Friday Apr 06, 2012

Tab Sweep: FacesMessage enhancements, Look up thread pool resources, JQuery/JSF integration, Galleria, ...

Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Radio Receiver

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Here are some tweets from this week ...

Almost 9000 Parleys views at the #JavaEE6 #Devoxx talk I did with @BertErtman. Not even made available for free yet! #JavaEE6 is hot :-)
Sent three proposals for Øredev, about #JavaEE6, #OSGi and a case study about Leren-op-Maat (OSGi in the cloud) together with @m4rr5
[blog] The Java EE 6 #Example - Gracefully dealing with #Errors in #Galleria - Part 6 #javaee6
Tomorrow, there is a session about Java EE6 #javaee6 at islamia university #bahawalpur under #pakijug.about 150 students going to attend it.

Tuesday Jul 21, 2009

OpenDS 2.0 is now Final


OpenDS 2.0 is now final. This is a major release, new functionality ranges from a new GUI to better administration, from improved performance to better reliability, from new features to improved portability. See Ludo's Announcement and this Snapshot of the Documentation.

Community builds are available here, including a ZIP and a JNLP. The Sun-supported commercial distribution is Sun OpenDS, downloadable here. This looks like a great release; congratulations to the team, and onwards with the Roadmap!

Related entries are tagged OpenDS; I'll also appends links to entries directly related to OpenDS 2.0 below.


Recurrent and Scheduled Tasks
Monitoring in the Control Panel
I18N Collation Matching Rules
Assured Replication
Replication Groups

Sunday Apr 19, 2009

OpenDS, the Java OpenSource LDAP Server - This Week's Webinar


This week's webinar is on OpenDS, the Open Source Java LDAP server that is at the core of the next generation for Sun's market leading DSEE Product. Ludovic will provide an overview of the project including the recent developments on the v2 release. The presentation on Thursday, April 23rdh, 11am US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page.

OpenDS has been gaining nice adoption recently; relevant entries are tagged OpenDS and OpenDS @ MarkMail. There are some very interesting synergies between OpenDS and MySQL, see for example this week's BOF at the MySQL UC.

Sunday Feb 08, 2009

OpenDS 1.2 - Now Available


As we promised last week, OpenDS 1.2 is now available (download, changelog).

Ludo has an Overview of the New Features which includes a new GUI for server and data administration, improved security, manageability and performance.

OpenDS is making good progress; I'll try to arrange a prezo for TheAquarium Online.

Thursday Jul 10, 2008

OpenDS 1.0 Released - Open Source LDAP


And it is out! This morning Ludo announced the Release of OpenDS 1.0! You can download the Core Server or the DSML Gateway or use a Java WebStart to launch it. For more details go to the Open DS home page or directly to the Promoted Build Information.

Many congratulations to the team!

Tuesday Mar 18, 2008

OpenDS news - a roadmap and Japanese material

Feuille de route pour un forçat libéré

OpenDS, the project to produce a 100% Java-based LDAP directory now has a proposed roadmap for version 1.0 and beyond. Apart from monitoring through SNMP, all features are already in the current release (v1.0 Milestone 1 from Feb. 27, 2008). Final release for v1.0 is scheduled for May 2008. Ludo Poitou has more details.

In other OpenDS news, Tomonori Shioda has posted the Japanese translation of no less than four OpenDS technical posts. Ludo has a list of them.

The illustration is a photograph from the late 18th century of a "feuille de route" (roadmap) picture for convicts once they've served their sentence. The road to liberty in a sense. I'm sure JeanFrancois appreciates the use of a truly French word here ;-)

Monday Jul 30, 2007

LDAP-Based User Authentication in GlassFish

Dogbert's Password Recovery Service for Morons

Manveen describes How to Use LDAP for User Authentication in GlassFish. These are a bit more detailed than the earlier OpenLDAP and GlassFish and GlassFish and OpenDS. Enjoy!

And, for sure smiles, go check Dilbert.COM.

