Tuesday Aug 19, 2008

... OpenJDK in Debian, Wotif and OpenMQ, New Bloggers, Wonderland 0.4, Solaris Features

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Barton, confirmation that OpenJDK is in Debian (in Lenny). That makes Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Debian; OpenJDK is also available for RedHat and CentOS. Not bad!

New Sun bloggers: Jacob has started writing about Ruby and Rails as a new engineer in the GLassFish Scripting team, and Michael will provide his Experiences in OpenESB from interactions with its customers. Welcome to both!

Wotif.COM is now a Formal GlassFish Reference, including its use of OpenMQ.

From the WonderBlog an announcement of the Release of Wonderland 0.4.

Joerg has two new multi-part series on Solaris, one covers CacheFS, the other the JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit.

... Free OpenSSO Training, Roller and SocialSite, Mural and MySQL, Caller Roles, and Dreaming of Gadgets,

A compilation of today's (yesterday's!) news of interest:

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From the OpenSSO team, there is now a free (just need an MySun Account) Self-Paced Downloadable Lab for learning how to use OpenSSO. The course is based on OpenSSO Express Build 5. This course uses OpenSSO Build 4.5, which provides identical functionality to OpenSSO Express Build 5 which supports Apache Tomcat, Sun WebServer and GlassFish v2. Check out SuperPat, Rajeev, or go direct to the source, David.

From Dave, presentations at OpenSource Days 2008 on Apache Roller and SocialSite. Plus Dave's Commentary on a note by Matt Asay on SocialSite.

From Kevin a report on Mural (the Master Data Management project at GlassFish) on its Support for MySQL.

From Ron our security master, an entry showing how to Use JACC to Determine Caller Roles, with detailed code snippets.

Finally, not our usual topic but the Engadget piece on the Google Phone got me in Gadgets mode: NYT report on Dream, Treo Pro, BlackBerry Black, HTC Touch and Xperia X1, WiFi PAN vs Bluetooth and Lenovo IdeaPad u8. I don't know how people can track all these! but then, I am not their target audience... check out my Cell Phone :-)

Sunday Aug 17, 2008

... SVNSearch on GlassFish, NetBeans as a PHP IDE, Facelets now ASL 2.0

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Eirik provides an Overview and Introduction of SVNSearch.ORG, a browsing/searching tool. He has loaded a number of projects into his repository and shows how to Browse through GlassFish. Other options are Ohloh.Net, Atlassian FishEye and MarkMail. One of the unexpected benefits of GlassFish going Open Source is the ability to use tools that operate on Public code to speed up our developement. The list of tools is unending, starting with Internet search!

Lloyd has written an article at DZone on NetBeans 6.5 as a PHP IDE and Petr shows one of the advantages of this by writting A WordPress Plugin. I think PHP support will expand substantially the adoption of NetBeans; there are a lot of NetBeans users out there.

Matthias mentioned (a month ago, but I just noticed) that Facelets is now under ASL 2.0. Ryan said it was in part to simplify its Adoption into JSF 2.0.

Saturday Aug 16, 2008

... NetBeans Ruby, JSF 2.0 Events, CallFlow in Sailfin, Phobos and jMaki, JavaFX Ask-the-Experts, xVM Server Demo ... and Solar Farms

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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The Tutorial Divas have been updating their Ruby tutorials to the forthcoming NetBeans 6.5 release that includes GlassFish v3 Prelude. They have comments on the key tutorials: Setup, Getting Started and Ruby Weblog in 10 Minutes. Check their Getting Started with NetBeans Ruby 6.5.

Ryan continues his series on JSF 2.0 new features with a Practical Example of the JSF 2.0 Event System. Ryan's previous 7 entries cover all the main features in JSF 2.0 (including the Event system) and are collected in This TA Spotlight.

Back in March, Yamini wrote an entry on how to use the CallFlow Monitoring in SailFin and now has a followup with an FAQ on CallFlow. Expect more coverage on SailFin as the product moves towards its final release at the end of the year.

From Roberto, a new Enterprise Tech Tip on Building An Ajax-Enabled Web Application Using Phobos and jMaki.

From the JavaFX team, an invitation to participate next week in an Ask-the-Experts session. This is a Q&A format via email, with replies summarized and available for later use. Check Rita's Note, or go directly to the Ask the Experts website.

From Steve a screencast of a Live xVM Server Demo.

And, for something different, from The New York Times, a report on two very large Solar Farms in California. One step at a time...

Thursday Aug 14, 2008

... US Ruling on OpenSource Licenses, Wotif and OpenMQ, Rails Conf, SocialSite and OpenSocial, LWUIT

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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TheRegister reports on a ruling by the US Federal Court of Appeals asserting the Validity of Open Source Licenses. As usual, IANAL, but this surely looks like good news for OpenSource companies (like Sun).

Wotif.COM is now a formal reference for Sun's distributions of GlassFIsh Server and OpenMQ.

