Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

Flex and GlassFish - Links Update

Adobe's client-side (RIA) technology, Flex, is officially matched on the Java server-side by their Adobe LiveCycle product, but it is possible to use different software on the server-side. Here are three options:


The first is an old report: Midnight Coders (now a GlassFish Partner) has official GlassFish Server support in their WebORB for java product, see TA entry.

A second possibility is GraniteDS, which currently has Experimental GF Support.

The third is Adobe's own open source offering: BlazeDS. Successful reports include Ries at BMK LLC, Igor Costa and Sean. Also see Ryan's comments in this TA post. The most complete series is by Anachronymous: Intro, Choosing GF (over JBoss), and then Part I and Part II.