Friday Jul 06, 2007

OpenDS 0.9 released

OpenDS logo

OpenDS, the 100% Java implementation of an LDAP v3 directory has reached the 0.9 milestone earlier this week. At this point, it is an LDAP v3 compliant directory with multi-master replication and access controls just to name the main features. Next stops are the beta release and a 1.0 version later this year. In the mean time a Summer 2007 Bugfest has just started with prizes for people helping fix as many as 130 defects listed today.

OpenDS comes with a Java Web Start installer and data to populate the directory. It really doesn't get any easier than that to start using an LDAP directory. If you need to speak XML to OpenDS rather than LDAP, the DSML gateway (implemented as a WAR archive) is also available.

Check also the cool uses of OpenDS as presented by Ludo at the San Francisco GlassFish Day in May 2007.

Monday May 28, 2007

Atom Server on OpenDS and GlassFish

Atom on OpenDS Logo

I like Trey's approach (shown at GlassFish Day) to spreading the word about OpenDS by building some useful and interesting artifacts. I believe his OpenID server has not yet been released but the Atom Server (GlassFish front-end, OpenDS back-end) has and it is getting some nice recognition ([1], [2], [3], [4]).

Trey has a nice post Describing the Project. Additional details at the project website and wiki. To integrate OpenDS with GlassFish check Trey's earlier entry.

Friday Feb 23, 2007

Managing OpenDS with JMX and JConsole


OpenDS has lots of configuration options and they're all stored in the directory. While this makes administration convenient for those with an intimate knowledge of the configuration tree and LDAP command line tools the uninitiated will likely run away screaming.

As part of our continued effort to make LDAP more accessible to the masses a JMX interface to OpenDS is now available and accessible via JConsole. No client installation required! To get started, launch JConsole and follow along using the screen shots here.

Friday Feb 16, 2007

Extending OpenDS made dead simple

OpenDS logo

OpenDS is a highly configurable and customizable directory server with numerous built-in extension points. For those cases where pre-defined hooks are just not enough OpenDS provides a simple and safe facility for injecting your custom business logic. Checkout this simple example and let us know what you think.

Sunday Feb 11, 2007

Trees or Tables? LDAP or RDBMS?

A picture of an AppleBox tree

I believe OpenDS will turn out to be a very popular project. The team has been taking a soft-launch approach but they actually are already in pretty good shape - check the OpenDS tag for some earlier news.

Trey recently wrote a blog entry contrasting LDAP with RMDBS. In part it boils down to whether your application data is better modeled by Trees or Tables. Check out Trey's blog. You may want to also check the LDAP page at Wikipedia, and the latest standard spec, LDAPv3, at IETF

Friday Jan 26, 2007

GlassFish with OpenDS

OpenDS logo

Earlier this week we reported on how to store identities with OpenLDAP for use in GlassFish's authentication. Now Trey describes, in detail, how to achieve the same Using OpenDS, the new high-performance, Java-based, open source directory server that we have covered in earlier spotlights.

Trey's note is very complete and covers how to install OpenDS, sample data for the directory and how to load it, how to use the GlassFish's administration console to configure authentication using LDAP, how to configure web.xml and sun-web.xml, and even a web app configured following these instructions.

Vey nice! Check it out!

Sunday Jan 21, 2007

OpenLDAP and GlassFish


GlassFish Security Realm support LDAP-based security. This can be used with a number of LDAP-based directory servers, including OpenDS, which we have covered previously here. Now Krishnan provides detailed steps on how to use OpenLDAP with GlassFish.

Check out the details at Krishnan's Blog

Sunday Aug 06, 2006

Open Source, Open Standards, Open Directory Service

Sun has just donated the next generation LDAP-based Directory Server to the community via a newly formed project - OpenDS. Sun's current generation directory server has thousands of customers, billions of entries and serves some of the biggest businesses on the planet.

The FAQ is a great place to start and also check out Neil's blog.