Friday Jun 28, 2013

Servlet 3.1, Expression Language 3.0, Bean Validation 1.1, Admin Console Replay: Java EE 7 Launch Webinar Technical Breakouts on YouTube

As stated previously (here, here, here, and here), the On-Demand Replay of Java EE 7 Launch Webinar is already available. You can watch the entire Strategy and Technical Keynote there, and all other Technical Breakout sessions as well.

We are releasing the final set of Technical Breakout sessions on GlassFishVideos YouTube channel as well. In this series, we are releasing Servlet 3.1, Expression Language 3.0, Bean Validation 1.1, and Admin Console.

Here's the Servlet 3.1 session:

Here's the Expression Language 3.0 session:

Here's the Bean Validation 1.1 session:

And finally the Admin Console session:

Enjoy watching all of them together in a consolidated playlist:

And don't forget to download Java EE 7 SDK and try the numerous bundled samples.

Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

JSF 2.2, Interceptors 1.2, and JPA 2.1 Replay: Java EE 7 Launch Webinar Technical Breakouts on YouTube

As stated previously (here, here, and here), the On-Demand Replay of Java EE 7 Launch Webinar is already available. You can watch the entire Strategy and Technical Keynote there, and all other Technical Breakout sessions as well.

We are releasing the next set of Technical Breakout sessions on GlassFishVideos YouTube channel as well. In this series, we are releasing JSF 2.2, Interceptors 1.2, and JPA 2.1.

Here's the JSF 2.2 session:

Here's the Interceptors 1.1 session:

Here's the JPA 2.1 session:

Enjoy watching them over the next few days before we release the next set of videos!

And don't forget to download Java EE 7 SDK and try numerous bundled samples.

Thursday Nov 03, 2011

Oracle Solaris 11 launching Nov. 9th

It's finally time to ship the next version of Solaris, Oracle Solaris 11, and this will happen next week in New York City on November 9th, 2011.


Make sure you register for the live event.

Update: make sure you read the 11 Reasons Why Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 Isn't Being Released on 11/11/11.

Sunday Jul 10, 2011

Back from Brazil: Java 7 launch, Java

Brazil has been flooded with Java content and events in the past few weeks.

FISL, the largest South American open source conference, had a number of Java tracks. Arun has a report on this conference and the additional stops he made along the way (some slide decks in there too).


While Arun has left the country after two weeks of intense Java 7, Java EE and GlassFish presentations, the month of Java still has upcoming stops scheduled in Fortaleza, Natal, Salvador, Toledo, and Maringa.

And if you're not in Brazil, check out the schedule of nearby JUGs. Chances are there's a Java 7-related event coming up shortly.

Wednesday Jul 06, 2011

Java 7 D-Day is here

So we've made it to the launch of Java 7! If you read this in time, make sure to attend the live webcast or a JUG event nearby.

You can also watch this recent Java 7 video with some of the key people behind this release.

Duke Forward

To celebrate this day we now have a Release Candidate build (b147) available and all final JSR's on the final approval ballot with results dues on July 18th. The final bits should be available as planned later this month.

Note also that the Oracle JDK Mac OS build will take a bit longer to be released. In the meantime you can read this OpenJDK wiki page to either build yourself or get a community-contributed binary.

Reminder - Java 7 launch in 24 hours

Remember that the Java 7 launch, dubbed "Java 7, Moving Java Forward" is set for tomorrow, July 7th. In fact, in 24 hours (9am PT) you'll be able to join a live webcast.

Moving Java Forward

This live event will be hosted by Adam Messinger (Oracle) in Redwood Shores, Bruno Souza (SOUJava) in São Paulo and Ben Evans (LJC) in London. You can register for the webcast or for the in-person events from this page. The twitter hashtag for this launch is #java7.

You can also listen to the latest episode of the Java Spotlight Podcast (#37) featuring an interview with Michelle Kovac on this Java 7 Launch where she mentions Accenture, Travelex, Riot Games, HP and others as heavy Java users and participants to the live events.

The final Java 7 bits should be available on July 28th as planned.

Monday Jun 27, 2011

July 7th - Java 7th launch

Java 7 is around the corner and Oracle is hosting a multi-city launch event on July 7th called "Java 7, Moving Java Forward".

