Friday Feb 08, 2008

Grand Migrations of History - GlassFish's Turn?

Hawaiian Canoes

We are talking with more and more people who are planning migrating to GlassFish from other App Servers. To help them,Sekhar has sketched several migration examples covering Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere. The first includes a Hello World for Tomcat Migration.

Check out Sekhar's plan and give him feedback.

And, if you want ideas for GAP projects, what about a good migration set of pages for one of those "other" AppServers?

Monday Jan 21, 2008

Migrating Hello World Example from Tomcat To GlassFish

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Sekhar's Migrate2GlassFish project is beginning to make progress under Sekhar's direction. Check out his Introduction Note and his latest entry: Migrating From Tomcat to GlassFish.

We are interested in your feedback on what is useful to help you migrate to GlassFish.

Tuesday Jun 06, 2006

More Migration Resources for AppServer and WebServer

More Migration Resources, for the AppServer and the WebServer:

20 Mule Train in Death Valley

Prasad has a nice overview of the whole Upgrade Process and Motivation for Project GlassFish, which follows our spotlight last week on the Migration Tool and Site, and Mani complements that with Guidelines for Porting ISV Apps to the AppServer.

On a different direction, Rakesh shows how to Migrate from WebServer 6.1 to WebServer 7.0, and Marina talks about how to migrate from Tomcat to WebServer.