Tuesday Mar 04, 2008

New GeoMap for GlassFish - February 08

GeoMap Snapshot

The Feb '08 data has been added into our GF Admin Console GeoMap:

• 303,673 - Pings in Feb '08
• 2,184,074 - Total cumulative pings (Since Feb '07)
• 36,394 - Unique IPs in Feb '08
• 287,098 - Total Unique IPs (Since Feb '07)

We also have the download numbers and they are our best so far; even better than Last Month. I'm composing a longer note with more details that I'll push in a few days; stay tuned.

Wednesday Feb 06, 2008

Latest GlassFish Geomap - Jan 08

Admin-Based GeoMap - Jan08

The latest GlassFish GeoMap based on Admin Console hits is out (Live Map). The graph at the top is the new hits for the month. There is a big jump that is partially due to increased adoption (see below) and partly due to new functionality in the admin console that generates more hits.

The graph at the bottom shows the new IP addresses; the growth is directly attributable to more active users but the absolute numbers are not too meaningful (except for being a strong lower bound). January 2008 is the best month so far, even though the first days in January are still holidays in many countries.

GlassFish v2 U1 has a new Update Center mechanism that gives us a better lower bound; unfortunately, we have not yet pushed the associated GeoMap outside the firewall and the internal server seems down. I'll consult the data and will update this entry tomorrow.

BTW, since several communities inside Sun are using this GeoMap software we are going to open source it so we can all more easily collaborate on it - and other groups can use it too. Stay tuned.

Friday Jan 04, 2008

Coupling jMaki and Jersey, Ajax and REST

Demo architecture

Arun is back from vacation with a screencast and detailed steps to build a map of the places he's been visiting in 2007.

It uses jMaki to encapsulate the Google Map widget and Jersey (JAX-RS' Reference implementation) as the main technologies but also JPA for the database access, NetBeans 6 for the tooling, and GlassFish of course for the overall runtime.

This is a nice end-to-end demo with Ajax, RESTful Web Services, and a relational back-end. Check it out.

Sunday Jul 16, 2006

Building a Google Map Mashup

Map with Location Icons

Alexis showed a nice Mashup at JavaDay in Versailles. Last week he described the AJAX-based demo; this week he explains how the implementation uses Java Persistence, NetBeans, and Java Studio Creator to query the, REST-based, GeoEncoding Web Service. Check Alexis' blogs (part I, part II) for details.

An alternative approach is to use a rich-desktop client; for example Aerith. This is a big topic but the main tradeoffs here are between richness / performance of the presentation, the practicalities of deployment (Java Web Start can help) and/or integration within a browser.