Tuesday Mar 15, 2011

Webinar Replay : GlassFish 3.1 Clustering Deep Dive

The replay and Q&A transcript of yesterday's "GlassFish 3.1 Clustering Deep Dive" Webinar are now available.

John Clingan covers the clustering architecture changes with previous versions, the use of SSH, DAS (Domain Admin Server) scalability improvements, failover improvements with consistent hash algorithm for replicas and better performance, the new load-balancer configuration tool, and finally steps to deploy a highly-available application using the command line or the graphical admin. High availability of WS-ReliableMessaging and JMS services are also covered in this webinar.


Overall I found it to be a very well balanced and easy to follow webinar. Check it out! And remember to track all webinars (both upcoming and replays) at http://glassfish.org/webinars.

Saturday Mar 22, 2008

Java Load Balancer and other SailFin-Driven Improvements

We are getting closer to the next GF releases (see my Previous Overview), we are seeing more features from the GFv2.1/SailFin release. Recent entries include:


• Shoal Extended with Multi-Group Membership, used in...
• Setting Load Balancers via the Converged Load Balancer (CLB).
• Improved Call Flow Monitoring that supports SIP requests.
• Flexible Application Routers

The last two are more specific to the SIP case, but the general facility of multi-group membership should be useful to many Shoal applications, and a Java-based CLB should simplify at the least the simple LB situations. I'll get more details on the the CLB and will report back.

Correction - CLB is only available in SailFin, not in the corresponding core GFv2.1. GlassFish v3 will include a java LoadBalancer. Thanks to Kshitiz for the correction.