Sunday Jul 26, 2009

What comes after NetCAT? NetFIX and NetDEV!


The NetBeans Community Acceptance Team (NetCAT) was created to facilitate wide community participation in validating the quality of the NetBeans distributions. The same principles are now being applied to two new areas: Bug Fixing and New Development

The new programs are NetFIX (mailing list) and NetDEV (mailing list). In both cases the principle is to encourage participation through a support group and some direct help from more experienced developers.

NetCAT has been very successful and we applied it to GlassFish via FishCAT (Wiki, entries@TA) In the past we had explored ideas like "adopt-a-bug" and "starter bugs" for GlassFish; perhaps the NetFIX and NetDEV ideas would be applicable too.

Check the project websites and also see Toni's post for more details.