Arun will be Presenting at Rails Europe, Sept 2-4 in Berlin.

Ana describes how to migrate SocialSite widgets from OpenSocial 0.7 to 0.8. And Patrick has Nice Words about SocialSite.

LWUIT was released, with posts at OnTheRecord, Shai and Terrence.

Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

... OpenJDK Porting Projects; VEGA using Wonderland; JavaFX Reviews;

A compilation of today's news of interest to our readers:

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From the OpenJDK Porting List, two new approved projects: BSD Port and Zero-Assembler project which dispenses with the need of an assembler to improve portability.

Two initial evaluations of the JavaFX SDK Preview. From the InfoWorld Test Center: Via Chhandomay and Java Developers Journal, via JavaFX Blog. Both are positive reviews; let's hope the momentum continues and grows.

From Wonderblog, reports of VEGA using Wonderland in a Virtual Academy. As a recap, wonderland (part of Looking Glass) is a toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds; the standard server-side for it is the wonderland server, which is based on DarkStar, although other back-ends are possible (like the GlassFish-based Underworld project).

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

... IDEA 8.0; First OpenSSO Express; SilverLight and Metro; xVM Server demo; OEM of VirtualBox

A compilation of today's interesting news:

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From JetBrains team - the release of the first Milestone of IntelliJ IDEA 8.0; including GlassFish Server support (of course); it claims to be a substantial revamp from 7.0.

Arun shows how to Access Metro from MS Silverlight. I'll come clean - I am using Silverlight to watch the Badminton Games from the Beijing Olympics.

OpenSSO is now available in the First Express Build - b5.

Sun's Press Release on OEM Deals around VirtualBox; OEM is one more way to monetize Open Source investment - we are seeing similar opportunities around our middleware OSS offerings.

Barton reports from DebCon in Mar del Plata; it looks like there is a good chance of OpenJDK being included in Lenny; keep fingers crossed.

Steve (Wilson) demoes xVM Server to redmonk's Cote.

Monday Aug 11, 2008

... Managing GFv2, SMF in OpenSolaris, $30M in 30 Days, MySQL and GF, Kindle and Java

A concise compilation of today's news of interest to TheAquarium readers:

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Nazrul provides Links on GFv2 Monitoring, including GF-bundled tools, other Sun and 3rd party tools, documentation and web sites.

Arun documents how to start the MySQL and GlassFish Bundle, with detailed steps and screenshots.

Dave, writing in the SocialSite Blog, provides an Overview of the Apache Shindig REST API, which is used by the SocialSite implementation.

TheObservatory continues with their list of benefits of OpenSolaris; number 1 was ZFS; number 2 is SMF (Service Management Framework) - although, strictly speaking, SMF is also on plain good old Solaris.

The WSJ on Revenue from Apple's Online App Store: 30$M in the first month; the benefits of controlling the distribution channel to a large installed base.

And, showing again the value of content and connectivity CNet reports that Kindle sales are projected at $1 billion by 2010 (recall that that Kindle uses Java in its implementation)

Thursday May 29, 2008

JRuby 1.1.2 released - Improved Performance, Reduced Startup Time and Other Features

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JRuby 1.1.2 is released.

They key features are reduced startup time, improved performance and 95 issues fixed since the previous release. Read how to Get Started with GlassFish Gem and deploy popular Rails applications using JRuby 1.1.2 and Gem.

Wednesday May 21, 2008

Microsoft Office to support ODF!

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Microsoft Office will support ODF, MS to join OASIS TC! Check out:

MS Press Release
SD Times
ConsortiumInfo Analysis

Thursday Jan 17, 2008

NOTD: Tango Overview Article Translated in Chinese

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Overview article about Project Tango (now part of Metro) is now available in Chinese as well. Read it at Sun Developer Network China.

Thursday Jan 10, 2008

NOTD - Comet and Grizzly slides posted

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Jean-Fran├žois "Grizzly" Arcand has posted two slide decks he used last month during his European tour :

• Grizzly (covers basics, use in GlassFish V3, and the recent 1.7 release)
• Comet, aka Ajax Push (if you ask Jean-Fran├žois, it's the best thing since slided bread, and who knows, he may be right :)

Wednesday Jan 09, 2008

NOTD: Forwarding requests from mod_proxy to GlassFish

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Do you need to front-end your GlassFish with Apache ? You can use mod_proxy as described here.

Thanks to Manor for the tip!

You can, of course, use Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 U1 with the built-in reverse-proxy.

Tuesday Jan 08, 2008

NOTD - Sample application updated to Spring 2.5

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Carol McDonald has updated her sample application to the latest versions of GlassFish (v2ur1), Spring (v2.5), and NetBeans (6.0) :

Sample Application using JSF, Spring 2.5, and Java Persistence APIs

Friday Oct 12, 2007

Oracle Announces Intent to Acquire BEA

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Breaking News:

Oracle Announces Intent to Acquire BEA.
  Good news for GlassFish... Also see Discussion at TSS.