Monday May 09, 2011

JSR 347 (Data Grids) is a go!

With 8 YES votes, 1 NO vote, 1 ABSTAIN and 3 non-votes, the JCP Executive Committee has approved the JSR Review ballot for JSR 347, Data Grids for the Java Platform (see this previous entry).


As a reminder, in order to pass a normal ballot, a JSR must achieve at least 5 YES votes and more YES votes than NO votes. Abstainers and non-voters do not affect the outcome. The detailed results are on this page.

While this means that it's very likely that there will be a distributed caching JSR in the future, with the large number of comments on its potential overlap with JSR 107 its inclusion in Java EE 7 and precise relationship versus 107 (which has a draft is due in a few weeks) are still to be determined.

Update: Manik (the spec lead from JBoss) now has a call for EG members.