Wednesday Sep 09, 2009

News Features in OpenDS 2.2 Control Panel: Managing Multiple Servers and Recurrent Tasks


OpenDS continues to move forward after the Release of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition this last July. As indicated in the Roadmap the next release is OpenDS 2.2, scheduled for this Fall.

The Roadmap describes a number of features, including Fractional Replication and LDAP Accessible ChangeLog, but Ludo has just published two features in the Control Panel, the ability to Manage Multiple Servers and Support for Recurrent Tasks.

Added - See Ludo's latest post on the Availability of OpenDS 2.1 build-1; and check out his explanation of the OpenDS Release Numbering System.

Tuesday Jul 21, 2009

OpenDS 2.0 is now Final


OpenDS 2.0 is now final. This is a major release, new functionality ranges from a new GUI to better administration, from improved performance to better reliability, from new features to improved portability. See Ludo's Announcement and this Snapshot of the Documentation.

Community builds are available here, including a ZIP and a JNLP. The Sun-supported commercial distribution is Sun OpenDS, downloadable here. This looks like a great release; congratulations to the team, and onwards with the Roadmap!

Related entries are tagged OpenDS; I'll also appends links to entries directly related to OpenDS 2.0 below.


Recurrent and Scheduled Tasks
Monitoring in the Control Panel
I18N Collation Matching Rules
Assured Replication
Replication Groups

Monday Jun 22, 2009

FISL Preview - GlassFish, Hudson, Jersey, OpenSSO, OpenDS and more...


The 10th FISL starts this week. Like previous years, it looks like a lot of fun: the Program is full of good content, and there is also Porto Alegre... FISL starts on the 24th and it is preceded by Javali, an event focused on Java, on the 23rd (Agenda).

I did a quick pass through the FISL program to highlight some sessions, including those related to GlassFish Projects and friends:

• Arun on GF, MySQL and NetBeans (S205) (Arun's note)
• Mauricio on OSGi in GFv3 (S736)
• Ludo will talk about OpenDS (S473) (Ludo's note)
• Fabiane on Hudson (S733)
• Pat on OpenSSO (S360) (Pat's note)
• Fabio Veloso on Jersey (S282)

Other talks related to GlassFish include

• On OpenJDK, Bruno (S734) and Charlie (S226)
• On OpenSolaris Rafael (S600) and Brian (S749)
• On NetBeans et al, Geertjan (S735), and
• On OSS, Simon (S757),

I wish I was there! If you attend FISL or Javali, please report back.

Sunday Jun 07, 2009

OpenDS 2.0 RC1 is Available

Now that JavaOne is over, I'll try to catch up with the most important news I didn't get to in the last 2-3 weeks.


OpenDS 2.0 is scheduled to release this month (see Roadmap) and Ludo announced the Release Candidate 1 on May 25th. This is a major release with new functionality ranging from a new Assured Replication Multi-Master Replication to IBM JVM Support.

Quick download links to the Core Server, DSML Gateway and QuickSetup JNLP. Full details at the RC1 Page and at QuickSetup Tool.

Sunday Apr 19, 2009

OpenDS, the Java OpenSource LDAP Server - This Week's Webinar


This week's webinar is on OpenDS, the Open Source Java LDAP server that is at the core of the next generation for Sun's market leading DSEE Product. Ludovic will provide an overview of the project including the recent developments on the v2 release. The presentation on Thursday, April 23rdh, 11am US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page.

OpenDS has been gaining nice adoption recently; relevant entries are tagged OpenDS and OpenDS @ MarkMail. There are some very interesting synergies between OpenDS and MySQL, see for example this week's BOF at the MySQL UC.

Saturday Apr 18, 2009

GlassFish and More at MySQL Users Conference


Mon-Thu I'll be attending the MySQL User's Conference here in Santa Clara. The tone of the conference is noticeably different to that of its (even larger) sibling JavaOne in San Francisco, and the topics are very grounded in the practical needs of the Users of the technology. There are many very interesting talks, below is a small selection extracted from my Personal Schedule.

Starting with those related to topics we normally cover here: Several BOFs: OpenSSO, OpenDS and LDAP, JavaFX Clients, OpenSolaris and Web Stack. Several Technical Sessions: MySQL and ZFS, Twitter and NetBeans and GlassFish and MySQL (that's Arun).

