Monday Jun 28, 2010

More GlassFish 3.1 Progress - M2 and Brown Bags

Summer is here (and so is the World Cup), but the traffic on the GlassFish aliases is going up as we continue to move towards GlassFish 3.1.

Last week was Milestone 2 which included several demos: SSH-based cluster management, Deployment and WebSockets (scripts only so far, screencasts on the way).  See Carla's post on creating and starting instances on remote hosts and also Arun's detailed TOTDs based on M2: #141: Running on Ubuntu AMI on Amazon EC2  and #142: SSH Provisioning and Start/Stop Instance/Clusters.

Also, we have restarted the Brown Bags for the development team (we did a few back in 2007). Jerome gave the first one (on Config) 3 weeks ago, and tomorrow Tom, Bhakti and Byron will present on Cluster Infrastructure Dev Test development. The BBags are intended for the DEV team but are open to all; check Rajiv's announcement for details.