Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

Ohloh Report on GlassFish and Open Source Adoption


We just posted a new report on AppServer adoption that we commissioned from Ohloh (recently acquired by SourceForge). The report uses the extensive code analysis done by Ohloh (38,000 projects across 3,500 source forges) to compute several metrics on how Open Source projects are targeting different AppServers.

Ohloh computed trends through their application-specific deployment descriptors and found that ~50% of the projects currently target GlassFish and that the number jumps to 73% when only counting new projects.

Check out full details at the report and also see John's writeup.

Thursday Feb 14, 2008

Stackeriffic! OpenSSO, OpenDS and OpenPTK at Ohloh

Eduardo posted last week about Glassfish at Ohloh.Net. As Eduardo mentioned, Ohloh presents a view of open source projects, showing contributions and allowing registered users to 'stack' their favorite projects. A nice feature is the ability to claim your own contributions and award 'kudos' to other contributors.

All three of Sun's open source identity management projects have Ohloh pages:


OpenSSO (29 stacks, 5.0/5.0 rating)
OpenDS (16, 5.0/5.0)
OpenPTK (7, 5.0/5.0)

If you're using any of these projects, please consider stacking them. Even better, if you have contributed to any of these projects, go claim your contribution - you get a nice page showing what you've done

Thursday Feb 07, 2008

Stack Me! GlassFish at Ohloh.Net

Ohloh.Net (info) is a very interesting social network site. It tracks contributions, ratings and use of open source components, in isolation and in stacks. As of now (Feb 7, 2008) below is the data for GlassFish and a few other app servers. Based on this, unscientific, data, quality is doing very well and adoption is increasing but still quite to go before passing Apache Tomcat... or getting even close to MySQL (1357 stacks, 4.1/5 rating)!


GlassFish (55 stacks, 4.8/5 rating)
Geronimo (15, 3.5/5)
JBoss (88, 3.9/5)
Tomcat (339, 4.3/5)

In a separate space, Hudson has almost surpased CruiseControl, which is very good. I was telling Kohsuke he should try to get Hudson into OpenSolaris and the Linux distros - it clearly is the best tool in this space and will be a huge winner:

Hudson (41, 4.8/5)
CruiseControl (44, 4.3/5)
Continuum (23, 4.4/5)

If you are using GlassFish or Hudson, please considering stacking them!

GlassFish and Hudson.