Monday Jul 06, 2009

Adempiere on MySQL - and MEP on SQL Server


Two more RDBMS/GlassFish/Software combinations to add...

ADempiere is traditionally backed by PostgreSQL (Compiere usually goes with Oracle Server or EnterpriseDB). Using MySQL has been discussed on and off for a while, and Praneet reports on more progress on this direction on ADempiere on MySQL (on GlassFish Server).

And, on the MEP front, report on using SQL Server with MEP (... on GlassFish Server).

Friday Feb 13, 2009

GlassFish @ Mobile World Congress 2009, Barcelona

Sailfin logo

GlassFish Communication Server and GlassFish Mobility Platform will be hosting demos in Sun booth (Booth #2C12, Hall 2) at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

Meet us, if you are at Barcelona next week (16th-19th Feb).

The demos include Load Balancer Visualization for SailFin, SailFin Communicator application (with MySQL cluster career grade server as the back-end database) and Mobile Enterprise Platform with On-Device Portal. Sun has also invited Ericsson to demonstrate Ericsson's Intelligent Network technology, built on GlassFish.

Wednesday Oct 22, 2008

... Japan Developers Rock, MEP Connectors, Games with Comet, JSF Giant Post-Its, Mini Displays and HOTC

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Kohsuke returned from Japan where he had a good time and started building more relationships with developers, users and customers. He writes about a Visit to Apresso where he talked about Hudson and Sorcerer, another Sun campus at Youga on Metro and Jersey, and his Hudson Keynote at the JJUG conference. We have also tossed around the idea of him hosting an online webinar in Japanese similar to the one I hosted in Spanish last week.

Arun and Jim presented at AjaxWorld on how to Use Comet in a Two-Player Game built using the Grizzly Comet facilities. Check out the Presentation Description, the slides in PDF and the actual code. Arun even has a Rails/Grails Version.

More articles on MEP: Santiago describes the development cycle of a MEP connector, including source code generation from a template, compilation and deployment. Also check the MEP product page and the Administration Page.

Quite a bit of JSF activity as we get closer to JSF 2.0. Roger presented at AJAXworld on AJAX Frameworks and JSF, and Ed, shows how he handles the JSF 2.0 Endgame - I've done my share of specs, but I've never seen it done that way - look carefully at the pictures, those are not post-it notes :-)

I am not a heavy Toy guy, but this one I could use: a 7 inch display from Nanovision. I would use it as a dedicated screen for my RTM page, but I can also see it as a dedicated Skype or IM window.

Finally, on news from your Editor, I'm going to be traveling through the next week, so expect reduced posts, and special congratulations to the Williams College, Women's V2 boat.

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

... Secure Attachments, SunTech Days, MEP Connectors, Code for Freedom, JVM Language Summit

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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A new Enterprise Tip, this time from Ashutosh, showing how to Securing Attachments in Web Services messages using Metro, the WS framework used in GlassFish (and several other AppServers).

Arun writes from Brazil and reports on Sun TechDays, day 1. He presented on GlassFish server and his session was packed - check out his Slides; he also covered the awards to two of our GAP winners: Reginaldo (blog, submission), and Claudio (blog, submission).

Santiago has been documenting different features of the, GlassFish-Based Mobile Enterprise Platform and has another entry providing more information on Writing MEP Connectors. See MEP Announcement and the MEP-tagged entries.

India has a very strong Code For Freedom tradition, and Sun just announced is Support of the 2008 Edition. The Sun communities included are described here; the prizes are here

News from the OpenJDK community on what seems a very successful JVM Languages Summit. I've already asked John Rose if he would be willing to give us an overview at Online Webinar and we are looking for a slot in the schedule.

Sunday Aug 24, 2008

... Saving Money with JavaCAPS, From NB to GF, Mural Tutorial, EJB Performance

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Kevin and Mark - The recent Price Increate on Oracle Fusion has lead to a new conversion offer for Java CAPS (our SOA product built on GlassFish Server and OpenESB). Check Kevin's and OnTheRecord, these videos (beware! auto-run) and InfoWorld and TheRegister.

