Sunday Apr 12, 2009

REST, Twitter, BlackBerries and More - Catching Up with Mobility Platform 1.1

The GlassFish Mobility Platform 1.1 was announced ([1], [2]) at the same time as the GlassFish Portolio, although it is not formally part of the Portfolio. That week I hosted a couple of Webinars; you can check the archive pages for the Short and Long webinars.

The core of the functionality in GF MP 1.1 remains the SyncML engine and the adaptors but this release adds support for JAX-RS-based connectors (via Jersey) and JerseyMe, a JAX-RS client library for CLDC. Other additions include BlackBerry support and a new SalesForce sample that uses the JAX-RS connectors.

The team has been aggregating news on these features using the new Mobility Blog; doing a quick pass to catch up...


• Rebecca explains how to use the new JAX-RS Connector in a SalesForce example: [1], [2] and [3].
• Two short screencasts by Santiago showing how to Develop and Deploy JAX-RS Connectors.
• Hans explains how to Provision BlackBerry clients.
• A couple of screencasts by Ryan: SalesForce Example and Case Management System.
• Rajiv Konkimalla shows how to Synchronize Twitter Data.
• Joe Wang explains how to Develop a Client Application using LWUIT and a BlackBerry.

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Webinar on GlassFish Mobility Platform


In tomorrow's webinar (Thu) Hans will present on the GlassFish Mobility Platform. Launched at GSMA Mobile World Congress this week (Ryan intro, Vella's Announcement, TA entry), the GF Mobility Platform enables the development of mobile Apps using Java and OMA standards. We had a short presentation last week but tomorrow will be a longer presentation.

Full details at the Show Page. And, if you are close to Barcelona (lucky you!) check the booth details.

Tuesday Jul 15, 2008

Up-Stack from GlassFish - Mobile Enterprise Platform 1.0 Released


Sun has announced the Sun Java System Mobile Enteprise Platform, Release 1.0. This product is based on GlassFish Enterprise Server and MySQL Enterprise Server (it also supports Oracle DB) and provides the two-way data synchronization needs of enterprise applications.

Check out: Santiago's Overview of Deployment Architecture and Ryan's of Mobile Client SDK, Vella's Introduction, the OnTheRecord Announcement and the Product Home Page and Specifications.

The software is freely available, so Take it for a spin.

Wednesday Apr 26, 2006

SDN Channel - Mobile Edition

Racing a (Mobile) go kart

The latest SDN Channel is on Mobility covering the Wireless Toolkit, NetBeans 5.0 Mobility Pack, Java Platform Micro Edition, the Java Verified program and more.

Earlier issues focused on: CMT (Dec), AJAX (Jan), Open Communities (Feb), NetBeans (Mar)