Friday Aug 31, 2007

GlassFish v3 Mercurial Source Repository

Mercurial Logo

More research by Kohsuke on using Mercurial in GlassFish v3. Last week he reported on how to Move Changes across repositories; now he reports on a GFv3 temporary repository at hg.glassfish.dyndns.ORG.

Check Kohsuke's write-up; it includes instructions to create a clone of the GFv3 repository and build it using the GFv3 Instructions.

Paul Sterk is doing additional work on Hg and GF and we will keep you posted on progress. Earlier TA entries on Hg are available here.

Sunday Aug 12, 2007

Mercurial and Hudson

Mercurial Logo

Kohsuke reports on the first release of a Mercurial plugin for Hudson. Mercurial is already being used by OpenSolaris and OpenJDK. This was an area where we (at GlassFish) where happy to let others take the arrows, but the functionality is improving a lot and it will soon be time to start using it.

Read more about the plugin at Kohsuke's blog or just Download it. More Hudson articles here.

Monday Sep 18, 2006

Running Mercurial on GlassFish

Liquid-looking Hg

Here are instructions, from Martin, on how to Run Mercurial on GlassFish. For more information on Mercurial, check: Wiki home page, Features, Quick Start, and Map of CVS Concepts. Also see our earlier blog and Neuron's blog.

Friday Aug 25, 2006

First Look at Mercurial

Multiple Repositories in Mercurial

I found Neuron's latest blog on Mercurial interesting so I'll pass it on, with caveats. As you may have read, one of the key questions in the OpenSolaris community has been what Source Control System to use. There are Many Options to choose from, but the OpenSolaris team decided to Explore Two Options: Subversion for centralized cases, and Mercurial for distributed.

So, with the caveat that GlassFish has no current plans to use Mercurial (we have other fish to fry) and that I really don't know what other projects at Sun will do, check out Neuron's Overview of Mercurial.