Thursday Sep 17, 2009

Elvis... or Mort? Monitoring and Admin Commands in GlassFish v3


I've been enlightened. A while ago - I just checked, it was actually 2006! - I read Cay's Elvis Meets GlassFish and I thought it was a cute reference to The King. Then yesterday I noticed that Byron's Mort Learns Monitoring and Administration Commands and I thought it was about Terri Prachett's Mort...

Well, turns out I was wrong and they are about Mort, Elvis and Einstein, which are personas for developer classes that were used at Microsoft (we had our own back in DevPro); check out Wesner Moise's note, Nikhil Kothari's explanation and Jeff Atwood's update...

So, now that I've been educated, check Byron's posts for Mort, the opportunistic developer:

Mort Learns JDBC
Mort learns JDBC Realm Authentication,
Mort learns Monitoring and Administration Commands

PS. Does anybody know where "Mort" comes from? The other two are clear, even to a guy that was not born in the US :-)