Monday Sep 01, 2008

... Chrome Browser, Mozilla Ubiquity, JMX Events, WSRP and Liferay, xVM Server EA

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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The biggest (technical) news of the day is the Google announcement of a WebKit-based Chrome browser (Blog, Cartoon). I have mixed feelings about this; competition is usually good for users/consumers, but I like that FireFox is an independent party, generating things like Ubiquity and Smart Location-Bar...

From the OpenPortal folks, WSRP Consumer in Liferay (it was already in WebSynergy) and progress on the NetBeans 6.5 Portal Pack.

From Eamonn, a description of the JMX Event Service in JDK 7 Snapthots, including things like more flexible notifications and the ability to use additional transports. Eamonn and Shanliang are asking for feedback on the design.

And from Steve and update on the next phase in the xVM Server Early Access.

Monday Jul 23, 2007

End-to-End Tracing of Ajax Applications Using DTrace

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There are lots of options for tracing web applications. But suppose you need a holistic view, such as a combined trace of the server-side Java and client-side JavaScript in an Ajax app. You might expect your options to drop to zero. Well, they don't.

DTrace can handle it. The Mozilla DTrace Project provides DTrace probes for Firefox's JavaScript engine, and recent versions of the JVM have built-in probes. Amit's latest article shows how to put these together to trace an Ajax application. It produces a true end-to-end picture, with traces flowing across the client/server boundary.