This event will be held simultaneously in Oracle HQ (Redwood Shores, CA), in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in London UK to celebrate to almost-ready version 7 of Java, the first one in five years!

Java 7 Register

In addition to the live event and the ability for you to attend in person if you're in one of those cities, many Java User Groups are planning Java 7 meetings on the same day or soon after, so check your favorite JUG's upcoming meetings. Chances are there's a Java 7 event nearby.

Tori has all the details for this launch event over on the OTN blog. Register directly here.

Sunday Jun 05, 2011

JUG leaders, did you order your Java 7 launch kit already?

Assuming the outcome of the JSR 336's (Java SE 7) public review ballot is positive, we're really close now to a final release of Java 7.

To celebrate the launch of the first major version of Java since 2006, Oracle has put together a Java 7 launch kit and will host a live event on July 7th to celebrate the release with speakers in Redwood Shores (Oracle's HQ), Sao Paulo and London, all with live webcasting


If you can't make it to one of those events, you can have one of your own and this is where the launch kit comes into the picture - each kit includes a Java 7 presentation, code samples, and T-shirts. Simply go to this page and request one. JUG requests will be considered first while supplies last.

Note that if you want an Oracle speaker to attend your event you need not wait and ask for it asap and certainly before June 14th. Beer and pizza can also be on Oracle, so please share your event plans with us, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

GlassFish v3 Prelude - Launching today!

GlassFish Logo

GlassFish v3 "Prelude" is launching today. Expect blogs, articles, and more throughout the day. If all you want is the bits, here they are.

This release builds on top of the Apache Felix OSGi runtime, offers great extensibility, support for Rails and Grails, developer features (fast startup, retain sessions across redeploys, NetBeans and Eclipse tooling, ...), an embedded API, Comet support, a brand new IPS-based update center, RESTful web services, a preview of several Java EE 6 features, and much more. Check out this introduction article as well as the press release, it also mentions a few partners building on top of GlassFish v3 Prelude.

Hear all about these new features in today's Online GlassFish Day. 20+ short sessions starting 8am PST.

Sun offers OSGi app server (InfoWorld)
Sun z aplikacijskim strežnikom na arhitekturi OSGi
Glassfish v3 Prelude (from Hungary)
Sun Releases New GlassFish Preview (eWeek)
Sun wydaje nową wersję serwera GlassFish z elementami Javy EE 6 (
Sun Intros GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude (Java Entrepreneur)
米Sun、OSGiベースのアプリケーションサーバー「GlassFish v3 Prelude」を公開, (Enterprise Watch Japan)
What You Can Expect From GlassFish v3 Prelude, (DZone)
New GlassFish V3 Release Offers Preview of Java Enterprise Edition 6 , (IndicThreads)
GlassFish v3 Prelude released, (TheServerSide)
Jaspersoft Announces Commercial Certification for Sun GlassFish™ Enterprise Server, (NewsWire)

