Sunday Mar 08, 2009

First GlassFish Bootcamp - Santa Clara... Where should we hold the others?


This week (the 10th) is our first public GlassFish Bootcamp, a full-day of "how-to" presentations around the GlassFish Server.

The bad news is that the event is sold out, but the good news is that we are considering hosting other camps, so please send us an email to (or use this link) with your contact into and geographic preference, and we will see what we can do.

More details at Arun's writeup, Sreeni and Anissa's note or at the EventBrite page.

Wednesday Aug 27, 2008


Wonderland spanpshot

Arguably, the best part of the recent OpenESB/JavaCAPS release is not just the bits but also the very capable field engineers that help out customers around the world. One of them, Jason, has an interesting experiment putting Project Wonderland to work to run a virtual distributed workshop.

Jason's post explains how this offers a sort of private second-life session with sharing of running applications (with participants being able to take control of them). There's even a short video to give you a feel for the end-user experience.

On a related note, the European JavaCAPS (Horizons) user conference in Munich has now a final date and a fairly stable agenda. Registrations are also open.

Update: Louis has his take on the Wonderland experiment.

Wednesday Dec 05, 2007

What's on your wishlist for GlassFish v3 docs?

Radio Receiver Icon

Later today (8:30 PM Pacific), the Sun documentation team for GlassFish is holding a GlassFish v3 Documentation Meeting. This is your opportunity to provide yet more feedback on what documentation should be going forward.

• Meeting details are here.

Saturday Oct 27, 2007

Brown bag meetings for GlassFish v3

Real brown bag

Similar to the User Experience Meetings conducted throughout the v2 development process, Anissa is scheduling a series of open-to-all brown bag series for GlassFish v3 builds. With the recent move to subversion (on our way to Mercurial), is it probably a good time for everyone still using CVS exclusively to get up to speed with the first meeting on October 30th 2007. Maven 2 is also a key component to GlassFish v3 and will be covered in the next meeting.

Details (hours, conference call numbers, slides) are available here. Times are pretty US and Europe-friendly. Calls should be available for replay for everyone else.

Note for the non-US audience that "Brown Bag" refers to people bringing their own lunch (in a brown bag). Hopefully this explanation is not too far off as I'm not American either... ;)