The rest of this list is not comprehensive but, here it is...

Keynotes: State of the Dolphin, Google, KickFire, Cloud, Andi, SmugMug, Infobrite and JasperSoft, Obama.
Fun Events Quizz Show.
Tutorials: Scale out, MapReduce, Partitioning, Memcached
DTrace: Intro, MySQL and Dtrace, Another DTrace
Cloud: MySQL and EC2, Hadoop and MySQL, Cloud Backup for MySQL, MySQL Clusters in the Cloud, MapReduce
Drizzle: Rethinking MySQL, Memory, libdrizzle, Drizzle BOF, Clusters
Memcached: Beginners, Distributed and InnoDB, And Flash!, Libraries, Advanced Use
Engines: InnoDB, Falcon, Maria, PBXT.
General: Performance and Scalability, the Future, Code Contributions (Masood's), Craig's List, Sandbox, Death.

... and I reserve the right to add and/or remove entries from my schedule at any time :-)

Friday Apr 10, 2009

Registration for C1 Unconferences Now Open - GlassFish and OpenSSO Day


The registration for our CommunityOne Unconferences is now open. We are hosting two intertwined events, one for all the GlassFish projects, the other for OpenSSO, OpenDS et al. Both in Hall A at the Moscone (Wikipedia, GeoHack) the Sunday before JavaOne, May 31st.

Both events are free, and you can switch back and forth as your interests apply. Check the GlassFish Unconference page and the OpenSSO Day MeetUp and Topics page.

The unconferences will be followed with a Party at the Thirsty Bear. We have plenty of space at the Moscone but the TB space is limited, so I encourage you to sign up early.

OpenDS 2.0 Community Translations - Did you Know About CTI?


There is now a Community-Driven project that is Localizing OpenDS 2.0 using the CTI. Languages can be added on demand, the current list includes French, German, Japanese, Polish and Spanish. Details in the posts by Hajma and Ludo, in the Wiki page and in this thread.

In general, the last couple of months have seen a significant growth on OpenDS adoption (MarkMail). I think this is driven by OpenDS 2.0 and also by additional voices like Matthew.

BTW, I believe that DocWeb, James's JavaDoc-driven community translation tool, is still active. And the NetBeans and OpenOffice folks have been doing community-driven translations for quite a while. I'll try to collect general status and tools used and will report back.

Added - If you are interested in OpenDS, pencil in 11am PT on the 23rd for their online webinar. We will post details at the Webinar Page.

Thursday Apr 02, 2009

An Unfair Advantage? G1 and OpenDS

I cannot catch up with all the backlog of OpenDS news in a single post so for now I'll just mention the Availability of OpenDS 1.3 b2 and then I want to highlight the work related to Garbage First (G1) GC.


G1 is our most recent Garbage Collecting algorithm and it is intended to replace the current CMS (see John's Overview of JDK's GCs) in JDK7. G1 is sketched in Alex's note; more details in TS-5419 or try it by yourself in a recent OpenJDK.

The OpenDS team has high demands for performance and responsivenes which makes them a good demanding customer for the G1 team (like CBOE!) and, in a recent visit, the two worked together to improve performance - see Matt's writeup. A good example of the advantage to Sun of leading both projects!

Sunday Feb 08, 2009

OpenDS 1.2 - Now Available


As we promised last week, OpenDS 1.2 is now available (download, changelog).

Ludo has an Overview of the New Features which includes a new GUI for server and data administration, improved security, manageability and performance.

OpenDS is making good progress; I'll try to arrange a prezo for TheAquarium Online.

Monday Feb 02, 2009

OpenDS News - v1.2 around the corner and tips!

OpenDS logo

OpenDS is fast approaching version 1.2 (Release Candidate 2 was released late January) and Ludo has been sharing many tips for this release. Examples include: Troubleshooting OpenDS database, Disabling Schema checking, and Troubleshooting indexes and search performances.

New in OpenDS 1.2 are SVR4 package for integration into OpenSolaris (with SMF and RBAC support), a data and schema browser (Control Panel), SASL support, and increased performance over the 1.0 release. Another major version (2.0) is planned for later this year with Assured Mode as its key feature.

