Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

Additional WebCasts and FAQ From Oracle on Products and Community

Today was the Oracle Sun Strategy live webcast hosted by Charles Philips, John Fowler, Thomas Kurian, Edward Screven and others that ended with a Q&A with Larry Ellison. The recording is not yet available but Oracle released a number of other useful webcasts and docs today.


The Oracle + Sun Product Strategy Webcast Series has short (15-20') webcasts with more detailed information on most topics - e.g. App Server, Dev Tools, Manager/OpsCenter, Java, Cloud, Virtualization, OS, OpenOffice, etc.

The FAQ on Community Continuity that includes Java.Net, Java.Sun.Com, JavaOne, and more.

There is also a series of events around the world in a Welcome Sun Event Series.

Tuesday Oct 27, 2009

New "Oracle and Sun Overview and FAQ"

Oracle has updated their page on Oracle and Sun and it now includes a PDF entitled "Oracle and Sun Overview and FAQ".  Check it out for comments on many topics covering Sun's Hardware (SPARC, Storage, x86) and Software offerings, including NetBeans, OpenOffice, MySQL, xVM OpsCenter, OpenSource, VirtualBox and GlassFish.

Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Mercurial Micro-News - GlassFish/Corba, Kenai and


GlassFish is taking a Detour Through SVN but since the plan is still to go to Mercurial I keep an eye on adoption news and noticed these two from BSC: OOo's Pilot Program and Ken's note on Corba and Kenai.

From a quick visit to the Mercurial site some more news:

SourceForge Support
Python Switching to Hg,
GSoC Projects
• Google Code Supports Hg.

Most modern projects at Sun are going to Mercurial, including OpenSolaris and OpenJDK; two that switched to Bazaar are Drizzle and MySQL. And Kenai Supports GIT, SVN and Mercurial (need to check if they plan to support Bazaar).

Added - Other related projects on Mercurial include NetBeans and JavaMail.

Wednesday Aug 20, 2008

... Rails 2.2, Arun on JSF Apps, OpenOffice and OpenESB, FishCAT turns 30!, Adobe and JavaFX

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Arun points out that Rails 2.2 is going to be multi-threaded. That's very good, specially in the context of a JRuby implementation - no need to do magical pooling of instances and the such!

And, talking about Arun, his latest TOTD entry (#42!) is a Hello World using JSF. Good to see Arun helping there; the JSF 2.0 spec includes a lot of interesting new features and we are going to need help to provide examples on how to use them!

Sebastien writes about how to his OpenESB application uses the OpenOffice Java API to Include MS Office Conversion in his application.

Judy reports that there are now 30 FishCAT members around the world that will help improve the quality of the GlassFIsh Server. All of them are non-Sun employees; I count 16 countries at the Quality Portal Home Page.

The JavaFX team provides an introduction to the Project Nile, which provides a mechanism to incorporate Adobe graphical assets into JavaFX; check out the Screencast by Jeff Hoffman and the Tutorial Document.

Wednesday May 21, 2008

Microsoft Office to support ODF!

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Microsoft Office will support ODF, MS to join OASIS TC! Check out:

MS Press Release
SD Times
ConsortiumInfo Analysis

Saturday Feb 09, 2008

OpenOffice - Top Recommended CNET Download

GeoMap for OOo visitors is the Top CNet Download pick. Tom Merritt, executive editor at CNET, is a user (and so am I :-)):

I use it everyday instead of Microsoft Office and I don't have any issues with it..

I poked around a bit for download metrics and found two sites: Downloads and Visits. The download numbers are about 360K/week, which is roughly three times GlassFish's Current Download Rate - with the usual caveat about many distributions for successful Open Source projects.

Sunday Sep 09, 2007

NOTD - IBM Joins OpenOffice.ORG

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Breaking News: IBM Joins OpenOffice.ORG.

• News: IBM PR, FAQ, IBM as JCA signatory.
• Commentary: Erwin, Simon, Peter.

Thursday Nov 23, 2006

FOSS.IN 2006 Starts on Friday - Looks Very Good!


The FOSS.IN 2006 conference starts tomorrow in Bangalore and it looks really good. Check out the Schedule, which includes presentations on GlassFish, Portal, OpenSSO, OpenJDK, OpenSolaris, NetBeans, OpenOffice, Derby and much more.

More perspectives from Sahoo, Sivakumar, Moinak, Joe, Madhu and Pratibha.

I think I need to start planning to attend next year :-)