Tuesday Mar 11, 2008

Portlet 2.0 is now a Final Specification

Photo of Bridge over Yangtze

The Portlet 2.0 specification (aka. JSR 286) is now final (see vote). The Proposed Final Draft is now available and should be very close to the Final Final Spec.

Sun has support for it in the NetBeans Portal Pack (Blog Entry, Article, download), and will be in Portal Server 7.2, both based on the Open Source Portal-Container project. All these are supported on GlassFish.

And Liferay has also announced it will support Portlet 2.0 in Liferay 5.0 (Support Case)... and Liferay is also Supported on GlassFish :-)

Thursday Feb 14, 2008

Updates of Popular GF Bundles - Liferay 4.4.1 and v3 Ruby GEM


Updates to two popular GlassFish-based bundles. The GF v3 Gem now has a a Bug Fix Update (v0.1.1); Pramod also includes plans for v0.1.2. The second is Liferay 4.4.1, also mostly bug fixes.

I enjoy data mining, so I poked around a bit at the download stats. The GF-based Liferay bundles have been increasing, from 5.4% in 4.3.0 to 15.1% in 4.4.1. And, since JBoss Portal 2.6.4 released the exact same day as Liferay 4.4.1, a comparison between the two was easy: 3778 for Liferay and 1053 for JBoss Portal.

Thursday Feb 07, 2008

Experience with Liferay Portal?

EducaMadrid Logo

I started tracking Liferay Portal after they recently added a GlassFish bundle that has good download stats and TSS has a thread asking for Experience with Liferay.

I poked around a bit and here are some Liferay exammples: EducaMadrid (Description, Portal), GoodWill Industries (Description, Portal), Christian Science Monitor (Profile, Portal), Pantech (info, site) and AutoZone (info, site). Do you have experience to share using Liferay?

Sunday Feb 03, 2008

Week Highlights - CommunityOne, Awards, Jersey, Hudson, MySQL, Liferay...

News Summary - Jan 27th to Feb 3rd, 2008

SF Peninsula

• Community - Last Call for CommunityOne! and Awards Program
&bull Hudson - News Roundup
• Web Services - REST (Jersey and Spring) and JAX-WS Prezo
• Scripting - Vivek's New Job! and Mediacast site Now Built with JRuby
• Deployments - GlassFish in a Zone,
• MySQL - First release of Maria
• Sun - BlackBox is Shipping!
• Future of GlassFish - CheatSheet for v3, Starting with HK2 - Part I and Part II
• Portal - More Comments on LifeRay on GF

Friday Feb 01, 2008

More Comments on Liferay 4.4.0 on GlassFish - Good Download Numbers Too!

A follow up to Last Week's Post on Liferay 4.4 on GlassFish. Brian Chan - the Liferay architect - has some nice words about GlassFish (see blog) and the download numbers (SF download page) are looking pretty good.

Headshot of Brian Chan

At the time of writing this note, download numbers are:

• geronimo - 307
• glassfish - 900
• jboss - 560
• jonas - 44
• pramati - 25
• tomcat - 3409

Note that Tomcat is the "preferred download" and it is displayed in the front page.

Sunday Jan 27, 2008

Week Highlights - IzPack, LifeRay, JRuby, GAP

A slow week; I was still catching up from the Trip to Orlando.

• GF Community - New IzPack Installer and GreenFire
• HowTo - Combining JMX and Management in GlassFish
• New Portal Bundles - Liferay 4.4.0 and GlassFish
• Community Programs - Grants Program and Registration Page
• Web.Next - GlassFish and Ruby Meetup

Saturday Jan 26, 2008

Liferay Portal 4.4.0 with GlassFish


Good news for all Liferay fans (like these): there are new bundles at the official Download Page that bundle Liferay 4.4.0 with GlassFish for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Solaris (SPARC) and Solaris (x86).

Friday Jan 11, 2008

Latest GlassFish with latest Liferay

Liferay Logo

St├ęphane Paquet has a set of instructions on how to use Liferay 4.3.5 and GlassFish 2.1. The instructions most probably also apply to the latest GlassFish stable release - v2ur1.

The detailed instructions include recompiling liferay straight from SVN and cover PostgreSQL or MySQL as the backend databases. This could probably be ironed out with binaries, an installer or maybe even with the update center.

Sunday Nov 25, 2007

Week Highlights - Woodstock, Liferay, Hibernate, SPEC, Mugs, T-Shirts and Turkeys

Hudson Image

• This was ThanksGiving week in the US; need a A Holiday Gift?
• Hudson Recap: Goodies and Happy Users
• Developing GlassFish: New FAQ
• Mix with GF: AspecJ and JXInsight, Hibernate, Facelets and Maven
• Big News: New SPEC Post (more details tomorrow)
• Performance and Adoption: Grizzly and Jetty, OpenSSO, Liferay and GF
• Be Productive: JSF Components, Web Services

Monday Nov 19, 2007

OpenSSO, Liferay and GlassFish Redux

Following on from the earlier entry on Prashant's integration of Liferay with OpenSSO on GlassFish, Brian Chan reports that he has picked up Prashant's code and rolled it into Liferay itself:

We just integrated the code snippets into Liferay so users can easily integrate with OpenSSO by just going to the Enterprise Admin portlet and entering the right settings. No more code or properties changes.

It's great to see new OpenSSO and Glassfish integrations bubbling up from the community. Keep 'em coming!

Monday Oct 15, 2007

OpenSSO, Liferay and GlassFish

Prashant Dighe has updated the Portal Post with an article on integrating Liferay Portal with OpenSSO on GlassFish. This allows OpenSSO to handle authentication for Liferay and could be extended to handle SSO across various portlets and applications.

A future may allow Identity Based Content Delivery from Liferay, ensuring what a person is presented in Liferay is dependent on a viewer's organizations, roles or groups.

Tuesday Jul 24, 2007

Official LifeRay on GlassFish Bundle


We had previously reported on LifeRay on GlassFish ([1], [2], [3], [4]) but now there is an official bundle...

Check the details from the LifeRay Download Page or download it directly here. Enjoy! And have a Strawberry!

Tuesday Aug 22, 2006

More on LifeRay on GlassFish

Liferay Logo

Steff has continued working with Liferay and GlassFish. His recent blogs include: Install Summary, Liferay 4.1 under GlassFish and Hot Deployment in Liferay. Based on a previous post, I believe he is running V1 UR1 b04.

Tuesday Jul 11, 2006

HowTo : GlassFish & Pentaho

[see previous entry]

Despite the distractions of the World Cup, Stefan Paquet has blogged more of his experiences with running Liferay Portal and Pentaho on GlassFish (entry). He also shares some views on running StringBeans Portal on GlassFish as an alternative to Liferay. Definitely worth reading.

FWIW Stef - I actually think France were the stronger team - the only team to succeed in breaking down the Azzurri's rock solid defense. I'm sure Carla would disagree though :)

Wednesday Jul 05, 2006

HowTo : GlassFish & Liferay

Stephane Paquet has just posted part II in a series describing how to get Liferay 4.0 Portal running on GlassFish. Part I covers GlassFish installation and basic configuration for MySQL; Part II covers memory and classpath settings and creating a JAAS realm for Liferay.

I guess we'll have to wait for the World Cup to finish before we see Part III :)

Update - And here is Part III.