Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

Fifteen JavaEE 7 APIs Featured in the Java Spotlight Podcast

JavaEE 7 has been officially released and the Java Spotlight Podcast has been supporting this major release by featuring almost every API change, both major and minor, for the last 11 months. There are fifteen Java Spotlight Podcast feature interviews with the JCP specification leads from Oracle, Red Hat, and IBM in a relaxed question and answer format.

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Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

EL 3.0 Public Review - JSR 341 and Java EE 7 Moving Along

Following closely on the lines of EL 3.0 Early Draft, the specification is now available for a Public Review. The JCP2 Process Document defines different stages of the specifications. This review period closes Jul 30, 2012.

Some of the main goals of the JSR are to separate ELContext into parsing and evaluation contexts, adding operators like equality, string concatenation, etc, and integration with CDI. The section A.7 of the specification highlights the difference between Early Draft and Public Review.


Download the Public Review and and follow the updates at For more information about EL 3.0 (JSR 341), check out the JSR project on The archives of EG discussion are available at jsr341-experts and you can subscribe to the users@el-spec and other aliases on the Mailing Lists page.