Yes, before you ask, we have full and formal documentation, not just blog entries :)
Top 10 GlassFish v3 Prelude Features, Nazrul
Glassfish V3 Prelude comin’ to life…, Kawazu
pkg(5) Toolkit 2.0 Release Available, TomM
GlassFish v3 Prelude redéfinit le serveur léger, Alexis
OpenSolaris SPECjAppServer Sun Fire X4150, BMSeer
Extending the GlassFish v3 Prelude Administration Console, Jason
Making Your GlassFish v3 Prelude Administration Console Plugin Pluggable, Jason again
GlassFish v3 Prelude - now available!, Arun
Prelude for GlassFish in v3-sharp major with Jersey (best title so far IMHO), PaulS
What's really cool with GlassFish v3 Prelude, Jean-François
[Sun] GlassFish {Enterprise|Application} Server v3 Prelude Available for Download, PaulD
GlassFish v3 Prelude now available with Metro 1.4, Harold
About extensibility in GlassFish v3 prelude, Tim
Deployment in GlassFish v3 prelude, Tim again
(GlassFish) Admin Console providing UpdateTool functionality, Anissa
Jersey 1.0 Available on GlassFish V3 Prelude Update Center, Jakub
Are you sure you are developing Java Web Apps?, Vince
Moving Tomcat Toplink Apps to Glassfish v3 Prelude, Lance
Extending GlassFish v3 Prelude, As Easy As 1-2-3, Sreeni
Retain session data during redeployment, Jan
Monitoring in GlassFish v3 Prelude, Prashanth
JDBC support in V3 Prelude, Shalini
GlassFish v3 Prelude OSGi support: It is really true?, Ludo
JAX-WS RI 2.1.5/Metro 1.4 in GFv3 prelude, Jitu
Mojarra 1.2_10 and 2.0.0 available on GlassFish V3 Prelude, Ryan
GlassFish V3 Prelude debuts today, Jerome (GlassFish Architect)
GlassFish Enterprise Server V3 Prelude Released, PaulS
Working with Metro on Glassfish v3 Prelude, Bhakti
GlassFish v3 Prelude is out, Julien
Monitor GlassFish v3 Prelude with the Admin Console, Jennifer
Dynamic Languages support in GlassFish v3 Prelude, Vivek
GlassFish v3 Prelude and LDAP, LudoP
Singleton EJB support in GlassFish V3 Prelude, Mahesh
Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server Subscriptions, PaulS
A thank you card to FishCAT members !, Judy
Glassfish + OSGi + Equinox + Eclipse = Good Job Sun, Eclipse's Ian
JRuby and Rails on GlassFish v3 Prelude - An Overview, Vivek
Admin CLI Pluggability - defining options and operands, Janey
GlassFish Day - GlassFish v3 Prelude, Terada-san
OSGIfying Metro for GlassFish V3, Fabian
GlassFish v3 Prelude: Der neue Glassfish ist da
IzPack-based installer for GlassFish v3 Prelude, Julien
Celebrating the GlassFish v3 Prelude release, Editor's Daily Blog

Others (mainly screencasts)

GlassFish Video - Introducing GlassFish v3
GlassFish Video - GlassFish v3 Prelude: What's New
GlassFish Video - Java EE 6 and GlassFish
Incremental Java Web Application Development with NetBeans 6.5 and GlassFish V3 (Save-Reload development with session preservation and automatic deployment).
From Zero to Grails in 5 minutes with GlassFish v3 Prelude

We'll keep updating this entry with the blogs and articles as we see then pop up in the 24h to 48h or so.

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Launched

OpenSSO Second Life Launch

OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 got off to a flying start yesterday with its launch in Second Life (event replay). The IdentiCat himself, OpenSSO senior product line manager Daniel Raskin, and director of engineering for OpenSSO, Jamie Nelson, were on hand to explain how OpenSSO meets three tough challenges of single sign-on - Web access management, federation and secure Web services.

Daniel and Jamie showed how OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0, known in its last release as Sun Access Manager, adds many new features, as well as being the first commercial release from the open source OpenSSO project. We've covered many of these features here at The Aquarium as they have appeared in OpenSSO; for instance, OpenDS as OpenSSO's embedded configuration store, the Fedlet and identity services.

Back in what passes as the real world, the OpenSSO launch was widely covered by press and analysts - I've listed some of the more interesting articles and quotes over at my blog, Superpatterns.

As Daniel explained in the Second Life presentation, there's plenty more in store for OpenSSO - the focus in upcoming releases will be on areas such as carrier-grade monitoring, yet more work on ease of use, and entitlement management. As always, we'll carry the OpenSSO headlines here at The Aquarium, but if you want to immerse yourself in the OpenSSO river of news, subscribe to Planet OpenSSO.

Sunday Sep 16, 2007

GlassFish v2 Launch RoundUp

GlassFish v2 is now available. This entry includes coverage for day 1; also see: [day 1], [day 2], [day 3], [day 4], [day 5] and [day 6].

