Thursday Sep 04, 2008

Forrester and the Mural OpenSource MDM Community


We just launched Mural, our Open Source MDM (Master Data Management) project but Forrester's latest Wave Report already says: "Sun Microsystems debuted in the top slot among Strong Performers with solid data deduplication, architecture, and open-source options".

An MDM system allows a single, consolidated, presentation from multiple data sources. Mural brings the experience from JavaCAPS, and adds OpenSource and the benefits of bundling GlassFish Server and MySQL to the mix. I need to write some spotlights on Mural, stay tuned.

Sunday Aug 24, 2008

... Saving Money with JavaCAPS, From NB to GF, Mural Tutorial, EJB Performance

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

From Kevin and Mark - The recent Price Increate on Oracle Fusion has lead to a new conversion offer for Java CAPS (our SOA product built on GlassFish Server and OpenESB). Check Kevin's and OnTheRecord, these videos (beware! auto-run) and InfoWorld and TheRegister.

Alexis noticed a common thread in several comments in the USER alias for GlassFish Server and explains How Configuration on NetBeans may differ from that of your deployment GlassFish Server; and what to do about it.

Thanks to Swen-Helge for a pointer to this Mural/MDM tutorial.

From Adam a report on Informal Performance of Remote EJB. Adam has a number of entries at his blog arguing for EJB 3(.x) as lightweight component.

Monday Jun 16, 2008

Java CAPS 6 Released - Press Reactions


Java CAPS 6 was Announced Last Week. It includes the ESB Suite and the Master Data Management Suite (MDM). Several Sun folks have already commented about it, including: Prakash, Jorge, Alexis (very nice, but in french), and Kevin (with PR assessment).

The launch of Java CAPS 6 is important on its own and also because the ESB Suite includes the OpenESB engine and several of its components (including BPEL SE, HTTP BC, Java EE SE, IEP) - see New Beginnings and Differences. Although the release is not yet actually available outside of an EA program, you can find the Documentation online.

Reaction from the press has been positive, including:

Information Week
The Register
Redmond Mag
Application Development Trends

Several of the Java CAPS/OpenESB engineers keep regular blogs and we will start covering them here. MDM is based on Mural and deserves a separate entry/entries.