Monday Jul 28, 2008

Getting Started with OSGi on GlassFish


Now that almost all the app servers - except Geronimo? - are providing extensibility via OSGi, we all need at the least some basic knowledge on it so check out Arun's Deploying on GFv3 and Geertjan OSGi in GlassFish in 5 steps.

Stay tuned for more OSGi information from us, in the meantime you can check out more entries at Arun on OSGi; and TheAquarium on OSGi.

Direct user programming on OSGi is less universally adopted. On the server-side JavaEE 6 will support extensibility and modularity. And, on the client side (one rev farther on the OpenJDK Modules project) there is the proposal for Supporting OSGi Bundles in the Java Module System and Mandy's recent blogs on: OSGi Repository for Java Module System and Support for the module keyword.

Added Just noticed Johan's note on Running GFv3 on KnopflerFish.