Thursday Mar 16, 2006

How to Enable Fast InfoSet in JWSDP and GlassFish

Launch of X-43A, a SCRAMJET powered rocket

The Fast Infoset (search, standard) implementation from Java.Net is used in several places including the WS stack of JWSDP, SJS AS, and GlassFish.

Paul latest blog entry explains how to Enable FastInfoset for JAX-WS 2.0 and JAX-RPC 1.1. All that it is needed is to set a property on the client side stub, and then, thanks to the magic of HTTP agent-driven negotiation, "magic happens" (tm). Check Paul's blog for the details, and enjoy a faster Web Service call!

Monday Feb 06, 2006

JAX-WS 2.0 Web Services Management with JMX

Jean-Francois Denise has an interesting and in-depth blog that bridges JMX and JAX-WS 2.0, ie. managing JMX Instrumented Web Services using JConsole.

In his blog he uses the NetBeans 5.0 JMX Module and is running JSWDP in Tomcat - it would be great to see the additional steps for running in GlassFish (if any) - leave a comment for Jean-Francois if you know what is required.

Tuesday Jan 17, 2006

Where are the GlassFish Sources?

Distribution of Herrings

I started a Wiki page to capture the location of the GlassFish Sources Repositories. The wiki page is being updated as I write this blog; check it out later if it is missing the ones you are interested in (Also see Sources for builds).

NB. the image shows the geographic distribution of the Atlantic herring, the most abundant fish in the world. No deep relationship to this blog, except that it is interesting fish factoid, and I hope GlassFish will be equally abundant :-).