Monday Oct 01, 2007

Requesting feedback and Lessons learned for Glassfish v2

lessons learned

Sridatta and Dhiru, the two leads for the GlassFish v2 release, are requesting feedback and lessons learned for this open source development experience -

"... We tried to follow an open source process including request for features, specifications, review of specs, development, planning, milestones, meetings and discussions in the open. It is your support that made it possible".

The feedback is expected on USERS and DEV mailing lists, but we'll happily forward any comments we receive here on this blog.

Tuesday Sep 18, 2007

The Trouble with Tribbles -- Tuesday GlassFish v2 News Roundup

Added: This entry includes coverage for day 2; also see: [day 1], [day 2], [day 3], [day 4], [day 5] and [day 6].

Kirk Drowning on Tribbles

Note to self: file under "lessons learned" and "problems I'd like to have"...

My original plan for reporting on the release of GlassFish v2 FCS had been to provide an in-place update to a News Roundup but we have had so many reports that a better approach would have been to provide several updates through the day, plus daily updates and a recap at the end.

Anyhow, learning, below is a quick update at Tuesday morning. The list is partial - I'll try to really catch up for Wednesday morning; also, the original Launch Roundup grew a lot through Monday, so you may want to check it out also.

Major Update to Sun's Open Source Java EE App Server (JavaLobby)
What's really cool with GlassFish v2. (DZone)
GlassFish V2 unveiled after success of GlassFish V1 ( Java Entrepreneur)
Sun, GlassFish Release App Server Upgrade (IT Business Edge)
Sun upgrades its open-source Java application server (ComputerWorld UK)
GlassFish V2/9.1 FCS has been released (AMIS)
Aplikasi GlassFish Menuju Enterprise (SDA Asia - Indonesia)
Sun veröffentlicht Glassfish 2.0 (Heise Netze - Germany)
GlassFish V2 released : A vote of thanks (Kumara)
Glassfish v2 (OpenSSO)
GlassFish v2 (Manju at Docs)
Project GlassFish 2.0b58g Update (MacUpdate)
GlassFish v2 / Java Application Platform SDK update 3 now available (Rajiv)
GlassFish tuned for enterprise scale SOA performance (ZapThink)