Blast-Off for STS118

Key links:

Press Release
• Recent GlassFish v2 blogs at BSC
• Download GF V2 fcs
• Download Java EE 5 SDK Update 3
• Download Sun Java System Application Server 9.1
Community Support
Commercial Support
Ask the Experts GlassFish session

Technical and Overview Blogs :

Overview of Features (Eduard/o)
Glassfish v2 and Directory Services... with OpenDS (LudoP)
Metro 1.0 Security and What's Next (Kumar)
Provisioning GlassFish V2 with N1SPS (Prashanth)
Whats New in GlassFish V2 Admin Console (Anissa)
Provisioning GlassFish V2 with N1SPS (Part 2) - Automation (Prashanth)
GlassFish v2 released today! (Daniel)
Glassfish v2 and Directory Services... (LudoP)
GlassFish v2: techno et business (Alexis)
Java DB upgraded in Glassfish V2 (Lance)
GlassFish V2 and out-of-the-box Java Web Start support for App Clients (Tim)
Glassfish v2 swims free (Simon)
GlassFish V2 released with cost-efficient annual subscriptions (John)
Rilasciato GlassFish v2 (SJS Application Server 9.1) (Corrado)
Global, Online Purchasing of Support for SJS AS (Eduard/o)
GlassFish V2 in Netbeans 6 Beta 1 today... (the other LudoC)
What's really cool with GlassFish v2 (JFA)
GlassFish v2 Released Today (David)
GlassFish v2 and Deployment (Hong)
GlassFish v2 (TimB)
GlassFish Set Free with Record Performance (Ken)
Sun Application Server 9.1 / GlassFish V2 are being released. (FCS) (Homer)
Sun Ships Glassfish V2 (Scott)
New Web Container Features in GlassFish V2 (Jan)
Double thrill Monday! (jag)
GlassFish v2 is Out! Way to Go, Team! (Eduard/o)
Glassfish v2 is out! (Julien)
Glassfish arrives (Douglas)
Support for asadmin command in Application Server 6.0 N1SPS Plugin (Sreeni)
Glassfish, Metro, Open ESB, NetBeans IDE beta and more! (Monica)
GlassFish V2 management via Java APIs (AMX/JMX), GlassFish V2 startup speed (Llyod)
RESTful Web Services On Glassfish (Jakub)
Five Reasons to Upgrade to GlassFish V2 ... (Kedar)
Glassfish v2 / Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 - it's here! (SuperPat)
GlassFish V2 and Sun Java System[TM] Application Server 9.1 Available for Download Today (Paul Davies)
From chaos to GlassFish v2: you've come a long way baby (David)
GlassFish V2/9.1 FCS has been released (Amis technology)
Glassfish v2 (Sid)
GlassFish V2 released : A vote of thanks (Kumara)
Glassfish V2( - Java und Technologie)

Launch News:

Mañana lunes: versión final de GlassFish (El Cubo de las Tecnologias)
Sun Revs NetBeans, GlassFish (eWeek)
GlassFish app server goes enterprise (Infoworld)
Sun upgrades open source (ITWeb)
Sun's Glassfish v2 becomes enterprise-ready (CBROnline)
Netbeans 6.0 beta and Glassfish V2 (to be) released today (
GlassFish V2 Brings Clustering, Administration, and Speed Enhancements (InfoQ)
Sun serviert GlassFish mit NetBeans (Silicon.DE)
Sun upgrades its open-source Java application server (ComputerWorld)
Sun Introduces the Next Major Version of ... (CNNMoney)
GlassFish V2 Java EE 5 Server fertig (
GlassFish v2 - Sur le thème : suivons (
Major Update to Sun's Open Source Java EE App Server (JavaLobby)
La version majeure Glassfish v2 est disponible (
Sun Leaps Aboard the Goodship Open Source (CMS Wire)
GlassFish tuned for enterprise scale SOA performance (Web Services News)
Glassfish 2 Released (Dr. Dobb's)
Sun выпустила GlassFish V2 — Open Source-сервер Java EE 5 (
GlassFish V2 unveiled after success of GlassFish V1 (Java Entrepreneur)

Related Releases :

Open ESB v2 Preview Now Available (Mark)
NetBeans 6.0 Beta1 has been released (Winston)
NetBeans 6.0 Beta1 out now - this time for real! :) (Roman)
Java EE 5 SDK Update 3 Now Available (SDN News)
WS-SecureConversation in WSIT 1.0, WS-Trust in WSIT 1.0 (Jiandong)