Wednesday Feb 13, 2008

Automating Directory Server Install & Config with Perl

Directory Server mesh

Although the open source directory server action is at OpenDS, Sun's existing Directory Server Enterprise Edition is widely deployed and integrated in products such as Sun Java System Access Manager and it's open source twin, OpenSSO. One of the many reasons for its popularity is its implementation of multi-master replication (MMR), the ability to deploy a cluster of Directory Server instances, each synchronizing data with the rest.

Installing and configuring such a fully-connected mesh of Directory Servers is quite a laborious task, so Sun identity architect Jonathan Gershater devised a Perl script to do the legwork, then wrote it up as a Sun Developer Network article with technical author Marina Sum. Discover how Perl scripts automate Directory Server installation and configuration.

Wednesday Dec 12, 2007

Facebook Groups: OpenDS, OpenSSO, GlassFish, jMaki, JRuby, Phobos

Here are some of the Facebook groups that might be of interest to readers of TheAquarium:

Facebook logo


Please add those that I missed in the comments to this entry.

Sunday Dec 02, 2007

Week Highlights: GlassFish in Airports, New SCA, FOSS.IN, OpenDS and more

Tomcat-Users Post Graph

• Community: Closing on Tomcat?, New SCA, Hudson Podcast, GF@FOSS.IN
• Real-Life Stories: GF at the Airport
• GF Know-How: SSL, Provisioning, Seam and Maven
• Experimental: Alternate Mac JVM
• Comet: with IceFaces, with DWR
• SailFin: ATT's ECharts
• OpenESB on JavaSE and JBoss; New OpenDS Build

Saturday Dec 01, 2007

OpenDS 1.0.0 Build 008 Now Available

Radio Receiver Icon

Through Ludo:

• OpenDS 1.0.0 Build 008 Now Available.
• Also check out the Build Page.

Wednesday Nov 21, 2007

T-Shirts, T-Shirts for sale...

Kohsuke just created a Cafe Press Store for Hudson and I just did a quick pass to collect those for other GlassFish friends; check them out:

Front cover of Caps For Sale

Added: OpenESB
Added: SailFin
Added: OpenSSO

There is also a Grizzly t-shirt (I know because I'm the lucky owner of one) but not (yet?) as a Cafe Press store, and I'm chasing down shirts for OpenESB, OpenSSO and SailFin.

Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

JBoss Portal with OpenDS and OpenSSO

Informational Sign

A detailed HowTo from Boleslaw:
JBoss Portal with OpenDS and OpenSSO
  Thanks to Ludo for the tip.

Sunday Sep 30, 2007

OpenDS Overview

LDAP Architecture Diagram

OpenDS is nearing its first release, Milestone 1, and Trey and Marina have put together a good Overview Article that includes a description of a a Typical LDAP-enabled Application and a list of future features.

Also check the OpenDS home page, their USERS and DEV mailing list, their Documentation Wiki and the Downloads Page.

Thanks to Marina for the tip.

Friday Aug 03, 2007

Happy Birthday, OpenDS

OpenDS Birthday Cake

Happy First Birthday, OpenDS! Congrats to Ludo, Trey and the whole team - you guys are doing an excellent job!

Recent OpenDS news include: Ludo's presentation at LDAPcon, the latest OpenDS 1.0 candidate build, and a description on how to Configure OpenDS with DSConfig. Relevant entries at TheAquarium are tagged with OpenDS.

Sunday Jul 15, 2007

More OpenDS Adoption - JBoss Portal


OpenDS continues to make progress. We recently reported on the OpenDS 0.9 release, but now we have available the first builds for OpenDS 1.0. And, in related events, JBoss Portal is going to use OpenDS and Ludo Added OpenDS to Ohloh.

OpenDS 1.0 final is getting closer; stay tuned.

Friday Jul 06, 2007

OpenDS 0.9 released

OpenDS logo

OpenDS, the 100% Java implementation of an LDAP v3 directory has reached the 0.9 milestone earlier this week. At this point, it is an LDAP v3 compliant directory with multi-master replication and access controls just to name the main features. Next stops are the beta release and a 1.0 version later this year. In the mean time a Summer 2007 Bugfest has just started with prizes for people helping fix as many as 130 defects listed today.

OpenDS comes with a Java Web Start installer and data to populate the directory. It really doesn't get any easier than that to start using an LDAP directory. If you need to speak XML to OpenDS rather than LDAP, the DSML gateway (implemented as a WAR archive) is also available.

Check also the cool uses of OpenDS as presented by Ludo at the San Francisco GlassFish Day in May 2007.

Monday May 28, 2007

Atom Server on OpenDS and GlassFish

Atom on OpenDS Logo

I like Trey's approach (shown at GlassFish Day) to spreading the word about OpenDS by building some useful and interesting artifacts. I believe his OpenID server has not yet been released but the Atom Server (GlassFish front-end, OpenDS back-end) has and it is getting some nice recognition ([1], [2], [3], [4]).

Trey has a nice post Describing the Project. Additional details at the project website and wiki. To integrate OpenDS with GlassFish check Trey's earlier entry.

Sunday Apr 15, 2007

GlassFish Day Session #4 - Visit the Future...

Visit Session #4 of GlassFish Day and Travel to the Future to the future... The session will cover at least these two topics:

Time Tunnel

•  Jerome will present the plans for GlassFish v3, a server-side Java container that scales from small devices to enterprise deployments, loads services on demand, uses classloaders to isolate class dependencies, starts very fast and has low resource comsumption. Status update and demo will be included.

•  Trey will show and demo the latest news on OpenID support in OpenSSO and OpenDS.

I believe that compressed versions of the demos shown in this session may also show in some of the keynotes at JavaOne. A big difference is that at GlassFish Day you will have the opportunity to grill/question the presenters in a much smaller setting :-)

GlasssFish Day is part of CommunityOne; events include keynotes by Jonathan and Rich as well as multiple tracks, multiple demo stations, free lunch and goodies, and complimentary access to some JavaOne events next day. Attendance is free but limited and you need to register.

Friday Feb 23, 2007

Managing OpenDS with JMX and JConsole


OpenDS has lots of configuration options and they're all stored in the directory. While this makes administration convenient for those with an intimate knowledge of the configuration tree and LDAP command line tools the uninitiated will likely run away screaming.

As part of our continued effort to make LDAP more accessible to the masses a JMX interface to OpenDS is now available and accessible via JConsole. No client installation required! To get started, launch JConsole and follow along using the screen shots here.

Friday Feb 16, 2007

Extending OpenDS made dead simple

OpenDS logo

OpenDS is a highly configurable and customizable directory server with numerous built-in extension points. For those cases where pre-defined hooks are just not enough OpenDS provides a simple and safe facility for injecting your custom business logic. Checkout this simple example and let us know what you think.

Monday Feb 12, 2007

Configuring Roller to use OpenDS (and GlassFish)

Yggdrasil - the World Tree

More OpenDS contributions; this one is from Trey showing how to use OpenDS with Roller, with some help from Dave.

Start by Downloading OpenDS, then configure it for GlassFish and you can use this LDIF data set to preconfigure it (what is LDIF). Full details at Trey's blog, and more TheAquarium entries under the OpenDS tag.

Given my previous entry on Trees or Tables, a drawing of Yggdrasil seemed appropriate.