Friday Apr 03, 2009

SocialSite and Apache

I'm finally catching up with Dave's post from last Friday. Quoting from his note on SocialSite and Apache:


... Sun Microsystems is willing to contribute Project SocialSite to the Apache Software Foundation. It's not clear whether SocialSite should be contributed into Shindig or as a new incubator project...

I've started some discussions about this on Apache-private mailing lists and I'll let you know what happens next.

As Dave says, this is "the best thing for the project and will give it the best possible chances for building a thriving community". My very best wishes to SocialSite.

Dave's presentation at ApacheCon was on Shindig for Blogs and Wikis; a number of his most recent posts have covered specific topics building to this presentation where he leveraged Shiding and SocialSite (and JSPWiki and Roller). Of special interest may be his posts on OAuth.

Saturday Oct 18, 2008

... EclipseLink, Migration Tool, JSF Managed Beans, OpenDS for WAS and JRuby, Extending SocialSite, and JavaSE 6U10

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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TopLink Essentials EclipseLink is the JPA implementation used in the soon-to-be-released GlassFish v3 Prelude. (as well as the RI for JPA 2.0). NetBeans has support for JPA, and this Screencast at NetBeans.TV shows how to use it in NB (thanks to Rob for the tip).

The GlassFish Migration team is soliciting participation from interested parties to Localize the tool. Contact Shinya via that blog entry or by sending email to g11n at glassfish dot dev dot java dot net if interested.

Arun has another post on JSF 2.0; this time showing how to Use JSF 2.0 with Managed Beans.

From OpenDS land, first Ludo points to an article at BigAdmin by Sachin Krishna Telang showing how to Use OpenDS with IBM's WebSphere. Then, Mark describes how he used OpenDS with JRuby.

Dave has published two recent notes focusing on the areas where SocialSite extends the OpenSocial API. The First Post covers People and Friending, Profile Editing and Metadata, Profile Privacy Settings and Group Creation, Management and Invitations. The Second Post covers Gadget Installation and Management, Messaging and Search. Dave promises additional posts.

And, from the land of Java SE, the long-awaited JavaSE 6 U10 release is now available; check Downloads, FAQ and Osvaldo's post. Despite its obscure name, this is a very important release - I'd expect additional posts on the topic early next week.

Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

This Week's Webinar - OpenSocial for GlassFish

We have one Webinar this week, plus a heads up for two forthcoming webinars:


• On Thursday, October 9th, 11:15am PT, a Technical Webinar on SocialSite and OpenSocial by David Johnson (of Apache Roller fame). Dave will describe the basics of OpenSocial and will introduce SocialSite and describe its benefits, architecture and Widgets and Web Services.

And, a heads up to the Brazilian and Spanish speaking communities: I am planning to host two special 1 hour webinars to cover GlassFish v3 Prelude and the rest of the GlassFish roadmap. Let me know if you want a direct invitation (\*).

(\*) You can contact me by email (ping me if I don't reply, my inbox is in bad shape), or just add a comment to this entry and include your email in the optional field of the comment. I'll post the information on the webinars at TheAquarium during the weekend.

Saturday Aug 30, 2008

... Facelets, OpenSocial and Shindig, Mango, JavaEE Workshop, Mitel and Dtrace

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Jeffrey reports that the trunk of NetBeans 6.5 now includes Facelets Support. The plan is for JSF 2.0 to include a presentation language evolved from Facelets; see Ed's latest post.

Jamey reports that OpenSocial 0.8.1 is ready and Shindig 1.0 is very close. Good news for SocialSite as it relies on both.

From Adam an announcement of a JavaEE Workshop. Adam says he is writing a book for O'Reilly - will check out with him, but I presume it is based on GlassFish Server.

And a new acronym from Yip-Hin: MANGO, as in My SQL And Netbeans, Glassfish and Open. First time I hear it; cute name, but all I know is this entry.

From Canada news of a partnership between Mitel and Sun that's leveraging VoIP and Sun's thin client technology (SunRays); see Partnership Description.

And The Observatory continues with their series on reasons to use OpenSolaris; number 2 is DTrace.

Tuesday Aug 26, 2008

Project SocialSite roundup

Social Site

Project SocialSite was announced at JavaOne back in May (presentation) and code was released earlier this month.

Installing this social computing enabler is quite simple when following the install guide (even if you can be a little disturbed by the SSO feature enabled by default). If you'd like to follow the progress of this project, the SocialSite Group Blog is probably the one place to look at.

One of the key technology used in SocialSite is Shindig, a reference implementation for the Google-initiated OpenSocial API (now up to v0.8). This API has strong backup from all the major social networks (LinkedIn, MySpace, Plaxo, Ning,, Hi5, and more) except for Facebook as of this writing. The value proposition of such a widely adopted API is that of writing an application one and deploying in on multiple social containers (sounds familiar? :-). The theory is that you can reach half a Billion users with a single OpenSocial Gadget.

Dave Johnson, creator of the the Roller blogging engine and lead for SocialSite promises more demos and code to understand the value of SocialSite as an addition to existing infrastructure such as Roller. I believe Social computing has great potential in the enterprise to create more value from better qualified interactions and connections between employees.

Thursday Aug 14, 2008

... US Ruling on OpenSource Licenses, Wotif and OpenMQ, Rails Conf, SocialSite and OpenSocial, LWUIT

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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TheRegister reports on a ruling by the US Federal Court of Appeals asserting the Validity of Open Source Licenses. As usual, IANAL, but this surely looks like good news for OpenSource companies (like Sun).

Wotif.COM is now a formal reference for Sun's distributions of GlassFIsh Server and OpenMQ.

Arun will be Presenting at Rails Europe, Sept 2-4 in Berlin.

Ana describes how to migrate SocialSite widgets from OpenSocial 0.7 to 0.8. And Patrick has Nice Words about SocialSite.

LWUIT was released, with posts at OnTheRecord, Shai and Terrence.

Friday Aug 08, 2008

SocialSite Launch


SocialSite was formally launched yesterday (although it is not part of the Beijing Olympics :-). SocialSite (Home Page, TheAquarium) provides an OpenSource set of Widgets and Web Services that can be used to add Social Networking features to existing web sites and applications.

SocialSite has a very flexible architecture; the social network lives alongside the existing site/app which can be written in anything - see this Screencast. Check out Dave's Announcement; we already have Downloads, Installation Instructions and Code Repository (SVN), but stay tuned for further details.

SocialSite is part of the GlassFish community and will follow its transparency and openness policies.

Monday May 12, 2008

SocialSite Screencast


Check out this short Screencast for an overview of Project SocialSite, the new GlassFish project that we announced last week.

The project decouples the Java-based server side and the client, and, through the OpenSocial API, enables the addition of Social Gadgets to your web site or application.

Thanks to Jamey and Dave for the tip.

Tuesday May 06, 2008

Project SocialSite - MultiLingual, Scalable, OpenSocial Software for GlassFish

On Monday, at CommunityOne, Dave gave the first public presentation of SocialSite, a new project designed to add OpenSocial applications to your site, regardless on whether it uses JSP, PHP, or other technologies.


Dave and Jamey will be giving more details on SocialSite on Thursday:

BOF-5857: Turn your website into an OpenSocial container with Project SocialSite. 6:30 PM on Thursday at Esplanade 307/310.

Also see Dave's note.