Tuesday May 31, 2011

Updated Maven infrastructure @ maven.java.net

Sonatype's Nexus Maven Repository Manager is now running at java.net. This will offer the numerous java.net Maven users the typical repository manager benefits but maybe most importantly an overall cleanup.


Over on the java.net editor's blog, Kevin has more details on what this means for users and contributors to java.net-hosted projects while this document lays out the role of the various repositories, the relationship to Maven central as well as more general prerequisites and requirements for publishing artifacts.

GlassFish artifacts have started being deployed to this new Maven repo (maven.java.net) and we expect little to no impact for GlassFish users. The final (stable) bits for Embedded GlassFish should be deployed to Maven central. If you're new to Maven, you may want to check out the replay of our recent Maven webinar.

The Nexus version deployed is the latest available ( and most of the work was actually carried out by Sonatype.