Alexis noticed a common thread in several comments in the USER alias for GlassFish Server and explains How Configuration on NetBeans may differ from that of your deployment GlassFish Server; and what to do about it.

Thanks to Swen-Helge for a pointer to this Mural/MDM tutorial.

From Adam a report on Informal Performance of Remote EJB. Adam has a number of entries at his blog arguing for EJB 3(.x) as lightweight component.

Saturday Aug 23, 2008

... Arun in Berlin, GlassFish MEP, WebLogic, JBoss 5,

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Arun will be in Berlin for the Rails Conf and is already planning other visits. So far he is already planning a visit to the Berling JUG and TU; contact him if your group (or company) is interested in chatting about GlassFish et al.

Ryan has been covering the client side of GlassFish MEP: first check out his Mobile Client SDK Overview, then a Closer look to the MCBI API and finally, the first part of Developing MEP Clients. The server side is covered by Santiago and Art, check out MEP. Also don't miss the JavaOne Slides on MEP.

Oracle has Announced WebLogic 10g R3 (InfoQ Announcement) their first release of since their acquisition of BEA. The release seems an evolution of their previous direction, with price hikes tossed in.

Sacha writes about their first JavaEE 5-based GA release, JBoss 5, due in "a couple of months". Since he compares it to GlassFish, I'll note that our third JavaEE 5-based major release, GFv3 Prelude, is due in mid-October, after GFv1 - May 06 - and GFv2 - Sept 07.

Also, I Will be away on a trip for the next 3 days, so don't expect any posts until Wednesday.

Thursday Aug 14, 2008

MEP - Writing an Enterprise Connector

The SJS Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP) (product site, TA anouncement) is the GlassFish-based platform that can be used to developing mobile enterprise applications. Writing a new application for MEP involves two parts: a client app to run on the device and a connector to access the data at the back-end.


Santiago has started a series describing the back-end connectors (more on the client side later) , starting with the Enterprise Connector Business Object (ECBO) API which provide a high-level abstraction of data to be sent as OMA DL (nee SyncML) to the client. Santiago's first entry Provides Background and Overview of ECBO while his second describes the BusinessObject Abstraction using the MusicAlbum example from the MEP download that synchronizes data against an RDBM (like MySQL).

The detailed official MEP Product Documentation covers Installation, Development, Deployment and Adminstration, as well as an Architectural overview; coverage at TheAquarium is tagged MEP.

Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

The GlassFish-Based MiddleWare Stack - So Far...

To celebrate the announcement of OpenSSO Express, here is an updated list of Sun products that build directly on GlassFish Server - let me know if I'm missing any.


Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server, (GlassFish For Business, HADB)
SJS Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP at TA)
SailFin (Sailfin at TA, PR)
Web Synergy
ESB Suite (Open ESB), Sun MDM Suite (Mural) and Java CAPS
Federated Access Manager (OpenSSO)

Sunday Jul 20, 2008

Configuring MEP Connectors for SAP Applications


More MEP Information; after Santiago's Deployment Overview, Art provides a description of how to Configure the Gateway for Access to SAP Applications.

Access to Enterprise Resource Planning is a typical use of MEP and SAP ERP is one of the leading vendors there. Art's post has detailed screenshots and instructions and will get you started quickly.

Tuesday Jul 15, 2008

Up-Stack from GlassFish - Mobile Enterprise Platform 1.0 Released


Sun has announced the Sun Java System Mobile Enteprise Platform, Release 1.0. This product is based on GlassFish Enterprise Server and MySQL Enterprise Server (it also supports Oracle DB) and provides the two-way data synchronization needs of enterprise applications.

Check out: Santiago's Overview of Deployment Architecture and Ryan's of Mobile Client SDK, Vella's Introduction, the OnTheRecord Announcement and the Product Home Page and Specifications.

The software is freely available, so Take it for a spin.