Monday Nov 14, 2011

Oracle Contributor Agreements - New Home!

The Oracle Contributor Agreement (the successor to the SCA), now has a new home - and a new email address (listed on this aforementioned page).

This is the one-stop shop for getting to the actual OCA, the document you are required to sign in order to participate with shared copyright in Oracle-led open source projects, the list of existing signatories, as well as an updated version of the FAQ


This earlier post on this topic has some context on the contributor agreement and where is came from. Note that if you are contributing to GlassFish and/or a sub-project (Jersey, OpenMQ, Grizzly, etc....), a single agreement can cover all of your contributions.

Wednesday Sep 21, 2011

Contributor agreements, a reminder and an update

One of the many things that hasn't changed with GlassFish since the acquisition is how we welcome contributions from the community (in fact we've seen an increased number of those recently).


The Oracle Contributor Agreement, or OCA (born as the SCA) is a required document before we can accept such contributions and a fairly common practice in open source projects. One important thing that has changed for the OCA is the email address to use for signed contributor agreements. Check this Contribute Code section for details.

One thing that will change is the location of the public list of the OCA signatories. For the time being you can find a consolidated and updated list for GlassFish, OpenJDK, NetBeans, MySQL and more on

The OCA FAQ document (which is still frequently being updated) lists a good number of answers to questions such as "What does the OCA do?", "Why do you have a Contributor Agreement?", "What if I'm contributing on behalf of my company?", "What can Oracle do with my contribution?" and many more.