Tuesday Jul 21, 2009

MySQL Server binaries: one source to rule them all

MySQL Server

If you missed Kaj's announcement in the splashing news commotion at the latest MySQL Conference, then you may be interested to get this information again.

There was a piece of news that should be extremely important for all the users. MySQL server binaries used to be split between Enterprise and Community, and they were released with separate schedules. Not anymore. Starting from April 2009, the MySQL Community and Enterprise editions are built from the same code, and they are released with the same frequency.

There were rumors about the two editions being treated differently. Since we are talking about it, let me assure you that this is not the case. Both editions go through the same tests, and even more so now, since they come from the same tree. Until version 5.0.81, there was a separate tree for Community (with extra features), but now there is only one.

For every bug fix release, both editions are released on the same day.

Another difference that has disappeared is the version number. Previously, even numbers were for Enterprise, odd ones for Community. Now, every version number identifies both the Community and Enterprise edition.

Enjoy the best bits from MySQL. download at will!

Monday Jul 13, 2009

MySQL Librarian - Time to Borrow Another Good Idea?


Wikis and Blogs have been critical to the success of GlassFish. I'm always interested in other tools that leverage self-publishing and social networks and our MySQL relatives just announced the MySQL Librarian, a tool very similar to Slynkr but with additional refinements... and strongly tied to the MySQL community - a tie that I think that is what is missing in SDN Share.

Check it out in Giuseppe's Intro, the Technical Article, or just go play with the Actual Website.

What do you think? We had been playing with using conventions and templates on Wikis to do things like this for the GlassFish Community but we may want to just clone the librarian - after waiting a bit to see how it plays for MySQL.

Monday Jul 06, 2009

Adempiere on MySQL - and MEP on SQL Server


Two more RDBMS/GlassFish/Software combinations to add...

ADempiere is traditionally backed by PostgreSQL (Compiere usually goes with Oracle Server or EnterpriseDB). Using MySQL has been discussed on and off for a while, and Praneet reports on more progress on this direction on ADempiere on MySQL (on GlassFish Server).

And, on the MEP front, report on using SQL Server with MEP (... on GlassFish Server).

Tuesday Jun 23, 2009

Last 3 Days of Free JavaFX, MySQL and GlassFish Training Class - Atlanta, Raleigh, Cleveland


I just found out but Sang has been teaching a series of 1-day free training sessions on JavaFX, MySQL and GlassFish. The full list is at his JavaPassion Site but by now there are only 3 days left, so check it out and signup if you are interested and available.

June 24th, Atlanta, GA
June 25th, Raleigh, NC
June 26th, Cleveland, OH

Sunday Jun 14, 2009

New MySQL Release Model

Release models make a huge difference in the properties of the software delivered. I believe there is no single "ideal" model; what to choose depends on the code base, the group/community creating the code, the users/customers, the technology available (languages, CI tools, others)... What works for Hudson does not work for GlassFish nor for Solaris.


MySQL is changing its release model to improve agility, quality, predictability and facilitate contributions. Giuseppe just posted an Overview; in a nutshell, the trunk tree is always in beta quality, new features are first developed in stage branches, then integrated into the trunk, which is then brought to RC quality and another cycle starts (see Diagram).

Full details at the MySQL Forge and in Tomas's Presentation at MySQL University (slides; recording is NYA).

The basic model seems feasible; now we need a few release cycles to adjust the model and we will see how it works in real-life. As Don Quijote said... the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Sunday Apr 26, 2009

More GlassFish Books - MySQL, GlassFish and Java EE 6

I recently noticed several new books based on GlassFish Server, like Yuli's book on Java EE and DBs, Using MySQL and GlassFish and Antonio's book on Java EE 6 with GF v3. Looking a bit more I also found that David also has a new book on NetBeans 6 and Java EE 5 (w/ GF) and Adam has one on the Netbeans 6 RCP that also uses GlassFish in many places.

Below is a quick table of the books I know (in random order); please (continue to) send me omissions and I will update it.

Added - Masoud's GlassFish in Action is in Early Access Edition.

Friday Apr 24, 2009

GF + MySQL + Nehalem = 2925.18 JOPS


We have published a new SPECjAppServer 2004 result: 2925.18 JOPS@Standard. Total list price for the configuration, software and hardware together, is $78,834.00, yielding $26.95 per $/JOPS (or, if you are brave enough to go without support, $13.29).

The setup includes GlassFish v2.1 and MySQL 5.1.30 and Sun Fire X2270 and Sun Fire X4170 (both Nehalem-based). Full details in the entries by Madhu, Tom, Kevin and Jennifer.

This is an outstanding result. As Tom describes it:

To give some idea of the actual performance , this configuration of 2 x 8 Core servers and open source , supports a virtual concurrent user load of more than 22,750 web application virtual users and uses > 800 connections to the MySQL 5.1.30 via the Glassfish connection pools!

And this is without the substantial additional improvements from MySQL 5.4, which was not yet available! Stay tuned for further improvements.

The required Disclosure Statement:
SPEC and SPECjAppServer are registered trademarks of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Results from www.spec.org as of 04/20/2009.
Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1 on Sun Fire X2270 with MySQL 5.1 on OpenSolaris 2008.11. Application Server: 1 x X2270 8 x cores (2 Chips) and Database Server: 1 x X4170 8 x Cores (2 Chips) 2925.18 SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS@Standard

Saturday Apr 18, 2009

GlassFish and More at MySQL Users Conference


Mon-Thu I'll be attending the MySQL User's Conference here in Santa Clara. The tone of the conference is noticeably different to that of its (even larger) sibling JavaOne in San Francisco, and the topics are very grounded in the practical needs of the Users of the technology. There are many very interesting talks, below is a small selection extracted from my Personal Schedule.

