Sunday Sep 07, 2008

Announcing the Open SQL Camp in November


All open databases are equal in front of the developers community. This is the message launched by Baron Schwartz in his announcement of the first Open SQL Camp.

After the last MySQL Users Conference, there were some talks of alternative conferences organized by the users for users. This is the first such event. It will be held in Charlottesville, VA, USA, November 14-16, 2008.

Users, in the context of databases, especially open ones, means developers. Do you feel like hacking some database project? If your database of choice is open (MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaDB, SQLite, Firebird), you may give the OpenSQLCamp a try!

Wednesday Sep 03, 2008

Innovation Everywhere - MySQL Users Conference and Expo 2009

Sakila Speaker

The MySQL Users Conference and Expo 2009 has open its Call for Papers. The past edition had close to 2,000 participants, and the next one shouldn't be any poorer.

The theme for the next conference is Innovation Everywhere. After being a earthquake in the business world with the acquisition by Sun, MySQL continues its course towards innovation, by pursuing new users, new markets, new needs with continuous innovation.

A novelty, compared to past edition, is an embedded MySQLCamp within the conference. It will be an open space, driven and organized by the community, oriented to developers and advanced users.

Monday Sep 01, 2008

REST and Comet... on GlassFish Server


Carol had previously (in July) posted an example of a SlideShow Using Comet; now she and Rick have a refined and expanded version where they provide more details, including screenshots, and also have modified the implemetantation so they NetBeans for development, MySQL and JPA for data presistence, Grizzly for Comet support, Jersey (JAX-RS) for the REST end-points, and GlassFish Server for the App.

Looks very useful; check it out at RESTful Web Services and Comet. More information also at Comet, Jersey and Grizzly.

I'm biased, but I think it is really cool that examples like this can be ran in a totally open source stack, and you can also buy commercial support for it. We surely Are Not in Kansas Anymore!

Added - I am republishing this today since yesterday I had posted it into the past by mistake.

Thursday Aug 28, 2008

Project WebSynergy SB2 is out! SB3 Cooking..

WebSynergy Desktop

Project WebSynergy Stable Build 2 [download] is now available! This build represents a significant milestone for the team and establishes a lot of the groundwork for the future features. In addition, summer vacations and name searches have delayed us somewhat, but we are very close to getting the external community site established (see my detailed blog post for details).

Future features include exposing more Presence features, authorization and identity-based content delivery via OpenSSO integration, expanded CMS features, and IPS/Update Center support ( making a v3 module). Development tools for WebSynergy are also rapidly evolving to track the latest features in WebSynergy: Portal Pack Milestone 1 for NetBeans 6.5 is now out.

The project is shaping up to really be a revolution in Sun portal. Nice work!

Thursday Aug 21, 2008

OStatic Offer: Free 12 Months of GlassFish and MySQL Hosting


OStatic (part of the GigaOM Network) is a social network to find, evaluate and collaborate on Open Source Software, and they have a Promo Offer for 12 free months of hosting of GlassFish Server and MySQL Server.

Also see other GlassFIsh Hosting TA entries.

Monday Aug 11, 2008

... Managing GFv2, SMF in OpenSolaris, $30M in 30 Days, MySQL and GF, Kindle and Java

A concise compilation of today's news of interest to TheAquarium readers:

Radio Receiver Icon

Nazrul provides Links on GFv2 Monitoring, including GF-bundled tools, other Sun and 3rd party tools, documentation and web sites.

Arun documents how to start the MySQL and GlassFish Bundle, with detailed steps and screenshots.

Dave, writing in the SocialSite Blog, provides an Overview of the Apache Shindig REST API, which is used by the SocialSite implementation.

TheObservatory continues with their list of benefits of OpenSolaris; number 1 was ZFS; number 2 is SMF (Service Management Framework) - although, strictly speaking, SMF is also on plain good old Solaris.

The WSJ on Revenue from Apple's Online App Store: 30$M in the first month; the benefits of controlling the distribution channel to a large installed base.

And, showing again the value of content and connectivity CNet reports that Kindle sales are projected at $1 billion by 2010 (recall that that Kindle uses Java in its implementation)

Sunday Aug 10, 2008

MySQL Community server released with security fix

MySQL Community Logo

After a longer than expected hiatus, MySQL Community Server is back with release 5.0.67.

There have been complaints about this delay, but the claim that the community edition was dead has proven to be groundless.

Being a maintenance release, this edition has no new features. There is an important security fix, though, and anyone using MySQL 5.0.x should read the release notes and act accordingly.

Monday Jul 28, 2008

Drizzle Steals MySQL thunder


The buzzword on MySQL blogs is drizzle, a lightweight fork of the MySQL database, initiated by Brian Aker and quickly joined by a dozen developers.

The project has stirred the interest of the community, it has the blessing of Sun R&D and paves the way for a different and more dynamic model of participation. While everyone was waiting for the announcement of MySQL 5.1 release, Brian got a fair share of the crowd's attention at OSCON, by announcing the birth of this new project.

