Monday Apr 28, 2008

Jersey 0.7 - Out!

(this post was stuck in the "draft" category and should have been out a few days ago, sorry about that)

Community picture

The 0.7 version of Jersey, the JAX-RS reference implementation is out and it is a good illustration of community development.

Of course it aligns with the current state of the specification but it also shows interesting work with JavaRebel, Spring and IoC's, Grizzly, Grizzly Comet, JavaRebel and has improved JSON support.

Who said Reference Implementations were useless proof of concepts?

Thursday Sep 13, 2007

Jersey on GlassFish Update Center

apt-get T-shirt

Jersey has been making the Aquarium headlines lately ([1], [2]). Here's one more piece of news: latest stable Jersey version (0.2.1) is now available from the GlassFish Update Center as reported by Jakub.

If you've never used the GlassFish Update center, this is your chance to exercise this Swing-based application located in the updatecenter directory of your GlassFish installation.

Monday Sep 10, 2007

Jersey resource life-cycle, constructors and more

Better Constructors

As co-specifications leads Marc and Paul are busy working on JSR 311 (JAX-RS) but also on the Jersey reference implementation.

Now that Jersey version 0.2.1 has been released, Marc is discussing new Jersey features implemented in the trunk to reflect the Expert Group decision to have a per-request default resource object life-cycle (vs. singleton). Non-empty constructors for a more natural instance initialization are also discussed.

At the same time, Paul is requesting feedback on proposed changes to the Jersey architecture to better align with the HttpServlet\* API, listing PROs and CONs.