Tuesday Nov 15, 2011

New Java EE 6 Hands-On lab, Devoxx-approved!

A new Java EE 6 HOL (Hands-On Lab) was successfully used yesterday at Devoxx with a room packed with enthusiast conference participants. This is new material which covers a lot of Java EE ground in a single document.


As it is the case for most GlassFish-related labs, the list of software requirements is dead-simple and short: a recent JDK (6 or 7) and NetBeans 7.x ("Java EE" or "All") which comes with GlassFish. Of course GlassFish can also be downloaded separately and used from other IDEs such as Eclipse and IntelliJ or even (Emacs).

The didactic nature of the HOL document should make it useful for anyone interested in learning Java EE 6 on their own time and pace. If you have feedback about the content or about GlassFish, make sure you voice your concerns (or praises) to the GlassFish Users alias as indicated in the document. Feedback will be taken into account in the form of updates to the document as well as enhancements to GlassFish (ideally in 3.1.2).

Update: see Arun's post for more details.