The reactions so far are quite positive. Drizzle met the enthusiasm of the OSCON crowd and it has even created a fairy tale. What more should you ask for?

Sunday Jul 20, 2008

Rails/Ruby News - Resources, Tutorials, Adoption Stories

Trying to catch up a bit on Ruby/Rails/JRuby related news...


Two new NetBeans 6.1 Ruby tutorials: Getting Started With Ruby and Rails and Using Java Libraries in Rails Applications. The last topic is one of the big benefits of JRuby, one example is this report of Calling into Sun's SSO and another is this Tutorial showing Invoking Java 2D Graphics.

A recent adoption story is CSI's use of JRuby in a project on Infectious disease reporting and management. Slightly older is Nick's This Blog now Powered by GlassFish and JRuby.

Overall, very nice progress on the JRuby/Rails front. I believe the last set of formal releases were: Release of GlassFish Gem 0.3.0/0.3.1 (announcement and update), and JRuby Module in the Update Centers with JRuby 1.1.1. The interest continues to grow and it is moving closer to actual deployments; perhaps time to start a commercial support offering?

PS. Arun has a whole collection of applicable entries tagged JRuby.

Saturday Jul 19, 2008

Blueprints Wiki - Best Practices on ZFS, MySQL, Hadoop, and much more

I just bumped into the Sun BluePrints Wiki and I think it is worth a visit. It is a companion to the BluePrints Blog and part of the move towards Self-Published Content at Sun, which increases agility and responsiveness to user's needs.

The Recent Content page lists chronologically the latest changes. The more recent entries are created in Wiki format, while the earlier ones are PDF attachments.

Some of the documents that caught my attention include:


Hadoop Primer
Optimizing MySQL Server on x64 Servers and Storage
Configure J4000 and ZFS in 10 Minutes
Modularity in Data Center Design
Using SSD instead of HDD
• V12N Entries: Solaris HW, LDOMs & CMT, LDOMs & IO, xVM Hypervisor.

Tuesday Jul 15, 2008

Up-Stack from GlassFish - Mobile Enterprise Platform 1.0 Released


Sun has announced the Sun Java System Mobile Enteprise Platform, Release 1.0. This product is based on GlassFish Enterprise Server and MySQL Enterprise Server (it also supports Oracle DB) and provides the two-way data synchronization needs of enterprise applications.

Check out: Santiago's Overview of Deployment Architecture and Ryan's of Mobile Client SDK, Vella's Introduction, the OnTheRecord Announcement and the Product Home Page and Specifications.

The software is freely available, so Take it for a spin.

Monday Jul 14, 2008

A community for life

Andrii with his son Ivan

The MySQL community is united for a noble purpose. Leaving aside their usual differences about release cycles and openness philosophy, the community is united in helping the son of Andrii Nikitin, a MySQL Support engineer, to overcome the difficult challenge of financing a life saver bone marrow transplant.

The MySQL project has made its e-commerce site available to help raising the funds as quickly as possible. A very young life is in danger, and many people from inside and outside the company have donated for Ivan.

This is not the first case of open source and life saving tied together. For example, Matthew Swift, one of the lead developers of the OpenDS project, has combined a sport challenge with help for research on Leukodystrophy. Check out his Tri4Joe blog.

Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

New Sample App: Groovy, Grails, GlassFish and MySQL


This is not just YAPS (Yet Another Pet Store); this one is Groovy! :-) Carol has written a sample of the now famous Pet Store (check out the Wikipedia Entry) but this time it uses Groovy, Grails, MySQL Server and the GlassFish Server.

Carol's writeup has full details. Other TA entries on the topic are tagged Groovy or Grails, including the announcement about Grails in the UpdateCenter.

Monday Jun 30, 2008

Kaj's first six months

Sakila Writer

Kaj Arnö, MySQL ambassador to Sun, has written a digest of his blogging production this year. It's an intriguing reading, because Kaj has been more on the road than at home this year, mostly performing the duties of communicator, explaining to Sun people what really is this MySQL that had just been acquired, and sharing his findings with fellow (ex) MySQL employees.

Kaj's blogging sometimes has the role of breaking the news to the community. For example, he was the one who first wrote about the Sun acquisition of MySQL (published his post at 8:02 EST, barely one minute after Marten's jaw dropping announcement from the podium.)

Friday Jun 27, 2008

GlassFish and MySQL Unlimited


Sun has announced an "Unlimited" Offer for GlassFish Enterprise and MySQL Enterprise. The GlassFish Unlimited offer (description) comes in Standard (with 5x12 support) and Premium (7x24) variants; the MySQL Unlimited (decription) only comes in Gold color :-).

Notes: (1) companies of any size can apply, prices are tiered; (2) products can be bought separate or together. Also see Mark's podcast and the Cost-of-Ownership numbers from John and Mark.

News Roundup:

&bull Sun Press Release and OnTheRecord
Yahoo, PR Inside, IW, PCWorld, EMediaWire, LinuxWorld
Noticias (spanish)
By grabthar's hammer, what a savings!