As always, the software can be test-driven with the simplest possible JavaWebStart-powered install. See here for a couple of brief install videos.

Added - Ludo continues to post tips; also see Control the (LDAP) controls and performance from new ASN.1 library.

Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

The New Docs.Sun.Com

ALT DESCR has been around for a long time and its look-and-feel had not been updated significantly for a bit. But today it sports a New Look and it looks very good! Check these out:

GFv2, GFv2 U1/U2, GFv3 Prelude
Portal 7.2, JavaCAPS, MQ, and much more
• Nice dynamic browsing and improved searching.
• Localized in 12 languages!

Very nice! I would only want to have the ability to annotate the documents, otherwise, this looks very good!

Added - Also check out Susan's Overview of the changes.

Monday Oct 27, 2008

SSOCircle and CDOVaR.Net - OpenSSO and OpenDS in Production

Our Stories blog tracks informal adoption stories of our middleware Open Source projects. Most of the initial stories centered on the GlassFish Server, but over time we have been expanding from there with a few stories on OpenMQ and OpenSSO and in the last days we added two more.


SSOCircle is an open identity provider that uses OpenSSO to support SAML 2.0 and OpenID and others in federated single sign-on. SSOCircle went live in Feb 2007; check their full story with more details via the usual questionnaire.

CDOVaR.Net is a service provided by CDO² to financial institutions to transparently harness grid computing to manage their portfolios. They needed an LDAP server and chose OpenDS. Check the story and questionnaire.

Saturday Oct 18, 2008

... EclipseLink, Migration Tool, JSF Managed Beans, OpenDS for WAS and JRuby, Extending SocialSite, and JavaSE 6U10

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

TopLink Essentials EclipseLink is the JPA implementation used in the soon-to-be-released GlassFish v3 Prelude. (as well as the RI for JPA 2.0). NetBeans has support for JPA, and this Screencast at NetBeans.TV shows how to use it in NB (thanks to Rob for the tip).

The GlassFish Migration team is soliciting participation from interested parties to Localize the tool. Contact Shinya via that blog entry or by sending email to g11n at glassfish dot dev dot java dot net if interested.

Arun has another post on JSF 2.0; this time showing how to Use JSF 2.0 with Managed Beans.

From OpenDS land, first Ludo points to an article at BigAdmin by Sachin Krishna Telang showing how to Use OpenDS with IBM's WebSphere. Then, Mark describes how he used OpenDS with JRuby.

Dave has published two recent notes focusing on the areas where SocialSite extends the OpenSocial API. The First Post covers People and Friending, Profile Editing and Metadata, Profile Privacy Settings and Group Creation, Management and Invitations. The Second Post covers Gadget Installation and Management, Messaging and Search. Dave promises additional posts.

And, from the land of Java SE, the long-awaited JavaSE 6 U10 release is now available; check Downloads, FAQ and Osvaldo's post. Despite its obscure name, this is a very important release - I'd expect additional posts on the topic early next week.

Monday Sep 29, 2008

JRuby for Java Skeptics, GAP in Sao Paolo, Brazil, OpenSSO, OpenDS and GF, MySQL Users Conference

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

From Ruby-land, Zargony is warming up to JRbuy and explains Why I'm starting to like JRuby even though I dislike Java. And Arun writes a short list of the Advantages of JRuby over MRI.

We have been sending notifications to GAP (the GlassFish Awards Program) for a while but on MOnday we had a Press Release aligned with the first SunTech Days in Sao Paolo to celebrate the winners located in Brazil. Special congratulations to Claudio and Reginaldo who were at the event. We are planning a number of blogs to highlight the GAP winners; we won't be able to cover the 108 of them (!) but we will sample a few.

And, Arun is visiting Sao Paolo (and other cities in Brazil) and writes about ES JUG... And about Embu das Artes and about Travel Tips in Brazil.

Showing part of the spread of the Friends and Family part of the GlassFish Server two tutorials: First Sidharth and Marina show OpenSSO on GlassFish, and then Ludo points to John Yeary's Doing authentication and authorization with GlassFish and OpenDS.

Giuseppe points out that the call for papers for the MySQL Users Conference is still open.

PS. There is a lot of work to do before GFv3 prelude goes out; tracking the news during the next few weeks is going to be tricky, please bear with us.