Sunday Oct 25, 2009

Apple at MacOS Forge: "The ZFS project has been discontinued"


Apple kills ZFS at MacOS Forge. The effort had shown signs of stress for a while, so the community reaction ([1], [2]) has been to quickly move to a new site; see Dustin's announcement and MacZFS @ Google Code.

See reactions on the web at Engadget, AppleInsider, Gizmodo and Macrumors.

The Goodbye message was very terse. Given Apple's usual behavior, I doubt we will get any more details than that. Overall reaction is quite muted - the reaction meter at MR was 85+, 400- but the Discussion Thread is quite mild (and technically uninformed).

Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

OpenSSO Mid-September Roundup

There's been so much happening in the OpenSSO community over the past week or two, I haven't kept up with covering it here at The Aquarium. Here's a quick roundup:

OpenSSO Logo

Sun Super-SE Shesh Kondi describes how to deploy OpenSSO and its Java EE agents onto Weblogic on Mac OS X. This isn't a supported combination, but it's really handy for demos and development.

At Sun Developer Network, the latest in the 'From the Trenches at Sun Identity' series, Sidharth Mishra talks to Marina Sum about Security for Web Services.

One I picked up on Google Alerts - Qingfeng Zhang has integrated OpenSSO with JA-SIG CAS, allowing users to login to CAS and access resources protected by OpenSSO.

If you haven't already given OpenSSO a whirl, go sign up to the project, download the bits and do it now - you may just win some goodies from the CafePress OpenSSO store.

Finally, a great example of an open source community in action - OpenSSO authentication providers for Spring and Seraph. These are integrations in the 'opposite direction' from the CAS one above, allowing users to login to OpenSSO and access resources protected by Spring Security and Atlassian Seraph (the latter used by Jira and Confluence).

To stay current on OpenSSO, subscribe to Planet OpenSSO (feed).

Saturday Jul 12, 2008

Running VisualVM on MacOS X


I wrote about VisualVM yesterday (entry) but I had missed Octavian's Introduction where he gives instructions on how to use VisualVM on MacOS X.

As a reminder, to run the VisualVM client you need a recent JVM, so you will need to use the latest JVM from Apple, but the app can run in a variety of JVMs, remote or local to VisualVM. VisualVM can even save the data into a snapshot and process it offline.

Check Octavian's Note for details.

Friday Nov 30, 2007

GlassFish on alternate Mac VM


SoyLatte, the OpenJDK (Java 6) port to Mac OS X seems to be an amazing technical job that is of interest for people looking for a Libre and/or Java 6 implementation on the Mac.

Roberto is reporting that GlassFish (not your typical HelloWorld application) runs just fine on SoyLatte on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). The GlassFish Update Center may require X11 just like NetBeans. Meanwhile Jerome reports on running IntelliJ on SoyLatte.

Saturday Nov 10, 2007

GlassFish on MacOS X - Using Launchd

Photo of Leopard Box

A tip from Mathew on How to Run GlassFish on MacOS X using Launchd. Launchd is similar to the SMF in Solaris; see these related posts [1], [2], [3], [4].

GlassFish is supported on the MacOS X platform via the Java EE SDK (and its companion Java Application Platform SDK) (Sun DEA Support) and the Java.Net Downloads (Community Support).

The Mac OS X builds are also available from Apple Downloads, from MacUpdate and elsewhere.

Thursday Jun 14, 2007

Confluence on GlassFish... on your Mac Mini

Back Angle on a Mac Mini

Here is a neat one: Paul has complete instructions for running Confluence on MacOS X. Paul sent me the pointer to a live instance but I'm worry about overloading his Mac Mini so here is a screenshot instead. Paul also has directions on installing Roller.

MacOS X seems a good match for consumer applications of GlassFish, now with GFv2 but even more with GFv3; get your MacOS X download from here (or here or here).

Sunday Mar 04, 2007

GlassFish on the Mac - Faster Startup (and Build Time)

MacBook Pro

Two more writeups from Lloyd around his experience with his MacBook Pro and Mac Pro.

Good news on Start-up time: two more seconds shaved. Now the main path is taking 6.3 secs on a Mac Pro 3GHz and 8.3 on a MacBook Pro 2.33GHz (your observed time will be higher, there are other elements in the startup time). The Build time has also improved; a maven build now takes 5' 33'' on the Mac Pro and 8' 26'' on the MacBook Pro.

Wednesday Nov 30, 2005

GlassFish on Mac OS X

Mac OS X box

I wrote a detailed blog on how to install, setup and run GlassFish on Mac OS X. The blog includes what versions of Mac OS X to use, how to get and set up J2SE 5.0, how to download GF and set it up, etc. Basic gotcha's are mentioned.