Sunday May 17, 2009

The Value of GF Portfolio Subscriptions - GF v2.1 p2 Available


Last week we made available the latest sustaining (for-fee) release of the GlassFish Server. GFv2.1p2 fixes 40 new bugs beyond the 31 fixed by GFv2.1p1. GFv2.1p2 is also a patch release (p8) for the earlier GFv2U2; collectively all the patch releases in that family addressed 152 bugs.

Sustaining releases are available at the Basic level of Sun GlassFish Portfolio; higher subscription levels entitle different levels of customer support and access to the GlassFish Enterprise Manager

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

WEBINAR: Attacking complexity with simplicity - Sun Identity Management

The Sun Identity Team is kicking off a monthly webinar program outlining our overall portfolio and how it can help you solve everyday identity challenges. The first session will be held on February 18 at 8AM PT and will provide an overview around how Sun approaches everyday identity and offer an overview of our methodology to build strong identity foundation that lasts. So . . . what are you waiting for! Register for our life changing webinar now!

Saturday Feb 07, 2009

MySQL Gets Closer to GlassFish -- Mårten's Move

Just slightly over a year ago I posted Welcome Aboard, MySQL! from Orlando. Since then we have worked together in many things including GF Bundles, IdMgr, Telco, OSS Price/Performance, Pricing, even Legal. Possibly the biggest impact of the acquisision has been on the non-engineering side: the MySQL team brought an emphasis on volume and that is making a huge difference - I can point to some Isolated deals and to Sun's financials.


I've enjoyed the MySQL team throughout the year and now we will have even more opportunities to work together since the engineering team is going to report into Karen Padir, my manager.

As you would expect the news have been reported in the online press and blogosphere. If you are interested, I'd start with Kaj's post, and, if you are attending FOSDEM you may want to attend his Q&A Session. Other reports include ArsTechnica, SJMercury, CW, ITWorld, IW, ZDNet, Reuters, the451group, OWDeveloper and The Register; of these, the post I probably find most interesting is Matt Asay's.

Sunday Sep 07, 2008

Announcing the Open SQL Camp in November


All open databases are equal in front of the developers community. This is the message launched by Baron Schwartz in his announcement of the first Open SQL Camp.

After the last MySQL Users Conference, there were some talks of alternative conferences organized by the users for users. This is the first such event. It will be held in Charlottesville, VA, USA, November 14-16, 2008.

Users, in the context of databases, especially open ones, means developers. Do you feel like hacking some database project? If your database of choice is open (MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaDB, SQLite, Firebird), you may give the OpenSQLCamp a try!

Thursday Jan 11, 2007

Ask the Experts session

Ask the  Experts

The next "Ask the Experts" is on the Open Source Java Project. This will give the Java community an opportunity to ask questions about Sun's open source initiatives, including GlassFish.

Got a question about Sun's open-sourcing of its Java platform implementations? Read the FAQ . Then post any follow-up questions during this Ask the Experts session, week of Jan. 16-19, and get answers from representatives of Sun's Java platform implementations.