a while, so the community reaction ([1], [2]) has been to quickly move to a new site; see Dustin's announcement and MacZFS @ Google Code.

See reactions on the web at Engadget, AppleInsider, Gizmodo and Macrumors.

The Goodbye message was very terse. Given Apple's usual behavior, I doubt we will get any more details than that. Overall reaction is quite muted - the reaction meter at MR was 85+, 400- but the Discussion Thread is quite mild (and technically uninformed).