Thursday Jan 05, 2012

NetBeans 7.1 is here!

The GA version of NetBeans 7.1 is now available and it's a great way to start the year!

You'll find previous coverage of this product here.


Other than Java FX 2.0 support (the main theme for this release), this version overall adds a lot of Java EE polish (mainly in the area of CDI), and remains a top-notch Maven IDE capable of scaling to very large projects.

Of course the out-of-the-box experience is another strong reason to consider upgrading to this 7.1 release which ships with GlassFish 3.1.1 ("Java", and "All" distros). The Java EE content in the What's new in NetBeans 7.1 video starts at 8:00. Next stop: NetBeans 7.1.1.

Monday Nov 28, 2011

NetBeans 7.1 Release Candidate (RC) 1 is here

NetBeans 7.1 RC 1 is here. Grab it from the usual place!

As previously discussed, NetBeans 7.1 has full JavaFX 2.0 support but also a lot in store for Java EE and Web developers (CDI in particular is very neat).


One of my personal favorite feature is that Deploy on Save is now set by default on Maven projects. Maybe one important part that didn't get proper coverage so far is CSS 3 support, an important feature which can be used from both Java EE and PHP but also from JavaFX.

Java Downloads of NetBeans 7.1 start at 69 MB and a 166 MB download will get you everything you need to start coding right away with Java EE - a great tool and a fully integrated runtime (GlassFish 3.1.1).

You really need to be not using Maven, not be interested in recent standards (Java EE 6, Java SE 7, Java FX 2.0, ...) and like to hand-craft assemble your IDE to afford ignoring NetBeans nowadays.

Monday Oct 03, 2011

NetBeans 7.1 beta - 50+ CDI enhancements in Java editor

NetBeans 7.1 beta is here and while Java FX 2.0 (which just shipped here at JavaOne 2011) is the main theme for this release, there are also a number of improvement for Java EE and GlassFish developers.


In addition to Vince Kraemer's Cluster and Instance Deployment description, this "New and Noteworthy" page lists of the new Java EE-related features, including no less than 50+ CDI enhancements in the java editor including some very neat hints for decorators and interceptor bindings but also great JPA improvement with (for instance) code completion for table names, column names and persistence unit names.

Check it out and remember to file issues as you find them!