Starting with those related to topics we normally cover here: Several BOFs: OpenSSO, OpenDS and LDAP, JavaFX Clients, OpenSolaris and Web Stack. Several Technical Sessions: MySQL and ZFS, Twitter and NetBeans and GlassFish and MySQL (that's Arun).

The rest of this list is not comprehensive but, here it is...

Keynotes: State of the Dolphin, Google, KickFire, Cloud, Andi, SmugMug, Infobrite and JasperSoft, Obama.
Fun Events Quizz Show.
Tutorials: Scale out, MapReduce, Partitioning, Memcached
DTrace: Intro, MySQL and Dtrace, Another DTrace
Cloud: MySQL and EC2, Hadoop and MySQL, Cloud Backup for MySQL, MySQL Clusters in the Cloud, MapReduce
Drizzle: Rethinking MySQL, Memory, libdrizzle, Drizzle BOF, Clusters
Memcached: Beginners, Distributed and InnoDB, And Flash!, Libraries, Advanced Use
Engines: InnoDB, Falcon, Maria, PBXT.
General: Performance and Scalability, the Future, Code Contributions (Masood's), Craig's List, Sandbox, Death.

... and I reserve the right to add and/or remove entries from my schedule at any time :-)

Monday Apr 13, 2009

MySQL Campus Tour in California!

MySQL Campus Tour

The MySQL Campus Tour has come to California.

The long trip that Dups started in March from Montreal is near the end. He is getting reinforcements. Five MySQL community enthusiasts are now about to tour the campuses in North and South California, giving free lectures on MySQL.

The full schedule is available in the MySQL Forge wiki. Participation is free, and it's an unique chance to get in touch with the MySQL experts and ask the tough questions.

Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

EclipseLink Pagination with MySQL and GlassFish... and See You at MySQL UC!


The MySQL Users Conference is April 20-23rd in Santa Clara, CA and we are all getting ready for it. Dups has one of the longest preps - he is traveling (by train and bus) from Montreal in his North American Tour visiting Universities around the way.

Arun only needs to drive across town to present about GlassFish and MySQL, and he has been building up the demo material for his session - see his note on how to use EclipseLink on GlassFish to do pagination on MySQL - he will present at 3pm on Tue, Apr 21st.

On my side, I don't have any sessions but I'll be there to meet community, partners and customers, specially around GlassFish and Hudson.

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Using MySQL and GlassFish in Identity Manager


There is a new White Paper that shows how to Leverage MySQL and GlassFish in an Identity Manager deployment, building on the earlier announcement of IdManager 8 on MySQL.

This extensive (40pages) white paper provides an overview of the function of Sun Identity Manager, and explains how to install it with GF and MySQL. The combination of the three provides a very compelling value-proposition.

Saturday Feb 07, 2009

MySQL Gets Closer to GlassFish -- Mårten's Move

Just slightly over a year ago I posted Welcome Aboard, MySQL! from Orlando. Since then we have worked together in many things including GF Bundles, IdMgr, Telco, OSS Price/Performance, Pricing, even Legal. Possibly the biggest impact of the acquisision has been on the non-engineering side: the MySQL team brought an emphasis on volume and that is making a huge difference - I can point to some Isolated deals and to Sun's financials.


I've enjoyed the MySQL team throughout the year and now we will have even more opportunities to work together since the engineering team is going to report into Karen Padir, my manager.

As you would expect the news have been reported in the online press and blogosphere. If you are interested, I'd start with Kaj's post, and, if you are attending FOSDEM you may want to attend his Q&A Session. Other reports include ArsTechnica, SJMercury, CW, ITWorld, IW, ZDNet, Reuters, the451group, OWDeveloper and The Register; of these, the post I probably find most interesting is Matt Asay's.

Thursday Feb 05, 2009

Monty's Move


I saw the public announcement this morning but didn't have time until now: Monty is leaving Sun, this time for real, to go to his company: Monty Program Ab. Monty gives more details, and is no surprise that he will continue to work on Maria. Other reports are from Matt, eWeek and Brian.

My best wishes to Monty and looking forward to his commits into Maria!

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

MySQL and GlassFish Webinars - Sailfin, JRuby, High Availability, and more

In the last few months Sun has expanded significantly our online outreach efforts and we currently have (at least :-)) three Webinar series that cover the GlassFish products. Going through them:


The MySQL webinars are polished presentations that are broadcasted in high-quality and targeted at specific busines needs. Future presentations include Binod on MySQL and SailFin and Arun on JRuby, NetBeans and GlassFish. These presentations are also available for Replay.

A very similar series is the new Software Webinar series. Future events include OpenSSO and MDM; replays available include GlassFish HA and more.

Finally, we also have our weekly TheAquarium Online. These Community presentations, broadcasted using uStream.TV are more informal and technical.

Tuesday Jan 06, 2009

Identity Manager 8, now with MySQL Support


This piece of news came up just before holiday break but is still worth posting: the latest patch of Sun's Identity Manager ( now (again) supports MySQL Enterprise - see the notes from Mani and from Paul.

This combination provides another example of how to leverage the different software (and hardware) components into very compelling value-propositions to Sun's customers. In another related example, the Marines Corp is using the Identity Manager, Role Manager, OpenSSO and Directory Server to provide Access and Identity Management Solutions to more than 400K marines; the Goverment is particularly interested in using Open Source to reduce costs (and also to increase security!) BTW, I don't know if MySQL will be used in this particular solution - I'll see if I can find out and share.