Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

After the Orb, the Globe - Kohsuke and Legos...


Kohsuke regularly does "fun projects" which normally involve some sophisticated hacking. His After JavaOne project is "just" a Lego Globe with his daughter... with the help of a Java program :-) Unlike the orb, though, this globe is passive, not connected to Hudson.

FYA, while browsing around I bumped into a few nice lego projects; check out this Liebherr LG1550 Crane (the real thing), the original Battleship Yamato, the Spaceship version and more Lego@Gizmodo... or visit a Random Project at Brickshelf.

This entry is not about a GlassFish-related technology but its people; if you have a fun side-project/activity, send them my way...

Thursday May 29, 2008

Kohsuke's New Job and the Future of Hudson


Hudson has evolved from a hobby into one of the best CI tools available (Duke Award, Java Tools Poll, more Adoption)... all while Kohsuke worked in several key projects (including JAXB, Metro, GFv3).

So... what would happen if K's had more time to spend on Hudson? :-)

Kohsuke's main focus now will be the code and the ever growing Hudson community (see Rake Plugin) - and new tools and collaborations - but I expect continued collaboration with other projects like Jersey's MVC.

I think we (Sun, GlassFish and of the industry) will continue to change our practices as we better understand and explore Agile Development and I believe Kohsuke will help with this evolution. Interesting times ahead!

Added Also see Kohsuke's Announcement.

Thursday Nov 02, 2006

Homo Faber - Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Flintstone knife

Kohsuke keeps showing he is a true Homo Faber: a week ago he announced that several of his system-level projects had Moved Under the Java-Net project. This includes useful tools like Autoresponder (together with Ryan), JavaNetTasks, Role-Manager and JNAdminTool. And this week he announced a New Release of Hudson.

And he must be cooking something special; for the last couple of days I've seen him playing with LEDs and the such. When I asked he told me to "stay tuned"...

Thursday Feb 02, 2006

15 minutes of fame: Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Photo of Kohsuke

Java.Sun.Com has contributed to Kohsuke's 15 minutes of fame with a spotlight on him. The article makes for good reading and talks about Kohsuke and his projects, including COM4J, profiler, and dalma. Stapler seems worth exploring, and I particularly like TWX.

Kohsuke's day job is JAXB although now he is spending more time on some of lower layers of JAX-WS and he has a pretty active blog.