Wednesday Sep 14, 2011

JSR 348 passes Public Review Ballot & JCP Elections

JSR 348, the "meta" JSR to change the JCP itself is moving forward nicely and has just passed the Review Ballot.


For the SE/EE Executive Community, the results show 14 YES votes, one Abstain (Google) and one non-vote (VMWare). As always, the comments are worth reading and this is probably one of the votes with the most number of comments.

This is just one stage in the JCP process and if you're a bit lost Joe's recent Pictorial View of a JSR Progressing through the JCP would probably come in handy.

In other JCP news, nominations for the fall 2011 EC Elections open on 30 September. The seats up for voting are those of SAP, Ericsson, VMWare (ratified), Intel and Werner Keil (elected). There will be a JavaOne session dedicated to Meet(ing) the Executive Committee Candidates

Wednesday Jun 01, 2011 is a go!

Together with the rest of the SE/EE and ME executive committee members, the new elected members were voting on the JSR (#348).

The ballot results shows a unanimous vote (list of voters) thus paving the way for the proposed changes, most of which are around transparency. Update: check out these two blogs.

I other JCP news, Java 7 (JSR 336) is now in Public Review with the ballot closing on June 6th.

Tuesday May 17, 2011 and JSR 348

It's been a long time coming but we're finally starting to see shaping up. This Oracle press release announces JSR 348, the first of two JSRs to improve the Java Community Process itself (yes, there are JSRs for that too).

The detailled proposal for this JSR has enhancements grouped into four categories : Transparency, Participation, Agility, and Governance. A second JSR is planned to revise the current JSPA.

As with any JSR, a ballot has started with both the ME and SE/EE executive committees (now complete) voting before it closes on May 30th.