Monday Apr 14, 2008

Converged Session and Presence in Sailfin

SIP Communicator snapshot

The previous SailFin post covered a fair bit of ground but somehow managed to forget about Jan's "Converged Http Sessions in SailFin" post. Using the Click-to-dial sample application, Jan starts off introducing us to the ConvergedHttpSession that is defined in JSR 289 (SIPServlet 1.1) before moving on to Sailfin converged load-balancer behavior and SSR (Sip Session Retainability).

In an equally well-documented post, Bhavani shares his SIMPLE SipServlet implementation of a presence and chatting feature powered by Sailfin and based on SIMPLE, the SIP-based protocol for instant messaging (IM) and presence. A screencast and full source code (developed with NetBeans' SIPServlet capabilities) are also available.

As a reminder, Sailfin's Milestone 4 is available to download here.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2007

Sailfin, JSR 289, and NetBeans tooling progress

20th century phone

Sailfin development is moving along quite well and the recently posted Public Review for JSR 289 (SIPServlet 1.1, one of the technologies implemented in Sailfin) is taking us one step closer to development of converged SIP/HTTP applications.

Vince is reporting on the Module Suite for NetBeans 6.0 for SIPServlet development with Sailfin and the community involvement in that effort. NetBeans modules are available here and they integrate a SIP protocol level test agent.