Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

... JRuby Pools, Mural, JSF 2.0 EDR2, MacBooks, and Sun Hardware from Dunnington to Hadrons

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Jacob explains the (simple) configuration options for JRuby Pool.

Srenga does a Shallow Dive into Mural, the Open Source MDM engine in the GlassFish community.

The JSR314 EG has released the Expert Draft 2 for JSF 2.0 (Download). This version includes Section 13.3 on JavaScript API (thanks for the tip, Roger), as well as Section 3.6 on Composite UI Components (see the Enterprise Tips on this feature: Part I and Part II).

Our household owns several aging Apple laptops so I am keeping an eye on the MacBook Shipments rumor, although OpenSolaris continues to make progress and that may soon be a realistic option for us.

Intel has announced the new high-end Dunnington processors ( InternetNews), and Sun already has machines to accompany them (Marketwatch).

And in all the noise about the LHC I had missed that the CERN is Thumpers and StorageTek products to store the data - through the Customer Ready program.

Thursday Sep 04, 2008

Forrester and the Mural OpenSource MDM Community


We just launched Mural, our Open Source MDM (Master Data Management) project but Forrester's latest Wave Report already says: "Sun Microsystems debuted in the top slot among Strong Performers with solid data deduplication, architecture, and open-source options".

An MDM system allows a single, consolidated, presentation from multiple data sources. Mural brings the experience from JavaCAPS, and adds OpenSource and the benefits of bundling GlassFish Server and MySQL to the mix. I need to write some spotlights on Mural, stay tuned.

Sunday Aug 24, 2008

... Saving Money with JavaCAPS, From NB to GF, Mural Tutorial, EJB Performance

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Kevin and Mark - The recent Price Increate on Oracle Fusion has lead to a new conversion offer for Java CAPS (our SOA product built on GlassFish Server and OpenESB). Check Kevin's and OnTheRecord, these videos (beware! auto-run) and InfoWorld and TheRegister.

Alexis noticed a common thread in several comments in the USER alias for GlassFish Server and explains How Configuration on NetBeans may differ from that of your deployment GlassFish Server; and what to do about it.

Thanks to Swen-Helge for a pointer to this Mural/MDM tutorial.

From Adam a report on Informal Performance of Remote EJB. Adam has a number of entries at his blog arguing for EJB 3(.x) as lightweight component.

Friday Aug 08, 2008

SOA-related projects on java.net

SOA @ java.net

With the advent of the GlassFish-powered OpenESB product, there's been some very interesting activity around SOA on java.net so here's a recap of SOA-related projects on java.net :

OpenESB - the core project, implementing JBI, serving as the foundation to JavaCAPS and leveraging the GlassFish runtime.
Project Mural - Master Data Management community. Get your feet wet with this Hands-On-Lab.
Project Fuji - an experimental project building on GlassFish v3, OSGi, and JBI. Listen to Andi's presentation here.
JBI Components - a collection of JBI components, Binding Components and Business Engines.

And some sister projects :

KeyChain - ESB components for legacy application integration for SPML Provisioning gateway.
OpenMQ - the high-performance JMS implementation that is integrated in both GlassFish and OpenESB.
Metro Web Services - the one-stop-shop for Web Services from WS-I Basic Profile to advanced (secure, reliable, optimized, ...) SOAP web services.
NetBeans. SOA without tools?

Expect a roadmap and vision document in the near future for how these pieces all come together (for those that don't already, that is).

Monday Jul 21, 2008

Horizons (JavaCAPS, OpenESB, GlassFish, NetBeans) European Conference

Horizons logo

With the releases of OpenESB 2.0 and its commercial counter-part JavaCAPS release 6, there's a lot to cover in a user conference.

Horizons conferences have been going on for a little while for SeeBeyond and JavaCAPS users and they now cover topics such as GlassFish, OpenESB, NetBeans and Mural (Open Source Master Data Management).

The EMEA Horizons Conference should cover all of the above topics and be held in Munich, Germany from October 6th to 9th. The Summit (detailed technical sessions) will be held on the first two days while a third day will be dedicated to Hands-on Labs. More details here.

Monday Jun 16, 2008

Java CAPS 6 Released - Press Reactions


Java CAPS 6 was Announced Last Week. It includes the ESB Suite and the Master Data Management Suite (MDM). Several Sun folks have already commented about it, including: Prakash, Jorge, Alexis (very nice, but in french), and Kevin (with PR assessment).

The launch of Java CAPS 6 is important on its own and also because the ESB Suite includes the OpenESB engine and several of its components (including BPEL SE, HTTP BC, Java EE SE, IEP) - see New Beginnings and Differences. Although the release is not yet actually available outside of an EA program, you can find the Documentation online.

Reaction from the press has been positive, including:

Information Week
The Register
Redmond Mag
Application Development Trends

Several of the Java CAPS/OpenESB engineers keep regular blogs and we will start covering them here. MDM is based on Mural and deserves a separate entry/entries.

Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

GlassFish and Friends in Health Industry - Sun, Afga and ICW Launch Open eHealth

Open eHealth Logo

Afga, ICW and Sun have launched the Open eHealth initiative to leverage Open Source in the Health industry.

Open eHealth's goal is to create a community-driven software development platform to speed up the digitization of the healthcare industry, with emphasis on delivering interoperable, standards-based solutions.

The service components will extend existing open source projects such as OpenESB, Glassfish, OpenSSO and Mural. More details in the Press Release and at the Open eHealth WebSite.

The big shift in the IT industry created by Open Source is accelerating. I have a biased perspective, but I strongly believe that Sun's strengths, size, and position will allow it to capitalize on and speed up the transition to this brave new world. I've a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore....