Monday Dec 19, 2011

Sister blog - GlassFish for Business

While this Aquarium blog is a one-stop-shop for anything GlassFish and Java EE from Oracle and from the community, we also maintain a GlassFish for Business blog for those of you interested in making the most of your GlassFish commercial license.

GlassFish For Business Blog

The most recent post there, "Difference between GlassFish Open Source and Commercial Editions", covers just that - why even acquire an Oracle GlassFish Server license? Is is just the support or is there anything more? (hint: there's more).

Another recent post covers the release of Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1.1 Patch 2, a great example of the value for GlassFish customers - a regular cadence of patch releases.

For those interested in finding out more :
Tech Price List (grep for "GlassFish")
Commercial GlassFish Offerings from Oracle (how fixes are applied to commercial an open source bits)
Oracle GlassFish Server and GlassFish Server Open Source Edition (Free vs. commercial, a blog from last year). Being consistent is a good thing (tm).

Tuesday May 24, 2011

Buy Oracle GlassFish Server, what do you get?

What is the difference between GlassFish Open Source Edition (OSE) and Oracle GlassFish Server (OGS)?


The short answer (GlassFish Server Control) was previously given here.

But wait, there's more! The longer answer is detailed in this licensing document listing Oracle GlassFish Message Queue, Oracle GlassFish Server HTTP load balancer plug-in, GlassFish Server Control, Oracle TopLink but also Oracle JRockit JDK and Hotspot JDK.

Oracle GlassFish Server is licensed per processor and the document listed above includes similar licensing information for Oracle Coherence, Weblogic, TopLink and more.

Remember that you can also upgrade an Open Source Edition installation to the Oracle GlassFish Server product by using the Update Center feature of the product.