Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

Hudson, Bazaar, Drizzle and OpenGrok - And OSS Software Adoption Inside a Corporation


What is the connection between OpenGrok, Drizzle and Bazaar? Hudson, the Continuous Integration system. Check out Jorgen's writeup describing his Presentation on using Hudson with OpenGrok, and Trond's note on Bazaar Plugin, used with Drizzle Builds.

Another connection is that Trond and Jorgen work in Sun's DataBase group in Trondheim, and you might think that is how they discovered Hudson, except that in a large, distributed, company, Open Source products often get adopted without any direct internal communication. Actually, in an internal recent presentation on Drizzle Brian was telling me about this great CI tool called Hudson! :-)

Monday Oct 02, 2006

OpenGrok and GlassFish

OpenGrok Logo

OpenGrok is a fast and user-friendly multi-lingual search and cross-reference tool that is used by the OpenSolaris team. OpenGrok first grinds through the sources to create the data repository; the program itself is written in java and uses Exuberant Ctags. The result is then browsed through a Java Web App that runs in a container like GlassFish (or Tomcat), and Shawn reports positively on his Experience using OpenGrok on GlassFish.

I think it would be interesting to try to combine the features of OpenGrok with those of Sorcerer. Since Sorcerer uses the JavaC Tree API, the information is more accurate, but OpenGrok has more features (like full text search) and is multi-lingual.